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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Season 02 Episode 03)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 03.

Octavia stood in the darkness as she knocked on the door.

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She was catching a little cold and rubbed her palms together, trying to reduce the effect. But damn! It wasn’t working. She was seriously freezing.

She knocked on the door again and thankfully, Leo opened up this time around. What the hell took him so long, huh?

“Hey” his eyes beamed brightly as he held the door.


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“H-hi” Octavia’s voice cracked a little.

“Oh! Please, do come in. Come in”.

He led her into the room and she took in a deep breath, feeling a little relived from the cold.

The dining in the middle of the room was already set. And although, the room was a little dark with just a dim light beaming through, she could still see clearly.

Leo locked the door and went ahead to meet her.

“Please, take a seat” he pointed to one of the arranged chairs on the dining as he took his, and Octavia did same.

She took a seat on the other side of the table and awaited him to serve the meal – as a gentleman.

She could remember when she had gone on a little mission two weeks ago – it was just to taste her capability.

She was made to go in disguise of a different lady to a man who was expecting her as a date. Her main target was stealing his I’D and she could recall being taught to be modest, classy and all that.

The man had been like a true gentleman as he dished the meal during dinner. It was a long process, but in the end, Octavia had succeeded in getting the ID.

Well, you could say she was a skilled thief.
“So, how’re you feeling now?” Leo’s voice broke into her thoughts and that was when she realized he was already done dishing out the meal and had kept hers in front of her.

“Yeah, I’m… I’m feeling better” she lied and took some gulps of water.

Well, of course. That was a lie. She was actually feeling worst.

“Oh. Okay, then. That’s great news. I had concluded – if you were still feeling worst by the time you come here for dinner, then I’d just run a quick test on you” he chuckled.

Hold on…A quick test? That’d have been good, actually. At least, she’d get to know what exactly is wrong with her, and perhaps, get some medicines instead of relying on Leo’s treatment.

Gosh! She might probably do that first thing in the morning.

“Does Mica know you’re coming here?” He asked as they both started eating.

“No. She wasn’t in by the time I left” she replied and he nodded.

“So… tell me, Octavia. How have you been enjoying the clan and it’s activities? Are they fun to you?”

“Yeah, I could say it’s fun. But you know me, I don’t really associate”.

“Oh! That’s right. But you really need to adjust, Octavia. I mean, feel free. This is your family now, you know? You need to blend in”.

“I know, and I’m trying”.
She paused and sighed.

“I’ve just never been a lover of crowd” she added.

A few seconds passed, then they started talking about other things.

The dinner went on for a while, and well, Octavia could say she kinda enjoyed it. At least, it relieved her a little of her problems.

Probably, it was more than an hour already and Octavia felt it was time to leave already.

She took in more gulps of water and stood up.

“Thank you so much, Leo, for the treat. But I um…I need to go now, please. I’m feeling so dizzy” she said, really sounding dizzy.

“Woah! Hold on a bit” Leo stood quickly and rushed towards her.
For a moment, she was startled.

“Uh… You can’t just leave. I mean, why don’t you stay a little. I’ll walk you to your room if you want” he shrugged.

“Well, no. Thanks for the offer, Leo. But I need to leave now”.
She turned around and tried walking away, but he gripped her back by the wrist.

His voice was a whisper.

He drew closer to her and pushed her back a little, so her back touches the table.

Huh? What is he doing? Octavia thought.

“Relax, Octavia. You shouldn’t be in a hurry” he placed his both hands beside her waist.

“Leo?” She called, muddled.

He smiled and pecked her neck.

“Hey, wh…what’re you doing?” She stuttered.

He moved his hands from the table and placed them on her waist instead and a cold shudder ran through her spine.

“L…Leo? Stop it. What’re you doing?”

“I don’t bite, Octavia. Relax…”

“Let me go!” She tried pushing him off, but he pinned her back to the table.


Her eyes flashed open in surprise.

And Leo, realizing this was the moment, decided to open up completely to her.

“I like you, Octavia” he said in a whispering tone. “And I want you. Is too much to ask?”

Octavia’s eyes opened wider in surprise. What? Is he being serious?

For the moment, she was dumbstruck and Leo moved her gently to the bed.

So many thoughts flashed through her mind, most of which were actually confusing. But when she noticed she was already lying on the bed and Leo was ontop of her, she quickly made a decision.

“No! Leo, wait. Leo!” She struggled to breath as his weight on her seemed to suffocate her.

But Leo wasn’t listening and went ahead to slide his hand into her under dress.

“No! Leo!” She shirked and tried pushing him off, but couldn’t.

Oh, goodness! She didn’t want to hurt him.

“Leo..! Leo! What’re you doing?”

“Please, Octavia. Please…!”

She couldn’t believe he was actually begging her for this.

He touched her thighs and the touch alone made Octavia shiver.

“No..!” She flinched.
She hated being touched, and not to mention being touched in her private areas.

She felt him touch the line of her pant and that was the moment she made a decision.

She couldn’t bear it anymore, no. She had to hurt him because that was the only way she could get free from him.

With her hands touching his broad shoulders, she tried pushing him off with her powers but discovered her powers were locked.

She couldn’t make use of them. She couldn’t reach them.

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked at Leo who was also looking at her after sensing what she wanted to do.

Oh, God! No.

The food; he must’ve done something to it.

“I’m sorry, Octavia” he whispered and ripped off her pant.

To Be Continued… . . . .

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