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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Episode 26)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 26.

The door opened immediately and Octavia turned to see her sister walking in.

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Oh, no! Her heart skipped repeatedly

She gulped nervously and tried walking away, but Mica who knew what she was already doing, called her back.

“Octavia!” Her voice was strict.


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She paused and turned to look at her.

“Good morning” she greeted nervously, her eyes dancing on the floor.

Mica didn’t reply but only went closer to her.

“Are you alright?” She asked, her voice sounding calm.

She knew what had happened in Khalid’s room. She knew he had called her for s*x. I mean, it was obvious. She could hear Octavia crying and moaning.

“I’m..I’m fine” Octavia answered hoarsely.

“Where did you sleep last night?” Mica asked.
She had been wondering what had happened after the intercourse because Octavia didn’t come out even when the moans had seized.

“He….He asked me to spend the night in his room” Octavia replied nervously, gulping as well.

Mica’s eyes dimmed.

“He did!?” She asked, patently shocked.
That was almost impossible.

“So you…you had slept on the floor throughout the night!”

Octavia shook her head:.”I…I don’t think so. I think I slept on the bed because I’d also woken up on the bed”.

Okay. Now, that was what Mica found completely impossible.

She slept on his bed??!? What?

There was a knock on the door, distracting the moment.

Mica blinked rapidly and went to check it out and on opening the door, she discovered it was Moscow.

He had a loathful look on his face.

“Where’s your sister?” He grunted.
What the f**k is his problem?

“She’s inside, Moscow. What do you want?” Mica huffed.

“I’m her trainer, Mica. You don’t have the right to question me when I ask after her”. He said.

“Well, she’s still my sister and I have the right to give everyone some limitations”.

The thick line on Moscow’s face increased.

“Out there, she’s your sister. But in here, she’s a trainee and I’m her trainer! So, know your limits, Mica!”

There was a thin silence.

“Tell her to get ready and meet me in the hallway in exactly 20 minutes. 20 minutes, Mica! If she delays by one second, I swear, I’ll have her punished” he spatted.

“Listen to me, Moscow” Mica stepped out and closed the door behind her. “I get it if you’re mad at me, but are you so dumb to involve my sister in it? How dare you ask her to steal from a policeman on her first day of training? Have you gone nuts?”

“Oh! Mica, watch it! Else, I might just have to strangle you” he growled and lifted his hand to hit her, but suddenly restricted himself.

Mica’s eyes glinted.

“I’m only giving you an advice, Moscow. Try to live up to your age” she huffed and returned to the room, whacking the door shut.

Octavia was still standing in front of the window, trying to see if she could get anything from the conversation taking place outside. But she couldn’t. Although, she knew it was Moscow and be was probably asking after her.

Shortly, Mica returned to the room, her expression blank.

“We were having a discussion last night, Octavia” she said immediately she walked in, before Octavia would ask what Moscow wanted.

“Who’re you running from?”

Oh! The anxiety was back again. Couldn’t she just forget about it?

“Talk to me, Octavia. What’s going on?

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mica. I’m not running from anyone..”she tried sounding convincing.

“Oh, please! You and I both know that’s a lie, Octavia! My sources were accurate and I know you’re hiding from someone. If you’re hiding from someone, then why would you come here of all places? What’s going on?

Octavia was silent; allowing the guilt wash over.

Then, she looked up at her and said:

“You don’t have to worry about a thing, Mica. I’ll be fine. I’m not… running from anyone. So please, don’t worry about it”.

She turned away and went to the wardrobe, soughting for a dress.

Mica just sotof and watched from behind, feeling so anffybnd wondering why her sister would hide things from her.

Octavia took out the cloth she wanted and excused herself to the bathroom to get changed.


Until the time she was done and ready to leave, she still didn’t say a word to Mica.

“I’ll be leaving now” she finally said when she was about opening the door and Mica only nodded and concentrated on what she was doing.

Octavia sighed and left. She wished her sister would only understand and stay calm for her sake. But how would she even understand when she doesn’t know anything?

Well, if wasn’t her fault.

Octavia guessed Moscow would be at the hallway, just like the previous day. And getting to the hallway, her guess turned out right.

She found Moscow sitting with someone else and they were both smoking. He paused and glanced at the watch on his wrist before looking up at Octavia.

“You’re lucky you came in time” he grunted and stood up. “Let’s go” .

Octavia didn’t say a word as usual but just followed him.

She walked steadily behind him untill they’d gotten out of the hallway and there they met Becca.

“I need a moment with her, Moscow” Becca said spitefully as she stood like she’d been awaiting their arrival the whole time.

Moscow stopped walking and looked at Octavia and Becca walked up to her.

“You” she snapped. “What do you think you’re doing, huh?”

Octavia couldn’t comprehend what she meant. So, she just listened.

“I’m talking to you!” Becca rasped and pushed her lightly on the chest.

“What were you doing in Khalid’s room? What trick are you playing on him?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Octavia answered innocently, but it only made Becca more angry.

“Don’t think there’s anything special about you, young lady” she growled. “learn to know your limits so it doesn’t get you into trouble”.

She moved away from her.

“Moscow” she called, her eyes still on Octavia. “I want you to make sure she comes for the party tonight. Bring her along”.
There was a evil grin on her face.

“Of course” Moscow agreed immediately and Becca smiled.

“And just so you know,” she moved closer to Octavia and whispered:
“Master Klaus would be there”.

Octavia felt a cold chills run down her spine. Master Klaus?

Would the other Masters be there as well?

Becca smirked when she saw the discomfort on her face. And with that, she walked away.
To Be Continued… . . .

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