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[STORY] THE X-FAMILY (Episode 24)



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THE X-FAMILY by Faith Lucky _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE X-FAMILY Story by Faith Lucky (Octavia and the Master)

Episode 24.

It was so deep, she screamed.

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She gripped the sheets beside her tight, so she doesn’t have to hold him instead.

Khalid grunted into her ears as he pulled out of her, taking a lot as a result of how tight her walls were as they clamped him tight.


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She gasped and whimpered, shivering with both fear and relief.

He went into her again, but not as violent as the first.

“Oh…!” She mumbled anyway, feeling so full.

Oh! It hurt – kind of.

She couldn’t exactly tell what she was feeling, but she knew it hurt.

She could feel his erratic breath on her neck as his organ remained stuck into her. She felt so full. So full.

Khalid adjusted away from her face so he could position himself properly for the drilling. The room was so dark, they could barely see each other’s faces, but their breaths said it all.

Khalid grabbed the sheets and started thrusting in and out of her in that position. Oh damn! He was going so deep, so rough.

Octavia could hardly breath.

She whimpered haggardly, her b*bs bouncing on her chest as Khalid pounded into her. Her mind was screaming, her hand holding the sheets tight.

But he had done this with her some hours ago. Why repeating it, especially when she didn’t do anything wrong?

Her voice fought with the sound of the rain and she couldn’t tell if the weather made cause she couldn’t explain how she was feeling.

She moaned, Khalid grunted, the sound of flesh hitting her each other could partially be heard.

Slowly, Khalid traced his hands to her thighs, down to her legs and lifted them up.

Octavia couldn’t understand what he was doing, but he suddenly paused inside of her and waited until her both legs were up in mid air. Her womanhood faced heaven as well and with that, he adjusted forward into her and continued the thrusts.

Octavia’s painful moans increased. She couldn’t tell what position he was making her do but, it seemed to have more effect than the first as she could feel him earnestly, his cock going so deep in her.
“Oh…. Master” she found herself moaning his name.
The sensation was running her wild.

Tho, the weather was cold, but she soon felt droplets of sweats from Khalid’s face falling on hers. She panicked; wasn’t he getting tired already?

“Ugh!” A gruntful moan finally escaped his lips.
He was getting more than he expected.

He suddenly froze inside of her. He wasn’t ejaculating, no.

He pulled out to the tip, then drove in at once, all the way to the hilt. Octavia almost lost it.

“Ah!!!!” She yelped and tried moving away from him, but couldn’t. The condition he had was too tight, right under his mercy.

He pulled out to the tip again and repeated the same movement and another scream left Octavia’s lips.

“Argh!! No….. please” she shuddered with fear.

What was he doing to her?

He continued with the thrust, unable to control his force and hunger and Octavia could already feel her flesh burning.

“Oh… please, please” her cries were soft and tender.

Khalid couldn’t tell what he was doing. He moved his right hand to her clit and rolled on it, giving Octavia a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure.

He pulled out to the tip again and pounced into her as usual but this time around, he covered her lips so she doesn’t scream and her attempted screams ended up, turning into guttural sounds.

“Oh.. Master” she called breathlessly by the time he released her lips, still drilling into her.

Her mind was screaming stop. Her body shook under his possession. She just wanted his organ out of her, even if it was for a second. She felt so full and needed some air.

She moaned effortlessly and threw her head backwards. Oh! She needed him to stop.

“No… please…!” She cried out and a table came crashing to the floor.

They didn’t know what it was at the moment because the room was dark, but they knew something had crashed.

With a loud grunt, Khalid froze into her and ejaculated.

Octavia gasped and shifted uncomfortably as she felt the hot liquid pumping right into her.
“Oh, please…!” She whimpered incohorently, despite the fact she knew he was already done.

Khalid finally pulled out of her and fell flat on the bed beside her.

Damn! He had almost lost it.

His breath was deep and rough. And Octavia wasn’t any different. As a matter of fact, she was worst.

She winced as she forced her legs down from mid air. They hurt so bad from being kept in that position for so long.

She turned tiredly on the other side. Oh! How does she leave? How does she do it?

She could barely move her legs. They were hurting so bad. She was confused and wondered if the Master was mad at her and that was probably the reason he was that rough on her. That could be the only explanation.

Her soft whimpers could be heard as she made to leave the bed. One leg out, but she suddenly heard;

“It’s still raining out there. You can stay here for the night”.

Her summersaulted in her chest twice.

It was from Khalid!!

Oh! He probably might not know it, but he was doing her the biggest favor of the year.

Her eyes were too heavy and she was too drowsy to think about the incongruouity of the offer.

So, still in pains and not having the strength to wonder her mind about, she just closed her eyes and slept.
To Be Continued… . . .

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