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Episode 30.

Anita pov

Come on stand up and take your drugs anita. Alex voice disrupted me from my sleep and I frown immediately I heard the name drugs.

I so much hate drugs

No am fine already so there is no reason why I should takes drugs. I replied and he sign before coming close to me

The doctor said I must make sure I give you this drugs so that you will get more better so you are going to take it. He said giving me three tablet but I refuse to take it making him frown.

Anita stop behaving like a child so sit up and takes the drugs. He said and I shook my head like a baby and he chuckle

Okay then. He said and drag me up before kissing me and I reciprocated immediately wrapping my hand around his shoulder.

I frown when alexander shove the tablets into my mouth and I gasps trying to withdraw from the kiss but he didn’t let me and kept kissing me until he make sure I swallow the tablets.

He pulls out of the kiss with a smirk on his lips and I quickly grab the glass cup filled with water and gulped it down my throat.

Alex. I called angrily

What? You left me no choice I mean you were acting like so stubborn so I used my skills. He said smirking and I hiss angrily

Damn my mouth taste bitter. I taught squeezing my face in annoyance.

I removed the duvet covering my body and walk to the wardrobe naked since I was not putting on any dress last night.

I look at the time on the wall and I gasps in shock

10: 15 I said aloud and Alex scoffs

Since you were sleeping like a baby I didn’t want to disturb you beside when we were having breakfast you should have know what the time Is but you sleep too much. He said and I suddenly remember we have breakfast few hours ago.

Won’t you go to work today? I asked and he shakes his head negatively pressing his phone.

I am attending a business party at 12:00 today and you are coming with me. He said and I nodded before walking inside the bathroom but make sure to lock the door because I wouldn’t want that sex freak as a husband to come in here and seduce me to have sex with him.

I rub 🧼 on the sponge and started scrubbing my body.

I turn on the shower and it fell freely on my body watching the soap off my skin.

I turn it off before grabbing a towel on the bathroom door and tie it around my body before stepping out of the bathroom.

I got to the room and could not find alex and I sign in relief because I know my husband will not let me be.

I selected a blue pant and bra

I search for a blue Gan to match with and I place it on the bed before cleaning my body with the towel.

I took my cream from the table and rub it on my skin before wearing my clothes.

I took my phone from the table and walk out of the room heading downstairs but when I got to the sitting room I didn’t see Alex making me wonder where he is.

I look around and sign before sitting down on the sofa since I didn’t see him.

Ma are you looking for your husband? I heard a tiny voice asked and I look up and saw the maid that confessed yesterday

Yes where is he? I asked and she smiled

I knew, he is in the swimming pool swimming. She replied and I gasps in surprise

I never knew alex could swim.

Thanks for yesterday ma I am so grateful, I mean you saved me from walking around the street without no direction and I am grateful for that. She said and I smile

Is okay, you are a honest person and that is why I did what I did. I said sincerely and she bows as I walk out heading to the swimming pool.
Alex. I giggled immediately I saw him inside the pool swimming and he stops before turning to look at me with a smile on his lips as he wipe the water off his face.

Who told you I was here? He asked as I got closer to him and I rolled my eyes before replying

A maid told me. I replied as I stood in front of him.

You look pretty. He said moving his eyes all over my body with that familiar look and I blush.

Alex I never knew you can swim. I said trying to distract him from having any silly taught and it works.

Yeah I know how to swim, you know when I was in school back then I don’t know how to swim and I don’t usually participate in any swimming competition but I did on a certain year.

That time I was in Ss 2 and we were not that good so the SS 2 made a bet with us that if we can win them the would stop bullying because those days they were bully and we wouldn’t dare report else they will beat us on our way home but believe me they don’t try it with me not when I am alexander huston.

Nobody could go for the bet since they were no match to them but I decided I will go for the bet, I was trained by one of my teacher so I could win them. I stayed after school to learn more and I became an expert.

Did you win them? I asked impatiently and he smiles

That day was one of the best day of my life, of course I did win and I was raised high by my mates. He concluded smiling and I smile too

Am so happy my husband won

Waw you story can be used for that motivation speech that said don’t give up. I tease and he laughs before swimming tithe edge were I was standing.

I bent down on his front and his smile widened as he look at me but I could tell he was not looking at me.

I trace his eyes and it landed on my exposed b***st.

You are such a pervert. I yells playfully standing up making him laughs

I never told you to bend down. He said still laughing and I scoffed

What is funny you dic* head . I half yells and he stop and look at me

Me di*k head? You know I don’t mind being that d**k head right now. He said in a husky voice and I blush really hard making him laughs

Look who is blushing. He said smiling and I blush the more trying to avoid his eyes

You wanna join me? He asks with a smirk and I sign

I would have love to I mean I know how to swim but I just finished taking my bath.

I would have love to but I just finished taking my bath. I said and he rolled his eyes

So? It doesn’t matter beside you will bath when we are going to the party so come on let have some fun. He said and I sign dropping my phone on the ground, I try to enter the pool but he stops me.

Don’t tell me you are about to enter the pool like that. He said pointing at my dress and I rolled my eyes before pulling off my 👗 leaving just my pant and bra.

He licks his lips and slowly stretch his hand towards me which I received as I slowly climb down the stairs to the pool while he just kept looking at me with a smirk as I walk into the pool.

Alex. I whispered as he wrap his hand around my waist immediately and he just bite my earlobe making me shivers.

You look so fucking hot. He commented as always which I am used to already.

I turn to look at me and damn he was looking so sexy in the pool.

