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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Episode 34)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 34.

The next morning,
Octavia had woken up, feeling really better.

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Her back was no longer hurting. Although, she could feel the scars, but the pains were gone.

Mica had already prepared breakfast for her and as she ate, she suddenly remembered her appointment with the Master.

Oh! Sh*t! Why was he calling for her anyway? It made her so nervous.


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She quickly finished her meal and hurried in to take her bath. And when she was done and came out with a towel, for a moment, she thought it was Mosocw.

No. There’s no way he’d be there. He doesn’t have any right or connection with her anymore.

The knock came again and she opened it to see it was…
Oh! Leo?

Her brows knitted in surprise.

“Hey, blue eyes” he smiled softly and leaned beside the door.

“Uh…hi” Octavia was a little muddled.
Why was he there? Oh! Maybe, he was looking for Mica.

“My sister isn’t around. I think she’s gone to the gym” she forced herself to say, considering the fact that she hated talking to strangers.

“Oh! I’m not here for your sister, dearie. I’m here for you. Actually… I came to tell you I’ve been appointed as your new trainer” he said and her eyes dimmed.

Wait… Whaat?

Oh! Of course. Was she expecting it to be Mica or what? She just couldn’t believe she was being transferred from a stranger to another stranger.

“Oh” she muttered to Moscow and bent her head.

“So” he continued enthusiastically.
“I believe you’re to meet with the Master today. By the time you’re done with him, I’ll check up on you to see what we can do for the day”.

“Okay” she muttered again and went in, closing the door.

Oh crap!

She leaned on the door for a while, took in a deep breath before going into the bathroom.


Khalid was sipping his bitter tea when one of his personal guards came in and informed
him some Masters from other clans were there to see him.

“Tell them to leave. I don’t wanna see anyone” he replied blatantly and although, the guard was a little surprised, he didn’t hesitate to bow and leave.

“Why, Khalid? They’re here to sympathize with you. It’s normal” Becca said from the bed where she sat beside him.

“I don’t need their sympathy, Becca” he growled.
“One of them tried to kill me and I won’t give him the privilege to wallow in his failure”.

He was angry and bittered and wished there was anything he could do to know the culprit.

Oh! How he was going to make him pay!

As a matter of fact, there was another party for mainly the Masters tonight and he had already made up his mind to attend because he wanted the loser to see him being alive and strong.

“I’m really glad you’re fine now, Khalid” Becca hushed as she leaned her head on his shoulders, but Khalid didn’t react.

“Get me the cigarette from the table” he said after a few seconds and she nodded and stood up.

But when she tried walking away, the sharp pain came again and she groaned and fell backwards, but Khalid was fast enough to hold her.

“Becca!” He called, a little surprised.

“! She moaned, her hand on her forehead as Khalid helped her sit on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked gruffly.

“I don’t know, Khalid. It just started yesterday. I’ve been… feeling unusual” she answered weakly and Khalid let a few seconds pass.

“You should go to your room and get some rest” he finally said and she nodded and stood up.

“Thank you” she muttered weakly and left the room and on her way out, she met Octavia at the door.

If it wasn’t for her health, she’d have paused and glared at her. So, not being strong enough, she just ignored her and hurried to her room.

Oh! She really hoped it’d pass. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling so sick. Perhaps, it was as a result of her too much worry over Khalid’s health.


Octavia nervously walked into the room after a guard had announced her arrival to Khalid.

She walked in and found him sitting on the bed, having a cup with him.

That cranky nervousness she always felt each time she was around him, came knocking at her endocrine system again and she couldn’t help but welcome it.

“Good morning, Master” she lowered her head and greeted timidly.

Khalid was silent and drank from the cup he had with him.

“How’re you feeling now?” He asked gruffly .

“I’m better now. Thank you” she swallowed hard.

She wondered why his voice always tend to sound so cold.

“Have you seen your new trainer?” He asked again and she nodded and quickly added

He emptied the drink in his cup and stood up.

“He’ll teach you the basic things about fighting skills, being smart and being stronger. But for the aspect of sex and pleasure, I’ll be your trainer”.


Octavia’s eyes dimmed as she looked at him. His back was the only thing shown to her as he walked to the table and pulled out a stick from his cigarette pack.

Since he was backing her, Octavia had all the time to stare at him and marvel.

“You’ll be having your first session with me now” he added as he dragged air from his cigarette and puffed smoke into the air.

Octavia could feel her heart beating rapidly.

Oh! He was going to do it again! He was going to be her sex trainer.

Oh God! Does it mean it was going to happen more often between them? And what were the things he was going to teach her?

A long silence passed as Khalid backed her, and finally, in one word, he gave the command:

To Be Continued…. . . .

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