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TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE by Moshood Avidiime _ AllNaijaEntertainment

TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE by Moshood Avidiime

Episode 02.

Tricia and I, met in school. It was during one of those awkward moments in the life of a BROKE university undergraduate.

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It was in my five hundred level, second semester.

I’d just been sent out of class, in the middle of an examination because I could not present a receipt, for my school fees.

I wasn’t caught unaware, they’ve been threatening to do “this” a month before, and just a week before, this same lecturer that’d just driven me out in the middle of this very important examination had sworn with everything he held dear to make sure he leaved up to these threats.


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He eventually did.

I missed the better part of that examination that day. It took the special GRACE of God not to have carried that course over.

Tricia was one of those very privileged to have schooled early.

She graduated at the age of 18.

Tricia was already serving at the time we met.

She had been deployed to serve in my school.

Tricia worked in the administrative block.

I was hanging around, hoping I could get a word with the lecturer that’d driven me out of the classroom. I didn’t know what exactly I was going to tell him, but I knew I had to tell him something, ANYTHING.

Missing that exam meant a carry-over. Missing that exam meant having to be in school for another year. Another year of having Mama source for funds, for school fees.

My course of study didn’t need distraction. It wouldn’t allow me do a side “life’s hassle” to source for funds (not if I wanted to come out tops anyways).

So everything was on Mama.

Mama had never for once expressed tiredness to my demands. Even though it sometimes takes weeks for a request to finally be met, it always was.

I’d hung around for about fifteen minutes, hoping to have a word with this lecturer on his way out of class when Tricia was walking by.

No one needed to be told that all was not well with me.

One gaze at my face in that instant and you’d have assumed my whole life was crumbling right in front of my eyes.

Truth is, at the time, I actually felt it was.
Tricia had probably repeatedly called out to me unanswered, because I’d only snapped back to “self awareness” after I felt her tap to my shoulder.

She asked what the matter was.

She asked why I looked so disoriented.

With genuine concern in Tricia’s eyes, she anxiously waited to hear my answer to her questions.

At first, I felt bothered by this “small girl” whom I’d assumed was a FRESHER.

“This one has no idea what struggles lies ahead of her in this university”. I thought to myself.

Mama’s constant prayers was definitely working that day because Tricia never gave up on me. She didn’t, until I told her indeed what the matter was.

Tricia took a deep sigh. She surprisingly apologized to me for “everything” and after what had seemed like haven drifted away in deep fast thoughts for a second, Tricia asked me to give her a second.

Tricia reached for her phone and proceeded to make a call.

Moments later, Tricia was asking me for basic informations while still very much on the line with the person at the other end of her call.

Tricia thanked the person and ended the call by saying, “we’ll be on our way now”.

I stood confused because I had no idea what had just happened.

Tricia proceeded to explain.

Apparently, Tricia had a contact who works in I.T. This contact can manipulate the system, enough to print me a receipt. The good part of it all was that I never even have to worry about repayment.

This usually costs about half of the normal school fees though but Tricia asked me not to bother.

I could not believe my ears.

It sounded too good to be true.

“This sorta kind gesture for a total stranger? How often does this happen? What if I’d lied? What if I’d been undercover and only had to play being in distress for this discovery? Why will someone risk this much, for a total stranger?” I thought to myself.

But I had no time to be overwhelmed by this.

We hurried down to the guy’s office and soon, I was running back to the examination hall with my receipt in hand.

By the time I got back into class, I had just one hour left on the clock for the exam. It was more than enough for me. More than enough for an A.

I’d been too carried away by EVERYTHING that day, I didn’t remember to collect Tricia’s phone number.

After my exams, I’d needed to thank this “God sent”.

I’d told Mama everything about Tricia (minus the manipulation of the system part) and she’d needed to pray for her too.

But Tricia was nowhere to be found.

I’d had to go back to the I.T guy’s office before I could get her number.

Tricia and I met again in person, two days later and have been inseparable ever since.

To be continued… . . .

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