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[STORY] Road to Nowhere (Episode 19)



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Road to Nowhere By Success Adegbite _ AllNaijaEntertainment

Road to Nowhere By Success Adegbite

Episode 19.

David had been trying to catch up with Dammy since she left the class for the cafeteria just to say he was sorry. For some days after Dammy came to his house, she had stopped replying his messages, picking his calls and speaking to him.

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“David, what is your problem, why are you disturbing me”, Dammy said as she finally turned to David.

“Now, let me tell you straight. This is not just about stopping our friendship, the relationship you created between us is over. You became friends with me to kill your sexual urge which you created by masturbating, You became friends with me just to open up your feelings which was just a mere infatuation, You became friends with me just for your sake, to satisfy your emotions and your selfish interests, You became friends with me to disturb my physical, spiritual, social and emotional life, You became friends with me just to use me.
Now, listen, all that is over. It is over. I need space from you forever. I don’t want to see your messages or your calls or a gift or anything from you anymore. Is that understood?”, Dammy said.

” Dammy what has come over you? Why are you acting up like this? This is not the Dammy I knew? Dammy, do you know what you are doing?”, David asked.


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” Of course, I do. I’m setting boundaries. Boundaries that I should have set since the beginning. I was literally deceived because you call yourself a child of God. Now, I know you are not even close to that” Dammy replied.

” But, I’m a child of God. My parents are pastors. As a matter of fact, I have been baptized and I’m born again”.

” Born again, my foot. You claimed to be born again and the Holy Spirit in you couldn’t control you on that Saturday. You had better check your spiritual life, your fire is gone. You have backslidden”.

” But, baby, even at that, you can still help me out to be spiritually strong. We are still friends, sweetheart”.

” My name is Dammy and we were once friends. This discussion is over”, Dammy said and walked away.

David couldn’t run after her again. All he could do was to bow down his head in shame. He knew Dammy meant every word that she said.

“But, what changed her ? What happened to her?”, He said as he tried to move away from that spot.

“I got born again”.

“Really? Wow, that’s a good news. I’m so excited. I’m happy for you, Dammy”, Esther said.

” I’m so happy too. I wish you can see the joy that feels my heart. The joy you feel when Jesus rules your life, it’s completely wonderful”, Dammy said happily.

“I know, right” Esther said with a smile on her face.

Esther and Dammy were both seated in the class. They had a free period then and Dammy decided to go to Esther.

“I’m really sorry for the way I use to treat you. I thought I didn’t need you. I thought you were disturbing me too much. I didn’t know you were like a sister to me. I didn’t know that you were looking for the best out of me. I’m sorry, Esther”, Dammy said apologetically.

” It’s okay, Dammy. I didn’t take any offence in that. The devil is very funny, he makes us think our helpers are our enemies and our enemies our helper. I’m so glad you are saved now and it wasn’t too late for you “.

” I can’t really thank God enough for the gift of salvation. So, tell me, what are the things I need to know?”, Dammy asked.

” There are a lot of things you need to know, but, I’m sure the Holy Spirit would reveal a larger percentage to you”.

” Yeah, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God that comforts us, guide us , make intercessions for us and reveals things to us”, Dammy said.

” Of course, you are right. I can sense you have the Holy Spirit of God in you already. You now carry the fire of God”, Esther said happily.

” Yes ooo, immediately I got born again, I started seeking God wholeheartedly. I asked God for the Holy Spirit and God gave me”, Dammy replied.

” Wow, God is wonderful. There is no one he can’t save. No matter the sin you have committed. Do you know that I was a worse sinner before?”, Esther said.

” Really? Tell me more about it”, Dammy said curiously.

” I didn’t start as a child of God from the beginning. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know God at all. My parents weren’t too rich or too poor. I could say we belonged to the average class. I was extremely covetous during those times. I always wanted everything someone else had.

The moment I saw someone’s shoes or clothes or belongings, I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off it. That led me into stealing. I meant I was a first class thief. I was also a perfect liar. There was nothing I couldn”t lie about.

Though, I wasn’t into sexual immorality, but, I lived a terrible life. I stole from virtually everyone. I got punished some times, while I got away with it most of the time. I even stole some of my classmates’s possessions then, I even stole from teachers. I stole some people’s wrist watch, I stole some people’s pen, just because it was beautiful than mine. I stole money that belonged to my teachers. I stole from my neighbors also.

My parents never noticed anything. As a matter of fact, they never checked my bag when I came from school nor check my belongings to see if there was anything strange there. As a matter of fact, I stole from my parents also”.

” So, how did you get saved?”, Dammy asked eagerly.

” Well, there was a particular day I really needed money, so, I stole money from one of my classmates. The money was in her bag and she left the class for the toilet that day. Immediately, she left the class. I took the money. It was a large amount of money, it was her school fees. When it was time for her to pay the money, she couldn’t find it. She checked every part of her bag, but, it wasn’t there.

She started weeping heavily. She said amidst her tears that the school fees was gotten after hard labor from her mom and dad. She started crying to God for the misfortune. She vowed never to return to her parents because it would be a very sad news to them .They struggled before they got that money and someone took it. That day, she wanted to commit suicide, because, she didn’t know what to do. She started questioning God. A three square meal a day was a great luxury in her home and most times, they only had two meals a day.

I was very moved when she was lamenting. I waited patiently till no one was looking at me and I squeezed the money back into her bag.

After that, I suggested that she recheck her bag. She did and she found the money. She was so happy. She started rolling on the ground to show how grateful she was to God.

I was very touched. I figured out that my action could kill someone’s happiness or even take their life.

I was not attending this school then. I went to one of my teachers, Miss Georgia. I confessed to her about my stealing habits and I added that I was extremely sorry about all I have done. I told her I wanted to stop stealing and lying, but, it was difficult for me to do. It was then she revealed the love of God to me. She made me realize that anytime I stole anything from someone or tell lie, I was hurting God. She led me to Christ and I got born again.

Some months after that, God blessed my family. My dad got a new car and a new house. They also changed my school and I started coming here.”, Esther said and heaved a sigh.

“Wow, that’s really interesting. I wished Mr Philips had also led me to Christ before leaving this school, I would have gotten saved then. I wouldn’t have done what I did on Saturday.”, Dammy said before realizing she had said too much.

“What did you do on Saturday?”, Esther asked curiously.

” Never mind”, Dammy replied.

“Please, tell me about it. We are now sisters in Christ, you should be able to tell me anything”, Esther said.

” Don’t worry about it. So how was the program you went for on Saturday”, Dammy asked trying to change the topic.

“It was great, you really missed a lot. I wished you were there.

Mrs Seye Folabomi taught us a lot of things about being a lady. We were taught how to coordinate our lives, how to relate with the opposite sex, how to relate with God, how to prevent ourselves from going into premarital sex and so many other wonderful things. It was really beautiful”.

” Wow, I really missed a lot. I will make sure that I attend the program another time”, Dammy said.

They continued discussing till the period was over.

“I think I’m pregnant”

To be continued……

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