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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Season 02 Episode 13)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 13.

Mica was standing quietly in front of the window, not doing anything in particular.

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Her head was heavy and couldn’t even think of anything else.

In a few hours from now, her sister was going to be killed. She was going to be wasted.

Oh! If only she had known, if only she had foreseen such act, they wouldn’t had left the building in the first place. Or when the men had attacked them by the roadside, she’d have fought harder. Why didn’t she give it her best, huh? Why?


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She shook her head painfully.

This was all their father’s fault. If he hadn’t been such a worthless father to sell his own daughter out in the first place, none of this would’ve happened.

Octavia prolly wouldn’t be here and being in such a mess. It was just too dangerous for her.

Oh! How much she hated him and wished to punch him in the face If she ever gets a chance. She’d definitely do it without looking back.

She heaved a sigh and went on the bed to sit and just then, a knock came on the door.

“Who’s it?” She asked, feeling so tired to move.

“Mica, open up” The thick masculine voice came and she quickly recognized it to be Draco’s.

She stood up reluctantly and ambled to the door, guessing he was probably there to console her.

“Hey” she said sullenly when she opened the door and faced him.

Draco hesitated a little before speaking out:

“Your sister might be home soon”.

All the sluggishness Mica felt in her body died down immediately as she gawped at him.

Wait… Whaat???

Her lips opened in shock.

“Wh… What’re you talking about? How?” Her eyes were beaming.

Draco signalled her to let him in and without hesitation, she made way for him and they both went into the room.

“Khalid is using the only defense he has against the Klaus’ clan to bring her back” Draco said but Mica was still confused.

Defence? What defense?

“We had some secret bombs planted around his clan and they were to be used only in emergencies. But Master Khalid is tryna use them to bring your sister back” he further explained and Mica’s brows arched in surprise.

Hold on… Khalid was seriously bringing Octavia back?? With their only defense?

She blinked rapidly and went to the bed to sit, not exactly knowing what to think. It was unbelievable to her.

“This isn’t good Mica. He shouldn’t be doing this. And…I really don’t know what his reasons are” Draco grouse and Mica shut him a stare.

To anyone, it’ wouldn’t feel right. But to someone like her, she was overly happy because it was to her own favor. There was a high chance her sister would be back!

For God’s sake!

“Draco walked upto her and sat next to her on the bed.

“You’re excited, right?” He asked and she looked at him and scoffed.

“Of course” she replied bluntly.


Octavia was almost shivering from cold.

Her hands and legs felt so cold, she could hardly breathe.

And considering the fact her hands were tied apart, it was impossible to bring them together and huddle herself up.

Shortly, she heard the door opening and quickly lifted her eyes to see three men coming in – Master Klaus included.

Oh God! Was he finally here to kill her? Was he here to hurt her H she panicked helplessly.

Klaus was looking dangerously angry as he marched in with the boys.

“Untie her – quick!” He rasped and the boys rushed to Octavia and fred her of the ropes.

She watched them fearfully, wondering how bad they were gonna hurt her.

They stood her up when the ropes were off her skin and she bent her head in fear as Klaus walked closer to her.

He got hold of her hand and turned her left and right, making Octavia confused. What’s he doing?

“How did she get this scratch?” Klaus asked angrily when he spotted a big scratch on her arm.
It was a little fresh and had some bloodstains on it.

“Must’ve been during the operation” one of the boys replied.

He fisted his hand and covered the scratch up with her shirt. Hopefully, Khalid wouldn’t see it.

Octavia was really confused. What’s going on?

Suddenly, he yanked her hair and pulled it a little hard – just a little, Octavia didn’t even flinch.

“When you get there, tell Khalid it isn’t over” he spoke between gritted teeth and released her hair.

Hold on… What??

Octavia gave him a muddled look. What’s he talking about? Tell Khalid?

Was she being released???

But… But how possible??

“Take her away immediately” he ordered the boys and they grabbed Octavia by the arm and led her out.
They took her out of the room, out to where lots of cars were parked and there, they made her sit on the backseat.

Octavia was filled with so much curiosity. She was being released!!

But how?? Why??

That guy had told her she was abandoned, right? And was going to be killed. Or could it be possible he had been lying to her??

But Master Klaus looked so angry as well. So angry like he was being forced to release her.

Was Khalid behind this?

She kept wondering and pondering as the driver started the car and took off immediately with two boys sitting beside her at the backseat.
She couldn’t tell if the drive was long or not because she had been thinking the whole time – thinking her brains out.

But when the car pulled to a stop, she jolted out of her thoughts and looked around the famiiar sorroundings.

“That should be them. Bring her out” the driver said and the boys beside her opened the door and helped her out.
That was when she noticed a red car parked in front of them.

The boys led her towards the red car and two boys came stepped out from it as well.

Hah! They were people from her clan! This was indeed, a rescue!

“Stop right there and let her walk all by herself” one of the boys from her clan said and the two boys beside her stopped walking.

Knowing what to do, she continued walking alone to the red car and as soon as she got to them, they brought out a dictator and ran it through her body, trying to make sure she was free or any device.

After a safe confirmation, they made her enter the red car and next, they drove off immediately.

Octavia exhaled deeply as she sat in the moving car. She couldn’t believe it.
“How’re you feeling, blue eyes?” The driver asked and Octavia didn’t realize her hands went straight to her tummy.

“I’m… I’m fine” she muttered.

“Am I being… taken to the Clan?”

“Of course” the boy beside her chuckled.
The rest of the drive was a little silent, but it wasn’t long before they drove into the gate.

Oh goodness! She was really back to the clan! She was released!!

How did it happen??

The boys parked the car and stepped out with her and Mica who had been waiting the whole time, came running to her immediately.

“Octavia!!” She called as she ran towards her and Octavia quickly turned to look at her.

They met and embraced each other so tight, Mica unable to let her go.

She couldn’t believe it. Her sister was back. She never thought she was ever going to see her again.

“Oh God! You’re back” she said ruefully, still clutching her tight.

“That’s enough, Mica. We need to go now. The Master gave specific instructions to bring her to his room as soon as she’s back” one of the boys said as he separated the hug.

Mica’s eyes dimmed.


“Come on” the boy interrupted them as he held Octavia’s arm.

Mica wanted to tell her Khalid was aware of the pregnancy, but there was no time since she couldn’t say it in front of the boys.

“Let’s go” the boy said and started taking Octavia away, while Mica watched anxiously.

She couldn’t pass the information to her! What does she do?
To Be Continued… . . .

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