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DIARY OF A PASTOR’S SON by Frank The Writer - AllNaijaEntertainment
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Episode 27.

~Femi’s POV~

“Lie on your back on the bed” she commanded, and I was more than willing to comply. She sorted over the bed and moved on her knees toward me until she was next to my head. Then she lifted one of her legs over my head so that she was straddling me. I couldn’t see her face as it was blocked by her bulging tummy. She slowly lowered herself down upon my face until her p*ssy lips were pressed against my lips.

Biola was moaning louder and louder with each touch from my flesh.
I hooked one finger inside her p*ssy and was massaging her g-spot as I sucked on her clit. This pushed her over the edge quickly, and she gushed her orgasmic secretions.
She was riding my face for all she was worth as I was now plunging two fingers in and out of her as I licked her clit. She had her hands on the top of the headboard as she bounced up and down in rhythm with the movements of my fingers.
After about 10 minutes she came again. I grabbed her ass, and thrust my hips upward, driving deep inside of her with the first plunge. She was so lubricated that my d!ck slid in with ease as Biola threw her head back in ecstasy.

I was bucking my hips upward as I held her ass cheeks in my hands, bouncing them up and down on my d!ck. Biola leaned forward so that her clit was rubbing against my pubic mound with each thrust. In that position, I was able to arch my head forward and lick her nipples with the tip of my tongue. She was resting her hands on my shoulders and was now pistoling her hips back and forth to meet the thrust of my d!ck

She was screaming and rolling her head from side to side when she shuddered in another orgasm. She was breathing heavily and could barely move. She hadn’t exerted herself like this in quite some time, and she was becoming tired.
The problem for me was that I still hadn’t cum. I slid out from under her and moved around so that I was behind her now.

She could rest on her elbows and knees as I drilled her from behind. I grabbed her hips in each hand and rammed my d!ck home, hearing the slap of my skin against her ass as my pelvis pounded her from behind. I gave her a little spank as I began rocking her faster and faster. Each time I spank her ass, she gave out a little cry but turned to look at me with a sly look on her face.

I kept pounding her and pounding her, the bed shaking, the headboard slapping against the wall until I could feel my balls tightening and my d!ck swelling to greater proportions until I unleashed a torrent of my liquid lava into her baby canal. I pulled out of her sloppy, wet, p*ssy, and collapsed next to her on the bed.
I had never been so turned on before in my life. The fact that she was pregnant made me so horny was even more astounding. Needless to say, that was the best sex I had with Biola.

I lay tiredly on the bed while she stood up and cleaned up the bed. The bedsheet was messed up. Biola replaced it with another one. I could feel she was satisfied.
“I’m very hungry,” I announced.
“I know. Let me warm the yam. I’m sure it’s cold now,” she replied, and headed to the kitchen and turned on the gas. Biola soon dashed out with two plates of yam porridge. We were silently eating fur food when someone knocked at the door. I turned to Biola, our eyes met each other but she didn’t say anything.

~ Biola’s POV ~

I noticed Femi’s countenance suddenly changed the moment he heard the knock. He looked in my direction and reached for his top and wore it
“Who’s there?” I dropped my plate of yam and headed towards the door.
“Madam, open the door,” the voice that came through the door. It was obvious it was Kemi’s voice. You still remember Kemi right? The only friend of mine who had been checking up on me from day one.

“Babe, you didn’t go to church today?” I asked when I opened the door.
“Why won’t I? Do I look like a pagan like you?” she said jokingly with a half smile. She looked up, and sighted Femi, their eyes locked in contact. Femi was busy devouring the yam porridge but they exchanged pleasantries when Kemi walked closer.
“Is this your brother? You didn’t tell me you have such a cute brother,” Kemi said and sat on the plastic chair.

Femi looked at her, then turned in my direction, and we laughed. There was no need to tell Kemi whom Femi was to me, so I let her go with her assumption that Femi was my brother. I got back to my plate of food and invited her to join me but she politely rejected. Kemi and I got talking about school stuff.

~ Femi’s POV ~

The presence of Kemi somehow kept me uncomfortable. She got talking with Biola and I could easily tell she was a talkative. I simply do not like people who talk too much. Sometimes they tend to say things they weren’t meant to say, and that was exactly what Kemi had been doing. So many irrelevant things and it did irk me. If only I could tell her to shut up.

But instead i got busier with my phone after eating the yam porridge. I heaved a big sigh of relief when Kemi eventually left around 1 pm. Biola said she would have stayed longer if I weren’t around. I was telling her how a talkative her friend was when my phone rang. I glanced through the screen and felt my heart sink when I saw it was my father calling.

