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THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh

Episode 06.

Why did Ray have to appear when I was about to take the toughest decision of my life?

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I searched his eyes and he rolled his eyes like he didn’t care the tiniest bit.

He gave me my purse and walked away.

I forced a smile at Coker Lee as I turned to him. “As you know, I am a divorcee and it is not even up to a month since I got divorced. So why don’t we become friends first so that I will avoid making the mistakes that i made in my first marriage?”. I said as politely as I could.


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I could hear conversations filled with disappointment from the crowd that surrounded us that moment but I maintained my stand.

I walked to hug him, walked back to my car and drove off.

I was sitting on the cushion alone in the sitting room.

The dark sitting room as I replayed the events of the day in my head.

From my nanny duties of bathing my child and staring into Ray’s disturbed eyes, to Coker Lee’s proposal scene.

I heard footsteps from the passage.

It was my dad.

I sighed deeply. “Dad? What happened? Couldn’t sleep?”

He sat on the cushion that i had curled up on. “We saw your video. You rejected that celebrity’s proposal. Why?”. He asked softly.

I shrugged. “When Ray showed up to give me my purse, I knew I couldn’t do it. I don’t think I can marry anyone aside Ray”.

“You love him…”.

“I know he doesn’t feel the same but I just can’t marry someone else”.

My dad nodded thoughtfully. “Your mother told me that you now work as his nanny. Make him feel your impact and regret ever leaving someone like you. Be the proper Mrs that every man will want in his life”.

After posing for Tone Creams shoots, I walked to get my hand bag in my office but two of my colleagues rushed in from behind.

“Hey! We heard that you now work as your husband’s nanny. That is the strangest thing that I have ever heard. What was your intention for doing that?”. Queen was the one that asked that question as she blinked anxious eyes at me.

Here I was thinking that they were going to ask about Coker Lee.

They skipped the Coker Lee proposal of yesterday question and were asking me a more difficult question.

Diana nudged Queen. “Are you sure she didn’t apply to work as a nanny because she miss her husband? Oooooh…so romantic”. They burst into laughter and walked out of my office.

The next morning, I arrived at my ex-husband’s new house.

He was still sleeping when I entered the house.

He was sleeping carelessly on the couch.

Ray never dozed off on the couch except he was deadly tired.

His laptop was still on.

I looked into the screen.

He had been researching about Coker Lee.

I gasped.

How long has he been researching about him?

He had been pretending as if he didn’t care but he cared so much that he had researched so deeply on it that he had even dozed off.

I walked to his room and brought out a pillow.

I placed his head on the pillow and before I could withdraw from him, I felt his arm around my waist.

I had unintentionally woken him up in the process of placing the pillow under his head and now he was touching me so tenderly and reminding me of those very sweet moments that I didn’t want to remember.

“You came so early”. He whispered.

“Er…yes”. I stuttered.

“Why didn’t you come yesterday?”.

“Work called me unexpectedly for a shoot with Tones Cream. I called but it seems like you blocked my number probably during the event of the divorce”.

He nodded thoughtfully and slowly released me. “Sorry about the way I touched you just now. I didn’t expect you to be here so early so I…”.

I nodded thoughtfully. “No problem sir. You looked very tired, that was why I got the pillow so that your neck wouldn’t hurt too much when you wake up”.

“No problem at all”. His voice sounded so detached.

Touching me around my waist, putting a pillow under his head, he didn’t want to talk about it at all.

He rose to his feet and grabbed his laptop from where he had abandoned it on the cushion. He gasped when he noticed that it was still on. “Did you go through the laptop?”.

I shrugged. “I think I just didn’t stop my eyes from doing a thing or two because the laptop was on when I arrived”.

He was obviously embarrassed. “I wanted to find out the reason that Coker Lee got so interested in you all of a sudden and I did”.

I was confused. “it was not because he liked me”.

He shook his head. “I had a competitor in secondary School and University. We always competed in grades, sport and a girl, Joan. Dead now. Joan loved me so much but my competitor loved her”.

“You didn’t love Joan?”.

“I did because of how much she loved me but my competitor loved her far more than I did. But one-day, she drowned while I was chatting with my friends during the pool party that our department organized for the weekend. He had not come for the pool party because he was sick. We were in our third year in the university then. He had blamed me for the death of Joan since then and he told me that someday, he will make me feel the hurt he had felt for Joan’s death. Coker Lee wants to get you because he thinks I love you just the way he loved Joan. Coker Lee wants to do everything to marry you because he feels like you are the one that I love the most in the world”.

It made sense.

Coker Lee wanting to be my friend and sudden proposal.

It was all because he wanted to hurt Ray.

My phone rang.

It was Coker Lee.

Talk about the devil.

I connected the line and placed it on loudspeaker.

“Hello Coker”.

“Where are you?”.

He sounded like he already knew where I was.

“I went to work”.

“You are not at work. You are in your ex husband’s place. What are you doing there? Was that why you rejected my proposal two days ago? stop working as your husband’s nanny from now on. Do you understand?”.

“…and if I don’t?”.

“I don’t care if you don’t! I know you are working there because you love him! I know you didn’t accept my proposal because you love him! I will do everything in my might to make you end up with me! Everything!!!”.

Ray was right.

Coker Lee was obsessed with me because he still sees Ray as his greatest competitor.
To Be Continued… . . . .

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