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TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE by Moshood Avidiime _ AllNaijaEntertainment

TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE by Moshood Avidiime

Episode 13.

“Greg, is this how I raised you? Is this what that woman have subjected you to? You now slave around, even in your own house? Greg, you were busy pounding pepper while she sits down, doing absolutely nothing? What else does she make you do when I am not around, Greg?…”

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At this point, Mama noticed that I’ve been smiling the entire time.

She paused to know what it was she’d said that I must have found amusing.

“Nothing Mama, I’m sorry”.


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“Sorry for yourself Greg. SORRY FOR YOURSELF. I honestly don’t know…”

“…Maamaaa! Please don’t be like this. Calm down, I beg you.”

Mama gave me “the look”.

I continued talking anyways…

“…I understand how very strange, everything you’d seen earlier must have seemed to you but trust me, if you knew better, you’ll be proud of your son. You’ll be proud of the kind of son and husband I’ve grown to be…”

“…WILL YOU KEEP QUIET!” Mama retorted. “Proud of the woman wrapper my son have grown to be, you mean? Proud of the fact that I can no longer enjoy quality time with my son, unless another woman gives him the go ahead to indulge me? Are these what I should be proud of?”

“Don’t talk like that Mama, you know that’s not true…”

Mama’s eyes went wide in confusion, disbelief, as though I’d just said something I shouldn’t have.

“…Oh…Greg! It’s not true? What exactly is false in what I’ve just pointed out, huh? You’re calling me a lying now, yeah? So I am now a liar?…”

“Common Mama! I never called you a liar. All I am trying to say is that you’re completely misinterpreting everything. You’re blowing these whole thing out of proportion. You know it’s not possible to require permission before I can spend some quality time with you, it just isn’t. I honestly don’t know where you’re getting these ideas from.”
Mama scanned me from head to toe, scornfully, before she proceeded to ask, sarcastically…”Abi Tricia is no longer the lord over you and I did not know?”

“Maamaa! I still don’t understand why you suddenly see Tricia in the light you do. You were once upon a time very good friends, you know?…”

Mama gave me a smirk, then threw her face away, muttering words I could barely hear.

She returned her gaze to me, to speak, but I was not done talking…

“…you were even the person that’d opened my eyes to how beautiful and amazing that woman is, both in and out, remember? Tricia is still that woman. Nothing about her has changed. Tricia is a very important part of my life, you have to learn to accept this. I love and have missed the bond you once shared. I’d assumed you’ll make Tricia the daughter you never had but that’s not currently the case, is it? That woman has done nothing but truly love, respect and appreciate you as my mother, as any daughter in-law should. I made sure of that. I let her know how very important you are to me. She sees you as a mother. She does not joke with anything that has to do with you because she knows how much value, I place on you. But there is only as much as a human can condone when constantly being pushed to be displaced, you know. I honestly wouldn’t want this to get to a point where Tricia looses all the love and respect she has for you, Mama. I honestly wouldn’t, because that’ll be putting me neck deep in more fix than I already am”.

Mama sat down there quiet, listening with Her head buried to the ground. From time to time, Mama would nod and other times, shake her head as though every single word in my speech, was “hitting the right spot”.

This motivated me to even keep talking, going on and on with “haymakers”.
Little did I know that my speech was only making matters worse.

Had I known, I would have probably stopped talking, after making the first “two points”.
Mama stared me down with an eye, more scornful than anything I’d seen before.

Again, She scanned me from head to toe as though to affirm that I was still indeed, her son, speaking, before she proceeded with an outburst.

“I knew it. I knew it, Greg. With the way things were going, I knew we would eventually get to this point…”

“…get to what point, Mama?”

“…a time when you, my own son would be turned against me, his mother. A woman who’d spent the entirety of her life, ensuring that you become something great in life, despite being abandoned by your father, by the world to do these, all by myself…”

Mama broke into a sob at this point.

She knew that this act, gets to me, EVERYTIME
Remember how much of a drama Queen I’d said Mama was?
This wasn’t something new.

Mama does this a lot. Whenever she needed to win an argument.

To be continued… . . .

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