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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Episode 37)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 37.

“No… please!” She continued whimpering as he seemed to apply more force on her.

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Her hands were holding the bed sheets tight, while she shut her eyes and continued moaning out.

Oh! The hell, he was really hurting her. And for a second, it made her wonder; was this really part of the training?

Sweats dropped from his face to hers and when she screamed again, he finally pulled out of her.


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“Oh…God” she whimpered painfully as he laid down beside her while she had the chance to close up her legs.

It hurt, and she was almost unable to close up the legs due to the pain.

Why did he have to be so rough on her? Why? A part of her actually felt angry at him for it.

She felt so hot and sticky and really needed a bath. But with her condition, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk back to her room. No; she wasn’t.

So, she just laid down there on the bed, not minding if he’d be mad at her for not leaving immediately.

Hell, she didn’t care. After all, he did it to her.

So, feeling so weak and drowsy, she just closed her eyes and slept..

Octavia had woken up to a hand tapping her hard on the bed.

The force was so hard, it made her wake up immediately and when she did, she discovered it was Becca.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She snapped, a scrawl on her face.
“Why’re you in his bed?”

Octavia’s head was dazed due to the unusualness she had used in waking up.

She tried getting a grip of herself and sit up and immediately, when she noticed she was [email protected], she pulled the duvet up to cover herself.

“I’m talking to you! What’re you doing here, huh?” Becca asked again, but Octavia being who she is, didn’t say a word.

She spotted her clothes on the floor and taking a sigh, she left the bed and went to get it.

Oh goodness! Her legs were hurting like hell and they almost made her limp.

But she tried not to show her weakness and managed to get the clothes from the floor.

Becca was amazed, stunned at the silence she had gotten from the lady.

She had just woken up from her little sleep and decided to check up on Khalid. But getting to his room, she found the creepy lady sleeping comfortably and [email protected] on his bed.

Like…what the heck was that!

Octavia quietly wore on her clothes and took a quick look around the room. The Master didn’t seem to be in.

Not wanting to even look at Becca, she started towards the door. But Becca ran to her immediately and gripped her hard by the hair.

“Are you dumb or you’re actually trying to snub me?” She asked between gritted teeth.

She was hurting Octavia’s scalp and she tried to get her hands away.

“Even if you got used by Khalid, what makes you think you can actually sleep in his bed whenever you like?”

“Let me go..” Octavia winced, but Becca only tightened her grip more.

“Talk to me, b’tch! Are you in anyway, trying to gain grounds here?”

Octavia bit her lower lip to stop herself from fighting back. Oh! She wanted to fight back, but she tried not to. She couldn’t add to her punishment.

“First, you tried to play some stupid heroine by getting the antidote for Khalid. And now, you’re sleeping on his bed? Are you on some kind of mission or what?” She asked angrily, but Octavia still didn’t say a word.

“Answer me!” She yelled and a few seconds passed.

“I don’t.. know what to say” she answered in a hard gulp and it only angered Becca the more.

“No matter what, b’tch, always remember this – you can never mean more. And if you’re here on some stupid mission, trust me, I’ll find out and make sure you regret it for the rest of your life” she stated angrily and finally let go of her hair, pushing her roughly.

Her words angered Octavia a bit and when she stood to face her, she decided to release some words…

“If you’re having a problem with me, Miss, I think the Master is the right person you should talk to. As long as I know, I don’t think he has a problem with me staying here. And he’s actually aware I was on his bed but didn’t say a word either. So, you need to stop feeling insecure. I don’t have any mission against him”. She stated blankly and turned around to leave. But to her greatest surprise, Becca pulled her back and slapped her.


She gasped as the pain stung at her cheek and unable to control her emotions anymore, she released her powers on her and she screamed and got swept off her feet, flying backwards in the air and landing roughly on the floor.

“Argh!!” She gave a high pitched scream, her hands on her waist.

She had hit it roughly on the floor and it created a lot of excruciating pain.

Octavia’s breath was heavy as she stared at her and that was when it became clear to her – what she had done.

She hurt the Master’s girlfriend!

Becca was panicking as she felt unusual pains on her legs. Her head kept rotating.

And suddenly, she felt some liquid running down her legs and in fear, she dipped her hand there to have a look.

To Be Continued… . . .

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