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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Season 02 Episode 30)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 30.

Becca gasped as the hand got wrapped around her neck, holding her tight to choke.

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“Kha…lid” she struggled to say, holding his hand around her neck.

His eyes were filled with so much fury and hate as he gripped her roughly, unable to control the voices in his neck

“No… please” Becca wanted to say out loud, but couldn’t due to the restricted air flow in her lungs.
His hold on her was too strong, she couldn’t get rid of a finger.


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“PL..ease…” She said muffledly and suddenly, just as if the pains got reduced from his head, he let go of her neck and pushed her away like she burnt him.

“Hah!” She exhaled deeply as she fell on the floor, her towel getting loosed from her body as well.

Conniption gripped her, her heart raced heavily
Oh God… What just happened?

Khalid got on his feet immediately, his knuckles trying to itch his eyes.

He turned and looked at Becca on the floor and couldn’t believe he almost strangled her.

A part of him wanted to hold her and apologize, but still feeling disorganized, he just turned around and left.
“The Masters?” Izna asked as they walked along. “Why are you asking?”

Octavia tried not to think about Khalid so she doesn’t get to read it from her head and knows she’s thinking about him or something.

“Uh… nothing – really. I just…. wanted to know. But it’s fine if you can’t tell me” she answered with a light smile.

Izna stared at her observingly and noticed she was blocking her thoughts.

“Well…” She began. “They actually stay at the Westside. Although, you won’t be able to get through to any of them because they’re securities everywhere that prevents Clan members from going in to see any of the Masters”

Wow! It was that strict? Octavia thought.
So there’s actually no way she could see Khalid?

“Khalid?” Izna suddenly asked, getting the name from her head.
“Hold on… Master Khalid?? You… want to see him?”

Octavia bit her lower lip. Damn! It was impossible keeping thoughts away from one’s head

“Um…. I’m from the Khalid clan. So, I was just wondering how my Master is fairing. That’s all” she cooked up a quick lie, but it was obvious Izna wasn’t buying it.

She was about saying something when a guy bumped into her, spilling his drink on her shirt.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry” the boy exclaimed, quickly bringing out a napkin to wipe the stains.

“Goodness, Pete! Have you gone blind?!” Izna snapped with an eye roll.

“Hey, I’m sorry okay? It wasn’t intentional” he replied as he wiped her dress with his napkin.

Octavia didn’t say a word. Well, because she wasn’t used to speaking to strangers. So, she just watched him.

“I’m really sorry okay? I was kinda in a hurry” he told her, unable to clean off the entire stains.

“It’s fine” She finally managed to mumble, and he smiled and left.

“Guy’s a jerk. He’s actually my Master’s brother. Come on, let’s go” Izna said and they proceeded to the cafe afterwards.

Getting there, they ordered for some food but Octavia couldn’t really find the ones she needed. As a matter of fact, she found the food lacking nutrients to her.

“You don’t like it?” Izna asked with an amusing look and Octavia shook her head.

“Really? But what’s wrong with it? They’re sumptuous enough”

“I… I just need something else. But, I’ll manage these anyway” she replied and started devouring the meals in a hungry way.


Becca was sitting on the bed, her eyes sore from crying for a long time.

She had changed into a short and crop top and had been sitting alone for a long time, having no idea where Khalid could’ve gone. Does he really careless about her ? She thought

What was happening to Khalid? How could he think of strangling her? How could he think of hurting her?

And even when he had come back to his senses and fred her, he just left without touching her or saying a word. What exactly was going on with him?

She continued weeping there for a long time until finally, she heard the door opening and lifted her head to see him coming.

She sniffed and dabbed her tears, the urge to cry more suddenly hitting hard at her.
Khalid paused at the door and stared at her, feeling a little bit of remorse.
He brushed it down with a sigh and walked towards her on the bed.

“Becca” he called in his usual gruffy tone.
But Becca only replied with sniffles.

He took in another deep breath and stared up at the ceiling. Apologizing was something that was extremely difficult for someone like him, but in that situation, he just needed to do it.

He reached slowly for her hand and held her up

“I’m… I’m sorry, Okay? It wasn’t intentional” he forced the words out of his mouth and that was the part Becca was able to look at him.

“What’s happening to you?” She asked in a teary tone. “What’s going on, Khalid?”

Khalid felt a sting in his chest as she asked the hurtful question. What exactly was happening to him?

He let go of her hand and stepped away.

“I’ll be fine” his tone was deep. “I Hope you can forgive me for what happened earlier on”.

Becca sniffed again and wiped her tears.

“It’s okay, Khaklid. You know…I can’t be mad at you”
Another sniff.

“I just…I need some air at the moment. I’ll be back” she told him and walked out of the room and Khalid didn’t make any attempt to stop her.

He touched his head and plonked himself on the edge of the bed .
That woman…he thought. He’d kill her.
If he ever sets his eyes on her, he’d kill and bury her himself.

Another streamline of blood came running down his nostril and he sniffed and wiped it off.

He needed a solution; a quick solution. He couldn’t participate in the elections in such state.

Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.


He lifted his head from his hands and gave it a thought. He could recall how she had helped him few months ago when he was shot at the party.

The antidote…Where had she gotten that antidote??

He stood up and walked to the table where his phone was kept. He took it up and dialed Draco’s line.

“Bring Octavia to my room” he ordered Immediately
To Be Continued… . . .

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