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Episode 10.

“I got this one when I traveled to USA for two hundred dollars, when you change such huge amount to our local currency here…is a huge amount of money. Our Naira doesn’t have much value which is why I love dealing in hard currency. As a young man I have everything I need and can still have whatever I want…be it items, human services or anything at all. Tell me what you want my Queen and it will be yours… this is my crib, isn’t it lovely…

I smiled and nodded.

His bragging nature was already getting on my nerves.
I can’t just deal with such a proud person.
Ever since I stepped into his house all he talks about is his properties, wealth and achievement.
This was the first time I was coming to his house.
With no doubt his house is lovely.
We had gone for a date twice, two different occasions in one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to.

Kunle wanted to show me that he’s indeed a big boy by taking me to one of the most sort after places for big boys.

I was enjoying myself but I can’t swallow the fact that kunle brags alot.

Two weeks ago was Phil’s father’s birthday party, I was too busy and didn’t have time to see Kunle.
I promised him that I will come last week but I visited Uzo, her husband had car
accident and was in the hospital.

It was a difficult moment for Uzo my friend and I was glad to help in my own little way.
I called severally after then to check up on Uzo and she told me that her husband has been discharged and gradually bouncing back.

Kunle had asked me to come over to his crib and even sent money for transport which was huge.

I’m having fun but mostly trying to forget about Philip.
He is hardly around and doesn’t even notice me even when he is home.
I really tried shooting my shot many times but I’m always missing the target.

No matter how much I try to get him to see me he has never shown interest.

This few period that I have been hanging out with Kunle, atleast I have something to distract me from thinking of Philip.

The first day was okay, I drank moderately, eat and watch other people dance.
Kunle wanted us to dance but I wasn’t in the mood.
After one or two hours I told him I was leaving, he asked if he could drop me off with his car but I don’t want him to know where I stay.
I’m a worker in Philip’s house and I can’t entertain male friends.

Kunle may want to show up unexpectedly if he knows where I live and I lied to him that Philip is still my boyfriend and I’m only hanging out because he is not in town at the moment.
I took Uber home which Kunle gave me some money.

He asked me to hangout with him the following weekend and I obliged.
We hanged out and it was while hanging out he mentioned about me coming to visit him.
Kunle never stopped talking about the kind of important people he hangs out with.
His cars and how much he used in furnishing his house.
He filled my ears with all manners of information that I never asked for.

He probably thought that the way to every woman’s heart is money and all the things he was mentioning.

Yes, they are good things of life but I’m still not interested.

Things like this could have interest me in the past. I could have settle with him immediately but that would have been possible if I haven’t met Philip who is a perfect prince charming.

My mindset and attitude towards things changed drastically after meeting Philip.

I wanted a man like Chike, a well to do man, handsome and ready to take care of my excessive needs.
My desires were based on selfishness.
I was jealous and angry that Dammi of all people has the best of Life.
Money and a wealthy guy and she shuff me aside like a piece of trash, as if I don’t really exist.
Because she was no longer in my class of “poor people”.

I was going to get a man by all means and a well to do man not chewing gum boys.
It was this push that drove me go to the lounge where I met Philip through Chike.

I got drunk and lost my manners but Philip was still kind enough and took me to his house without dumping my wide mouth mannerless self in the street.

He was humble, down to earth despite how wealthy he was and also his parents.

That is why this saying “never judge a book by it’s cover” is very important.

I judged Philip wrongly and never for once did he brag or condemn me.

When I realized how important he was and still very humble i began trading self.

My orientation changed after then and I fell over hell for him.

Philip is a man like no other.
he stands out in the means of his friends.
Very handsome, homely, well brought up, humble, polite and accomodating.

He made me understand that men can also be very humble.
Camouflage that none will ever know that they have a penny to their names.

For the first time in many months I began to pray to God for a different thing. Not out of selfish but with all sincerity.
My prayer points changed totally.

Philip humbled my personality and without knowing made me a better person.

He came from a godly home, I usually hear them singing and praying upstairs during morning devotions.
Such act inspires me… alot.

His mother is the prayer warrior, his father is both a singer and a leader.

The man is hardly seen because he is either in his library studying or out of the house.

Philip is obviously in charge of his father’s companies and properties.

I only got to see Mr Kanu clearly during his birthday party that his family threw for him.
Philip has two sisters. One elder one younger.
The younger one was studying abroad and couldn’t come home.
But I got to see Philip’s elder sister Who was married with two kids and live with her husband abroad.

They traveled back to their base after few days.

Everyone of them is very humble despite how wealthy they are.

Looking at Kunle pointing out his worth to my face makes me want to poke.

Life has humbled me greatly through the help of Phil.
when I see people glowing in pride i shake my head pathetically for them.

