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Episode 35.


As I drive back home, my heart aches and I begin to cry again, crying for everything that has ever gone wrong in my life. I cry for getting pregnant at 23 and rushing into marriage, I cry for the loss of the child that forced me into this marriage, I cry for the financial problems that Zyair and I faced in the beginning. And most of all I cry for cheating on my husband and getting entangled with a married man.

After crying for some time, I pull over in the middle of nowhere and stop the car because I can hardly see through the tears.

For almost an hour, I sit in the car and cry. Everything is a mess, I don’t know if I can get my life back on track, what if the child I am carrying is Kingsely’s how am I supposed to forget him? what if the child looks nothing like Zyair and he begins to ask questions? How do I answer them? Maybe the best would be to get rid of the pregnancy like Sanna advised. Under different circumstances I would be excited to become a mother.

Zyair is over the moon and excited to be a father, I don’t want to raise his hopes high, it would break his heart to find out this child isn’t his. They say the mother always knows who the father of a child is and I sort of believe this because from the deepest of my heart, I can feel that this child is Kingsely’s and not my husband’s.

If Kingsely had accepted responsibility for this child I would have probably left Zyair because in the couple of months that I have been with Kingsely I sort of started liking him more than I liked my husband.

I don’t even know what has gotten in Kingsely’s mind but I am not leaving the church neither am I quitting my job.
I will continue to show up until he realizes he made a mistake ending what we shared.

After almost an hour of sitting in the car crying and thinking, I wipe my face and finally continue my drive home.
Upon arrival, Zyair is waiting for me. He has prepared supper and set the table but I am not hungry and I am just in the mood for any talk with him. I just want to bathe and sleep. If i wasn’t pregnant, I would have been drowning my sorrows in alcohol.
“You are okay?” He worriedly asks. He can obviously tell that I have been crying.
“I am fine. Just a little tired.”
“I cooked.”
“I can see that. I am not hungry though but thanks. I just want to bathe and sleep.”
He follows me into the bedroom, “You don’t look fine,” he says and frowns. “You look annoyed, and your eyes are puffy.”
“I am perfectly fine,” I say, irritated.
“Okay. I am done with your assignment, do you have class tomorrow?”
“What time?”
I wonder why he keeps asking me these silly questions. Can’t he read in between the lines? I am not in the mood for all this chit-chat.
“What time do you have class?”
“From 9 to 12, why?”
“I want us to go and check out a house.”
“What house?”
“I thought we talked about moving into a bigger house. A friend at work told me about a vacant house in longacres. She showed me pictures and I liked it, I am sure you will like it too. Plus the fair.”
“A friend? Which friend is this one?”
He keeps quiet.
“It’s the one who called you that night right?”
“I don’t like her and I don’t want to move into any house she recommended for us. Why are you even still friends with her?”
“I work with her.”
“And so? Why is she all over you?”
“What do you mean?”
“Why is she helping you look for a house?”
“Well I mentioned at work that I was looking for a house and she happened to know one that was vacant.”
“I am not interested.”
“I am going to bathe,” I head to the bathroom without allowing him to respond. He keeps irritating me, with everything going on in my life, a new house is the last thing on my mind.

Three months, that’s how long it’s been since I lost my baby and got heartbroken by that fake Pastor G. It wasn’t easy for me to get back on my feet, the first few weeks I was very resentful and bitter. But now I am in a better place, I went back to school and of course switched courses- I am actually pursuing a Bachelor in Fashion Design, this is what I have always wanted to do but Bishop Kingsley wouldn’t have it so he pushed me into doing something that he thought was noble for a child of his.

You should have seen the look on his face when he heard I switched courses. He was furious and threatened to disown me but I put my foot down and told him I didn’t care about his opinion anymore.

Well, at least pastor Ruth stood up for me, she’s the one financing my education currently. She and I don’t even have a stable relationship with her anymore. After what she and her husband did, I doubt I am ever getting close to those two again. Anyway, Ryan and his friend will help me get my revenge at Pastor G. We are working on something. It might take a bit of time but eventually we will be able to expose him.

Ryan and I are just friends now. He has been so kind and helpful to me, I don’t know how I could have done this without it.

It’s a bright Saturday afternoon. Ryan and I are just walking out of an Italian restaurant that we discovered a few weeks ago. This is the second time we are coming here. Their food is amazing.

We get to the car park and I am about to get into his car when a familiar car pulls up next to us-I don’t move.

He gets out of the car and we lock eyes for a moment then he walks round to the other side of the and opens the door- Evelyn, one of the praise team members from the church, steps out.

“Thank you baby,” she says.
Then she turns and spots me.
“Sophia!” She exclaims, I can see the fear in her eyes. She doesn’t know about my relationship with Pastor G, no one in the church knew, she obviously thinks I will tell his wife.

“Bastard!” I say before I get into the car and ask Ryan to drive.
“You are okay?” He asks a couple of minutes later.
“I am okay. That girl is from church, she sings in the praise team, he is sleeping with her. I wonder how many women he is sleeping with in the church. I am disgusted, how can my parents ordain someone like that as a pastor?”
“I am not surprised.”
“There’s so much that goes on behind these church doors. Obviously a lot of pastors are doing this and…”
“You think my father is doing the same?”
He shrugs,” It’s possible.”
“Oh God.”
“Well let’s wait and see what my friend finds out after her research is done.”
“Okay. I will try and look around too.”
“Sure. Just don’t do anything that would jeopardize our plan.”
“No problem.”
To Be Continued…. . . . 

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