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THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh

Episode 07.

The next morning was a very shocking moment of my life.

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Katie had returned to my husband’s house.

The strange woman.

She glared at me. “When I was told that you were Zoolander’s nanny, I didn’t believe it until I came to check for myself”.


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I smiled softly at her. A forced smile of course. “I don’t have the right to be my daughter’s nanny?”.

She shrugged. “You can be Zoolander’s nanny, but the mistake you will make is when you try to be Ray’s nanny”.

“I have no business with my ex”.

“I will be living here from now on”.

“Yes, but I want to assure you that you are not my boss, so don’t make the mistake of ordering me around”. I walked to Zoolander’s room to prepare her for school.

As I was wearing her her stockings, she touched my cheek. “Mummy…”. She whispered.

Tears filled my eyes. I hugged her.

“Mummy, stay with daddy”. She whispered.

I was shocked at her statement.

I carried her in my arms to her school bus parked outside.

When I entered into the house after Zoolander’s school bus had driven off, Katie was helping Ray adjust his tie.

Such a sight to behold.

It hurt to see another woman touch the collar of a man that was once my husband.

I tried to hide the bubbling nauseating feeling that was rising inside of me because of the compromising position between them and cleared my throat so that they will notice my presence.

Ray met my eyes.

“I will be going to work. I will pick Zoolander from school from there”. I said as officially as I could.

“Let me drop you off”. He walked towards me and I could see the disappointed look on Katie’s face.

I shrugged and watched him walk out of the house as I followed him from behind.

It had been a while since I and Ray sat in his car together.

His tie was not knotted properly.

I was always the one that knotted his ties and because of that, I made him forget how to knot ties.

“Can I help you with that?”.

He was surprised by my sudden request.

I knew how that was going to take him back to memories of our married days, how I had knotted his tie everyday before he went to work and how I had stopped doing it for him after I got busy with work.

I could hear his heart beat as I knotted his tie accurately.

“Thank you”. He stuttered and buckled his seatbelt immediately I was done with knotting his tie.

I buckled my seatbelt and watched him start the car.

He drove along the road and turned to me. “What do you plan to do with Coker Lee?”.

“Even if I wanted to give any man hope, it wouldn’t be now. That will be indecent of me. And aside that, I can’t find myself loving a man whose love is growing because of competition”.

“What kind of man do you want to love?”. He looked out of the car window as he made that statement.

How do I explain to him that he was the kind of man I wanted?

Ray was so rare.

I wish he could understand how much.

I shrugged. “just a man that won’t give up on me like you did. You gave up on me. I want a man different from you. A man that won’t give up on me”. It was my turn to avoid his eyes this time.

He was silent.

Silent till we got to my work place.

He waved at me when I got off his car and drove off.

It was in his eyes that he was already regretting the impulsive act of divorce that we had done.

Me too.

Can we just go back to the good old days and never fight again?

My phone rang.

A strange number.

I connected the line.

“Hello ma? Are you the mother of Zoolander Brian? Your daughter was part of the pupils that our driver had carried in the school bus this morning. Unfortunately, she was also involved in an accident. Please call your husband and come right away to Gateprince hospital”.
To Be Continued… . . .

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