Kunle probably thought he has all my attention with everything he has shown me but he doesn’t know that I’m not a bit move.
Going on a date twice and visiting him in his house was because the main man I wanted does not want me.
If Philip has given me a little green light I would have bank on that.

But he does even know if I exist except when he needs my attention over something.

Yes, Kunle maybe wealthy, good looking to some extent and entertaining but he is arrogant and proud. his pride stinks so bad.

“…See this too my queen, this chandelier cost me a fortune… but isn’t it beautiful…

I nodded without a word again.
All I did to everything he said was to smile and nod.

“… you are beautiful Keji. You are just my spec. I have had different women in the past, both white…I mean foreign sweet ladies and black sexy ladies, I must tell you that they enjoyed every bit of me. I promise you that you will enjoy me even more…I will spoil you Keji with so many good things. You will be traveling out as if you are visiting your backyard. I have the money and I will take care of you than your boyfriend ever did. That your boyfriend is too dull, he is not a happening guy at all. You need somebody in your life that will sample you to the world… somebody that will spoil you with all the good things of life. That guy you are dating is going to choke you with his “theory” and Mama’s boy nature. I don’t believe in such trash. I’m a free man and live my life to the fullest…I take care of my women too. Take a long look at me and my house. Poverty is a bastard and I will never be poor in my life. I came from a middle class home and I swear under my armpit that I will make it in life and I did. My family both parents and siblings disturbs me alot about money. They always want me to be sending money to them everytime but I’m not out for that. Is my money and I chose to do whatever I want to do with it… nobody tells me how to spend my money. I spend on my women, the ladies that gives me pleasure and flocks around me like flies. I select my women carefully…I don’t go for any how lady. That is why when I saw you at that wedding, I knew you will be mine. I wanted you right from the moment I set my eyes on you. having you fully is just a question of time. Is very rare…very hard for me to come across a lady that turns me down. You mentioned about my broken tooth, and I told you that my past girlfriends never cared or mind even if I have teeth at all because they were all taken care off. I was even surprised you mentioned it which I know is your way of telling me to leave you alone because your boyfriend was around. Most of my women are even attracted to me because of my broken tooth… hahahaha… you will be surprised… hahahahaha…

He began to laugh with his full mouth.

I rolled my eyes at all the boring tale that he was feeding my ears with.
He was stingy to his family but spend on outsiders especially on women.

Very nonsense talk that is not even funny.

Kunle and Dammi are just alike. Two stingy people.
One is excessively stingy even to her own friends while the other is stingy to his own family but lavish money around just to impress other people.
They are both preachers of “poverty is a bastard…I will never be poor in my life”.
Same set of people.

Kunle has filled my ear with too much talk already that I really want to be going.

I told him that his house is super nice and he is a great entertainer exactly my kinda man and I’m glad we finally met.

He laughed so loud as the sweet talk got to his brain.

I know his type and I have dated men like him in the past.
So I gave him enough praises with full smile plastered on my face.
But after the showers of praise I stood with my bag to announce that I will be leaving.
His face changed.

“…Baby… you can’t leave like that. Are you hungry… I can order for more fast food or do you want me to cook? I’m actually a great cook… many of my girlfriends can attest to that. What is your favorite, I will make it for you….

He moved closer to me, took my hands into his and kissed it.
I withdraw my hand immediately

“Thanks Kunle, I still have unfinished food… that you ordered. Although I will love to taste your cooking but that will be next time, I’m filled up already.

He smiled stupidly as he came to stand behind me, caressed my neck and down to my arm.
I felt something stroking me from behind and I knew exactly what it was.
His tiny manhood. This Kunle is mentally deluded.
So because of the little money he spent, brought me to his house and showed me all the beautiful things that can entice a lady, with all of this things he thinks he can get me to his bed.

“Guy shift back… what sort of disgusting thing is this that you think you are doing?

I pushed him away and faced him angrily.

“Baby, Why are you acting like a child? I know you also likes me…I love you too much already. Only your beauty alone can sweep any man off his feet. With all this your fine look I also want to know if you taste sweet. Not only in looks but also below…in bedroom likewise. you know what I mean right?

I gave a heavy sigh, shakes my head and started walking towards the door.

He rushed to block the door.

“Keji… Baby look at me, you can’t possibly leave me like this na. What do you want… mention it and it will be yours just please don’t leave.

“Kunle Ori e ti daru (you are mad)… very very mad. Look at me very well.. se mojo aridin ni ojure( do I look stupid to you) I’m not all those your materialistic girlfriends that falls cheaply into your bed after washing their head with how much you have and how you can buy the whole world with everyone in it…

I was getting irritated and angry at every passing minutes.

“I mabinu.. Keji. (Don’t be angry Keji)

“Mi binu oo( I’m not angry) I just want to go home. Se le ku…( Open the door)

I retorted back.

“You are angry… you need to calm down Keji. I really love you and ready to do anything for you. Anything at all… please, give me a chance.