I quickly gestured at Biola to stay calm.
“Who?” she whispered.
“My Daddy,” I replied.
“Hello, sir. Ekeaso—good afternoon,” I greeted when I finally swiped right. I put the phone on the loudspeaker.
“Femi, how are you? How’s school?”
“Fine sir.”
“Hope you went to church today?”
“Ye—yes,” I lied.
Biola smiled sheepishly.
“Are you sure?”

“Yes, daddy.” My conscience pricked me and I felt bad.
“I just thought of hearing from you.”
“Okay, daddy. How’s everyone at home?”
“Everyone is fine. Stay away from trouble and make sure you always pray.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Jesus loves you.” He added and ended the call.

“Omo pastor” (pastor’s child) Biola taunted and laughed. I was mute. I felt guilty for telling lies to cover my sins.

~ Biola’s POV ~

Femi and I spent Sunday together, chatting and having good moments. We watched some movies on his phone too. It then occurred to me how much I have missed him. I don’t really know, but there is something about Femi that makes me happy.

Amid our conversation, Femi asked if I could marry him. I couldn’t hold my laughter which I knew made him feel a bit sad.
“What’s funny?” he said.
“Femi, I don’t think that will be possible.”
“Why do you think so?”
“You still have some years ahead of you, and you will still come across lots of girls on camous. Moreover, you need to put your life together. That’s the most important thing in the life of a man.”

“Put myself together? Bawo? How?”
“You should have a source of income before you talk of getting married, besides I’m older than you.”
“Oh! I see. So, does age really matter?”
“Well, age doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the age difference.”
“Um, but…”
“I know exactly what you want to say, our age difference is not much. Yes, but, personally, I wouldn’t marry someone I’m older than.”
“Is there a reason for that?”
“No. No reason. It’s just a choice. C’mon, let’s not talk about this marriage stuff now. We should be talking about how we would train our unborn baby.”

After I said that, Femi became calm. I could tell he was feeling bad already. Though I knew Femi said what he said out of naivety. I’m sure by the time he gets in his late or mid-twenties, he must have found girls better than myself. I bet this emotional attachment he had for me was because I took his virginity. Before he graduates from UI, he must have found one or two people who would love him more, and then he wouldn’t give me any close attention. I never said any of these to him. It was my mere thought.

Later in the evening, Femi wanted us to stroll around. I declined but eventually agreed when he pressured me much. We already had spaghetti for lunch which I prepared.

~ Femi’s POV ~

We walked out of the apartment and headed through the tarred road. It was dawn already. Twinkle stars dotted the sky. Hip-hop music blasted from unseen stereo on the streets, and students were here, and there.
Biola started craving suya the moment we passed by one Hausa man who sold suya at a junction.
“You and this your cravings shaa,” I said.
“Maybe we should interchange so you know how this pregnancy of a thing is.” She replied jokingly. We laughed and walked back to the man and bought the one of #500 naira. I had to pay.

I was really having a good time with Biola that I wished we lived in the same environment. I told her —and then she turned, laughed, and said, “So that you’ll be ‘docking’ me every day abi?” She let out a naughty smile. One thing I liked about her was her realness. Biola would say things the way it is without mincing words. And she uses vulgar language a lot. Though I don’t use them but I do admire those stuff. There are things I don’t do / can’t do but I do admire them when other people do them. I hope you won’t judge me. But that was the kind of person I was.

Fast forwarding, I’d like to say that my two-day stay in Ikorodu with Biola was worthwhile. It felt like therapy. I was to leave on the following day being Monday but I wished the weekend lasted forever.

That Sunday night, Biola and I still went on two more rounds after devouring efo soup and eba. The same soup she made the previous day. Biola took me back to the old me that I thought I had forsaken, not knowing I was merely out of temptation. I fell for Biola, but somehow I felt she needed it. Meanwhile, that does not justify the fact that what we did was right. Will God ever forgive me? They said He is always merciful. I hope he won’t run out of mercy on me someday.

Monday morning soon arrived, I arranged my few clothes in my small bag. I promised Biola that I’d send her some money once I receive fund from either my dad or mom.
Biola was emotional when I was leaving and I badly wished we could spend more time together. We embraced each other. She plugged her lips into mine and we tasted each others lips again. I felt like not letting go of her alluring lips.
“Femi, this should not be your first and last time in Ikorodu,” she said.
“I’ll try. You know how serious my school is,” I replied.
I checked my wristwatch, it was 10:23 am.

For the first time, Biola said to me, “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you more.” I hung my bag on my shoulder, kissed her forehead, and reached for the door.
“Safe journey, Femi. Don’t forget to call me when you get back to school,” she said, still standing behind the door.
“I’ll call you.”
I jammed the door and left.

To be continued…

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