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SADE's HEART TALE by Amah's Heart _ AllNaijaEntertainment

SADE’s HEART TALE by Amah’s Heart

Episode 02

After I failed my GCE, everyone abandoned me, they literally tagged me a failure. I felt so too and that makes me sad for a long time but instead of mopping around and looking for safe pity I decided to go out there and look for a sales girl Job.

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In no time I started working, the pay was not much, infact it was just like I was working for free.

But it was better off staying home and getting more frustrated.
I was going to save my little money to enrol myself in another exam since my parents no longer cares.
Even if everyone gives up on me, I will never give up on myself.
After working for a month, I decided is time to try again.
I began to plan on how I was going to register for an external exam.

I didn’t know how exactly to go about it, I couldn’t even talk to my family because they will either ignore me or discourage me, followed by insults.


ANE Scholarship

There were a lot of scammers out there and I don’t want to fall victim to any of them with the promises of registering me for the exam and at the end they will take the money without doing anything.

I had to seek the advice of my friend who has little knowledge of it.
Titi was nice and we were friends from secondary school.
Titi said for an external exam she doesn’t know much but she will help me to find out more about It.
I thanked her and looked forward to her feedback.
After few days she came back and said she will introduce me to somebody that will guide me properly.
The young man was just a primary school teacher.
She told me that his name is Ayomide and he will be able to do proper findings for me. He has agreed to do so freely.

I was skeptical with the whole thing. I didn’t know if I should go on with the idea or just hold on untill I get another source.
She told me that this young man, Ayomide lives in the next street close to hers, she may not really know him well but he agreed to help me out.

She later introduce me to him and I discussed with him concerning the exam and he promised to get back to me.

I waited and did not say a word of it all to my family.
After another few days Ayo asked Titi to inform me that he has done the enquiry and will like to see me in person.
I asked Titi to follow me and she did.

Ayomide informed me that the sum of 9500 Naira was required for me to register for the external exam.
I screamed at the amount because it was beyond me.
Where I was working as a sales girl, it was as if I’m doing it for free because the amount I get paid can’t do much for me at this point.

I have worked for a month and collected my one month payment which is 1500.

What can one thousand five hundred Naira do for a nine thousand five hundred exam fee.
Even if I work for four months and extra the money won’t still be enough.

I had the 1500 with me and showed him that the money in my hand was all that I have. I told him how much I wanted to join the present set and write this exam and that was how I got the job I did and got paid the amount he was seeing. I spilled it all out to him.

Maybe, I will wait until next year, by then I will save up more but the problem is that I don’t want to wait, I wish to try again. I don’t want to give up on myself yet. I know quiet well that things may not always work in my favor but I can’t settle or accept the general report that nothing good comes from me. I don’t want to live with the tag of a failure.

I was very sad and couldn’t hide it.
As I was talking, tears filled my eyes and I managed to blinked some back but my eyes still got wet.

I couldn’t afford to miss the exam. I thought is something I can afford. Immediately after getting my first pay I decided to start making enquires thinking is something I can easily enrol into.

I asked him to hold onto the 1500 because I might spend it. I will check around to see if there was another means to get money or do extra Job to be able to complete the money before the deadline.
The deadline was about two weeks. Let me see what I can get before then.

Before we left he said that he can see my determination, he saw that i really want to write this exam and he was going to help me.
Ayomide said his own salary wasn’t much too but he was going to help me anyway.
He said he was going to take out of his savings and complete the registration money for me.

It seems unbelievable at first because Ayo does not even know me.

He asked me to do him one favor and study hard on my own, he also promise to guide me through in his free time.

Ayo said if I can pass this exam it will make him very happy and his whole efforts won’t be in vain.

I promised that I will study well and pass

I was so happy that I shed tears of joy.

As usual I started studying, reading and solving lots of mathematics.
I even had to quit my job and focus fully.

Ayomide ask me to meet him at his class after school.
Sometimes I will ask Titi to follow me, sometimes I will go alone.

He was tutoring me and given me different questions to solve.

He bought different past questions and gave me to go and solve at home.

I never told anyone at home all this happening and they did not bother to ask or know what was going on with me.
I kept it all to myself and kept studying.

During the exam time, Ayo has already made everything easy, the centre, my sit number, the time tables and every necessary information I needed.

He will always encourage me each time. He said he believes in me and since I have put in my best and studied hard, God will perfect the rest.
I believe him and hold on tight to everything he said.

I sat for the exam and when the results came out, I was very scared at same time anxious.
I finally checked my result
Please guess what again
I did not fail, I passed all my papers.
Yes, imade it, I did not fail this time around, so I wasn’t really a failure after all.
I pass, I made all my papers excellently. Mathematics inclusive. I made it.

I was joyous, I was happy. I couldn’t keep calm.
I’m not a failure like everyone assumed and I actually believed so too untill I decided to try again without telling anyone.
Ayomide was there for me all the way and he encourage me in every way possible.

I was too happy and Ayomide seeing that I did very well in the exam decided to get me a jamb form.

He register me for jamb and again I passed with a good score.

It was after I passed my jamb I decided to inform my parents.
They couldn’t believe it at first but nobody can change it this time. I’m not a disappointment or a failure after all.

I also informed them how a young man named Ayomide who I got to know through a friend helped me all through.

They asked to know what he does for a living and I told them he is a primary school teacher.
My parents warned me to stop seeing him, they don’t want me to have anything to do with that kind of low class person.

I told them that I have heard what they said and I will do as they have instructed.

I got admission into the university to study accountancy, all thanks to God for using Ayomide to make it happen.

Ayomide asked me to be his woman in my first year in the university.
Already I was in love with him, he was there for me when everyone gave up on me and he showed me kindness beyond my expectations.
My parents asked me to stop seeing him because they felt he was a low life with no class but this time around I will be disobeying them.
I was only dating him, he was not coming to ask for my hand in marriage so I don’t see why they should be against that.

We are friends and I won’t stop seeing him because they said so.
Getting into the university wouldn’t have been possible if Ayomide haven’t stepped in.
I would have still be one sad, lonely, depressed girl that succumbed to failure and live at the torture of her family.

I overcomed it by not giving up and through the help of Ayo.
I have come to love him and I have agreed to date him.

Ayo never asked to sleep with me or touched me in an inappropriate manner all the while I have known him.

Some men will want to start sleeping with you after helping you but that is never the case of Ayomide.
He was God fearing, straight forwarded and calm.

I don’t know what my people will say about it, I know they will really be mad if they learn that I was still seeing Ayo but I will try and keep my relationship a secret. I won’t give them the chance to humiliate Ayo.
I just hope I can actually do that because as it is now, everyone which includes my Mom and my Dad, my sisters too don’t like him and warned me to stay clear off him and their only reason is due to he was not rich or have class neither is he from a wealthy home.

I really don’t know how I will do It, Ayo is not aware of the hate my people has for him due to his poor background and I can’t tell him such.

I’m hoping I will keep it all a secret to avoid further troubles.
To Be Continued…

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