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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Episode 36)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 36.

He lifted her towards the bed and she fell forward.

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“Get on your knees and give me your back” he instructed and she did just that, giving him her back.

She felt him taking off his clothes and finally, came up behind her.

“Do you know what this is called?” He asked whisperingly as his cold hand held her waist, ready for the penetration.


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Octavia was a little confused, didn’t exactly know what he meant. But she shook her head anyway.

“It’s called the doggy style” he whispered into her ears and went deep into her from behind.

“Ah!!” She cried out, a little uncomfortable at the penetration, the unawareness.

Her hands shook a little as they held onto the bed for support. And Khalid, gaining his stamina, pulled out of her and went into her again.

This time around, she bit her lower lip to prevent her from screaming like the first time. But damn, it hurt a lot.

He moved his hands to her chest, got hold of the mini – sized bre*sts and started pounding into her.

He was going so deep and rough, and she wondered if it was just him, or that was how it’s always supposed to feel.

Oh! Of course, not. Michael wasn’t exactly this rough.

She gripped the sheets tight and closed her eyes, feeling something similar to pleasure – something similar. It was mixed with pains…

Khalid paused and pushed a leg forward, trying to gain more stamina. And achieving that, he increased his pace and continued drilling.

Octavia couldn’t help but produce the guttural sounds as the feelings washed over her. What he did to her each time they were copulating, it was something she could never explain.

Suddenly, he paused, but his d**k was still inside of her. Octavia opened her eyes when it happened as she wondered why he stopped.

“You should know what to do at this stage, Octavia” he stated calmly as he held her waist and started directing it to the way he wanted.

He moved tho and fro, so she f**ks herself.

Octavia wasn’t familiar with the movement, but as he continued, she started getting used to it. And when he let go of her waist, indicating he wanted her to try it out herself, she had to do it.

Although, it was funny at first as it was completely new to her. She couldn’t move freely and at a point, she let the d**k fall out of her.
“Goodness! Octavia” Khalid grunted and fixed the d**k back into her again.

He spanked her @ass and she continued the process, doing it good this time around. Not best, but good. Anyone could tell she was a complete novice .

Her breasts bounced on her chest as she moved heavily, moving forward and backwards so the d**k slides in and out of her.

She closed her eyes and tried perfecting the movement and in a few seconds, she moved from good to better.

Khalid pulled out of her and laid on the bed. He drew her so she’d lie on him and Octavia felt so nervous. So so nervous as she laid on his tattoo chest, her face being so close to his.

He adjusted her legs and pushed his d**k into her from that position and she was forced to cry out when she slammed hard on him.

Oh! She felt so full. So full.

He moved his both hands to her back, pushed her forward and started slamming into her – real hard and fast.

The feeling was different as this time around,he was pounding upwards into her, driving her wild.

She felt dazed and didn’t realise she was already moaning; moaning so loud.

He moved his hands repeatedly, up and down her back; her scars.

She continued moaning, no longer considering the fact their faces were so close to each other.

“Oh… please..!” She cried out when the ecstasy started turning into bigger pains for her.
Gosh! He felt so big inside of her and his pace was something else.

He acted like he wanted to split her apart.

Suddenly, he paused and Octavia breathed out in relief. But her heart skipped when he whispered something like:

“Ride it”.


She opened her eyes to look at his and he was staring right into hers.

He wanted her to move again? But how?

Khalid moved his hand from her back and landed them on her @ss.

He lifted both sides and started making it ride him – the way he wanted.

Octavia groaned and fell on his shoulders, but it didn’t tamper with his movement as he continued slamming her onto him.

“Oh… stop. Please…” She whimpered against his shoulders.

His breath became erratic as it took him some effort to control the movement.

He was going so fast and hard and Octavia was beginning to feel a burning sensation; her p3lvis was feeling so hot. So full.

Her hands rested on his shoulders as she whimpered and after sometime, he turned her over on the bed without taking his d**k out of her.


“No! Please…” She shook her head repeatedly, finding it hard to believe he was actually taking a different style.

What’s he doing?

He opened her legs wide enough and rested in between, then continued drilling.

Octavia made her head fall backwards as she tried to take in the pain.

He rubbed his thumb against her clit and she cried out, not understanding the feeling.

“Oh… Just stop already..!” She mumbled unconsciously, but he didn’t stop.

She looked into his face and was a little frightened at the expression she had found. He looked almost like a tiger…a hungry tiger.

Somehow, she felt she was in a serious mess.

“Please..” was all she could whimper again as she placed her hands on his chest and tried pushing him off, but couldn’t.

And in a gruffy tone, he replied:
“Not yet, Octavia”.
To Be Continued… . . .

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