I was quiet and he continued.

“…. I’m sorry I went overboard with what I feel for you. I don’t beg women because I can always get them but I’m begging you because you are special to me. I will make other ladies envious of you. You are my Sunshine and everything you see in here can be yours if you become fully mine…

I need to really calm down so that I can leave here in time.

” Kosi wahala, (no problem) I have heard what you said Kunle. Atleast let me think it through…I need to think about it first. I hate to rush things… please don’t rush me. Eventually, I will still be yours but I need time to think about it. I will give you a call tomorrow. Let me go home first…is already getting late. Thanks for everything…I almost overreacted…but I’m begining to get your point clearly….

“Yes, now you are talking. I meant no harm Keji. I just needed some body like you in my life. I’m happy that you understand me finally…

He said smiling and bent over to kiss me but I showed him my cheeks instead.

He opened the door and walked me to the gate with another ward of cash which I turned down surprised at myself.

I will never say no to a gift especially cash…a big amount coming from one of the big boys.
But I told him to keep it for next time. I have enough and don’t need it.

He persuaded but I pat his cheek gently with a smile and told him to keep it.

I shock myself with such actions.
Infact this days I keep surprising myself in a strange way.

I needed money.
I sent fifty thousand to Uzo last week after her husband hospital bills continued rising. She didn’t ask for money but I can feel her pain when she spoke of how hospital bills was eaten deeply into their pockets

“Tobiloba needs a correction surgery and that alone cost a fortune Keji. My daughter is still little and can’t be fatherless. The car is in a wreck, the bills continued to rise everyday. Please include us in your prayers…we need a miracle at this stage.

Uzo said in anguish. I knew I needed to do something. I was owning Dammi but hers can wait.

I sent fifty thousand to Uzo and she was very happy.
She cried like a baby over the phone.

Tobi, Uzo’s husband was discharged after two weeks and she called to let me know.

I obviously needed money but not the kind Kunle was offering.
Money to entice me into his bed and by tomorrow he will claim he spent so much on me.

Kunle is very manipulative, I knew he won’t let me leave which is why I applied wisdom.
He is very disgusting to even think I will fall for his sweet tongue.

My foolish self could have fallen. the foolish me before I met Philip could have decided to date Kunle for fun and for money but not again, gonna those years. The foolish me before I clock thirty is no more. Meeting Philip change everything and I feel so very proud of myself with some of the things I thought I can’t do or tolerate and surprisingly doing it and even more.

I went home. It was almost 8pm when I arrived home.

As I was getting into the gate Philip was equally driving in.
Not with his usual car, more like a sport car and he was on face cap too.

The security guard opened the gate and he drove in. When he saw me he horned twice and I waved at him as he drove past me towards his garage.

I can’t stay outside till 10pm, that was among the house rules which applies to all staffs.

I’m happy that I didn’t stay more than the usual or get into any trouble.

I was going to my quarter when i heard my name.

I turned and saw Philip.

“Good evening boss”

I greeted. He was very handsome in his track suit, face cap and sneakers.
Hope I didn’t do anything wrong this one he is approaching me

“Good evening Keji. I have always told you to address me as Philip… please, no more boss.

I smiled and said.

“Alright Philip. I’m just used to it just like other staffs.

“How was your day? And hope it was super cool like mine…

He ask while smiling.
I laughed shyly like a virgin girl.
I felt very happy that Philip was actually asking me how my day went unlike him

“Yes, my day was great. You went for a run or some sports…?

“I’m glad your day went well. Yeah… I actually had all evening golf at my dad’s fun club… with few elderly friends. It was fun though. My Dad is still there with his friends. His driver will bring him home whenever he’s ready. He talked me into playing with his friends and those old folks are full of life… hahahaha…

He laughed, and the sound was like a Melody to my soul. He felt alive and was very happy.

I even began to laugh too. I wanted him to keep talking and so I began to press him further so that he can continue talking about his day.
But Philip is one hell of an unpredictable person.

“I will leave you to go and refresh. good night Keji.

“, Goodnight Philip”

He turned and started walking away. I didn’t move an inch as I stood watching him.
I wondered why I was standing and watching his back as he walked away. I knew he won’t turn back because he has never turned to look at me before.
So I confidently stood watching him.

Suddenly he turned, yes…he actually turned.
He turned back to look at me and I was still standing at the same spot.
He paused and shouted from where he stood.

“Is everything alright… Keji?

“Yes, i…I was picking my door key that fell on the ground…

I lied just to cover up my reasons of standing at the same spot and staring at him.
He waved and I waved back.

I quickly brought out my key from my hand bag, rushed and opened the door before going in.

I was just happy for unknown reason.

Kunle almost spoilt my day but Philip just refresh it with his sweet presence.

I will sleep well tonight.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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