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THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh

Episode 10.

“Daddy, mummy”. She muttered immediately she opened her eyes.

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We hugged her.

I fed her cornflakes until she was tired of eating and sang a lullaby for her to sleep.

When she had fallen asleep, the doctor asked us to leave the ward for her to take a proper rest.


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I was excited.

My only child was getting better, though she was still bruised over her body but the fact that she can open her eyes and even eat is a miracle.

Coker Lee was right there. “How is she?”.

“Very much better. Thanks so much for transferring her to the VVIP ward”. I appreciated him.

He smiled wickedly at Ray. “I did what your ex husband could not do for you. He didn’t have the ability to make your daughter better”.

To my surprise, Ray chuckled. “Where my daughter’s life is concerned, I appreciate everyone who supported her”.

I could see how shocked Coker Lee was concerning the response that Ray gave him.

Suddenly, my parents and Ray’s parents appeared.

I was shocked to see them in the hospital especially my parents because I never told them about my child’s condition because I didn’t want to scare them.

My parents glared at me.

Of course they were angry with me.

“How is Zoolander now?”. My mother asked Ray.

“She was able to eat and rest. She is obviously getting better”.

Ray’s mother cleared her throat. “We have decided that immediately Zoolander is out of the hospital, you both will continue being husband and wife”.

“Husband and wife???”. I and Ray cried out.

“Yes”. My father answered. “You can not play with the emotions of a four year old. Especially this stage, the child needs both parents to stay together”.

“It is not compulsory that they get married before the child can enjoy them”. Coker Lee suggested.

It was that moment that our parents realised that he had been standing there.

“Who are you?”. Ray’s father asked him.

“I am celebrity Coker Lee and it was because of me that your daughter’s condition got better because I transferred her to the VVIP unit. I did all that because I see Zoolander as my daughter. Ray doesn’t need to marry Patricia”.

“You can leave please”. My father snarled at him.

He angrily walked away.

I had prepared rice and beans and I and Ray sat at the balcony eating.

His phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number so he placed it on loudspeaker. “Why did you do a fake divorce with your wife?”. The caller fired and I recognised his voice.

Coker Lee.

Fake divorce? How???

I snatched the phone from him and placed it on my ear. “What do you mean by fake divorce, Coker?”.

“No lawyer was involved in that stupid signing you did on a bare sheet of paper so, it implies that you are still married to Ray. You are still Patricia Brian, not Thomas”.

I was shocked at what he told me and the expression Ray was giving me that moment showed that he was right.

I disconnected the line and looked up at Ray. “Ray?”.

“I didn’t have the courage to completely divorce you. Separation was all I could do. How do you expect me to divorce you completely? How sure was I that we will come back again?I just needed space from you, but not forever. And that space is enough, Patricia. You are still my wife and that will never change”.

His phone rang again.

And it was the same caller.

He connected the line and placed it on loudspeaker.


“Check your WhatsApp”. He disconnected the line.

He flipped open his WhatsApp application and we both checked what Coker Lee had sent to him.

It was a video of someone wheeling our daughter out of the ward she was kept in.

Ray dialed the number immediately as we both panicked.

“Your parents said it to my face last night that it is only when your daughter wakes up that you can both get back together. Now, your parents don’t even know that the divorce was fake. If your daughter’s medication is delayed for two days, you know the implications right? I give you two days to meet the lawyer and get an appropriate divorce. If not, there are hundred percent chances that you might not see your only child again”. He disconnected the line.
To Be Continued… . . .

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