. . . .
We both started swimming and I giggled as I was on top of alex as he held me tight swimming really fast making me scream in excitement.

I didn’t agree at first because he believes he can not and I was so scared but right now I am enjoying it.

This is so fun. I scream and I rest my head on his back as he continues swimming and suddenly he stopped and didn’t move again neither did he say anything making me scared.

Alex. I called and climb down from his body but he didn’t turn around and I became more scared.

Alex. I called again tapping him but he didn’t respond and I gulp down in fear and slowly turn him around and his eyes were close.

Honey. I called this time crying already as I kept on tapping him but he didn’t respond

Somebody help. I scream bursting into tears and suddenly I heard echoes of laughter and I look at alex and saw him clutching his stomach as he laughs loudly.

So it was a trick

Tears fell down from my eyes as the taught of loosing him filled my mind and slowly he swam towards me hugging him and I hug him tightly but suddenly hit him on his chest.

How dare you alex. I said softly crying as I kept on hitting his chest but he got hold of my hand and pulled me into his arms hugging me tightly.

Is okay baby am right here. He said as he stroke my hair and I cried the more

You scared the hell out of me. I said sincerely and he chuckle and continue stroking my hair.

I know baby, I know. He replied

Don’t ever do that again please, I almost lost my breath. I said still crying and he smiles as he look into my eyes

Awwn my baby is such a cry baby, okay I promise I am not going to do it again or do anything that is going to scare you. He said looking into my eyes and I sniff

I taught I lost you. I whispered and he smiles

You are never going to loose me. He said and hug him and I reciprocated hugging him tightly

I don’t want to ever let him go.
I yawn and open my eyes only to see my husband cute eyes looking at me and I could not help but blush.

How are you feeling now? He asked as he stroke my hair and I flush in embarrassment as I remember how I felt weak just by the taught of loosing him so he suggested I sleep a little.

Am cool. I replied sitting up and he did the same

Aren’t we going to the party anymore? I asked looking at him

We are going. He replied standing up and I look at the time

It 12:40 already. I said looking at the time on his phone and I smile when I saw my picture he snap as his wallpaper

And so? I didn’t want to disturb you so that is the reason why I didn’t wake you up when it was 12:00. He replied

Would they not get upset? I asked making a guilty face and he scoffs

They won’t get angry not while I am still Alexander huston beside they are starting the party at 1:00. He said and I nodded standing up and discover I was naked.

Oh alex pulls my pant and bra when I was about sleeping since it was soak

So come on let bath together. He suggested and I nodded as we both walk into the bathroom for a bath

. . . . .
I rub my cream and was about to search for what to wear when Alex voice stopped me

There is no need for that because I already order dresses for us. He said and I discovered he was just sitting in the sofa tieing a towel dangerously around his waist making him look hot and I find it difficult in looking away so I started walking towards him.

He look at me in a confused way as I walk towards him and slowly I sat on his thighs in a seducing way and slowly I started tracing my hand from his chest to his di** grabbing it slowly and he grunt closing his eyes in pleasure.

I kiss him on the lips and he reciprocated holding my hips but we quickly pull away when we heard a knock on the door and he curses under his breath asi stood up from his thighs.

He walks towards the door and open it but I could not see who he was talking to.

He closes the door and walk towards me giving me two box and a fancy nylon.

I collected them from him and slowly open the first and I gasps in amazement as I look at the beautiful white Gan in front of me.

It was a short Gan with a bob hand, it has a flower around his waist and it was tearedba bit showing my hot legs a little.

I place it gently on the bed and look at the other box and it was a white heel with shinning stones at the front.

I open the fancy nylon and saw a small sliver bag with a chain at the hand.

I quickly put them and damn it suit me well, I look so hot.

How do I look Alex? I asked giggling but I stops and gasps as I look at the breathtaking man in front of me.

He was putting on a white pant and a shirt opening the first two bottom making him look hot and I discover it was the same material as mine.

His shoe worth millions of dollars as it was a sliver shoe.

I bite my lips as I look at his exposed chest.

Done eye raping me? He asks with a smirk and I flush in embarrassment.

I turn my face from him and look at the other side of the room making him Chuckle.

Beside you look stunning and God help me if I don’t loose control and rip that dress off your body at the party. He said and I laugh

And one more thing. He said and stand behind my back

Close your eyes. He demanded and I did as I was told.

I felt a cold substance locked around my neck and I quickly open my eyes and gasps at the beautiful necklace in front of me.

Alex. I called not knowing what to say and tears rolled down from my eyes.

You don’t have to cry anita because there is more coming. He said and I smile hugging him.

I okay. He patted my back

Come on let go we are late already. He said stretching forth his hand and I received it as we both walk out of the room

Elizabeth pov

See this is her picture I want her dead tonight. I said showing her the phone and they nodded looking at her.

They are going for a party so I want you to kidnap her. I said looking around to make sure no one was seeing us

What do you want us to do to her? One of the boys asked and I smirk evilly.

Kill her, rape her to death and post her nude picture on the internet, I want to disgrace her publicly even after her death. I said smirking and they nodded smiling

She look sexy I can’t wait to devor her. On of them said and I rolled my eyes

Do what ever you like but me sure you end her live.

Here this is 5000 thousand dollars I will pay you the balance when the job is done. I said and they nodded collecting the envelope

Consider it done. The leader said and they all walk out of the hotel

Let see how you enjoyed your marriage and how to your darling husband is going to save you. I taught smirking evily.
To Be Continued… . . .

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