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THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh _ AllNaijaEntertainment

THE PROPER MRS by Onyekachi Ikeh

Episode 05.

“Patricia? what are you doing here?”

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I cleared my throat as I tried to hide the emotions swelling up in me. “Good day sir, I came to apply for the post of nanny”.

“Have you worked as a nanny before?”. He played along.

“I have a child. And I was a good mother”. I said shamelessly and watched him stifle laughter.


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“Where is your child now as we speak?”.

Zoolander rush to hug me that moment.

I carried her excitedly. “My child is right here”.

“What makes you think that I am going to employ you?”.

“Why don’t you try me for just one month and if I don’t meet your standard, you can chase me away”.

He nodded thoughtfully. “I give you just one month”.

“Since she just returned from school, I have to give her a shower”.

After bathing her, I creamed and wore her clothes.

Her favourite yellow and black gown.

Her yellow ribbon was still in her drawer.

I tied it on her hair and admired my beautiful daughter.

I carried her to the sitting room and placed her on the cushion while I played her favourite cartoon on the television and cleaned the sitting room.

I sprayed air freshener to ward off the smell of urine.

I could see the shock on Ray’s face when he came out of the room.

I cleared my throat. “I am done for the day. I promise to never disappoint you”. I walked out of the house.

Somehow, I was happy.

I was doing what I wanted to do the most.

To take care of Zoolander.

As I drove back home, I noticed that a white Hummer Jeep had parked in front of my car for close to five minutes and was not moving from that spot.

It was actually blocking my way and there was no way I could reverse because the road was narrow.

I rushed out of my car to challenge the driver but to my greatest surprise, it was Coker Lee.

He was standing in front of the Hummer Jeep and holding out a cardboard to my face.

On it was written. “Patricia Brian, will you marry me?”.

My heart slipped.

Just yesterday, he had requested for me to be his girlfriend.

Now fiancee?

It was a huge temptation to me.

Before I knew it, a full crowd had gathered around us that instant.

Including TV announcers with their live recording devices.

“Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!!!”. They urged.

My phone rang.

It was my mum.

I connected the line. “What is happening? Coker Lee is proposing to you? You didn’t tell him that you are not done with your husband?”.

“I am done with Ray”.

Someone touched me from behind.

I turned.

It was Ray.

He was holding my purse. “You forgot your purse”. He muttered.

My heart slipped at the sight of him.

I had told my mother that I was done with Ray, but accepting to be Coker Lee’s wife will deny me a total chance with Ray.

Truth be told.

I still loved this stubborn man even more than I had thought.
To Be Continued… . . .

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