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I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya _ AllNaijaEntertainment

I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya

Episode 05.

I have been trying to reach my uncle , so we could go and retrieve the body from the morgue, maybe we would find peace, but my uncles wouldn’t let me into their houses , they’ve all had shares of torment by my father .

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“Hello Solomon?”
A strange voice on a hidden number that called me a said .
“Who are you ? And how did you get my number ?”
The husky and raspy voice said .
“I know what you did , I know you killed Guru Machanjin the great Lord of West Africa .”
The strange voice said in an Indian accent .
“Who is Guru Machanjin?”
I asked truly confused .
“He may be your father! But he was servant of Goha of Gramahaha , Lord of the skies in Indian. You killed one whose blood was hidden in Guha, you’ll die! Your mother and whoever laid hands on his body! Unless you come to Guha rahams temple in India .”
I was confused there was no way I was going to India.
“How would I prepare my visa to India? When I have never been to an embassy?”
I asked the strange man on the phone.
“Go to your father’s bedroom , in his wardrobe, you’ll see a red pajamas, wear it , in it you’ll see a red key , wear it , and in the chest pocket is the key to the redroom, step into the room , you’ll a statue holding a calabash on it’s hands , deep your hand into the blood and a portal would bring you to the temple of Goha is Raman India, you have one week or your family will die .”
The line went dead , as I entered the room I saw corpses of people I knew , I saw grandma who had gone missing while she went to jog five years ago while she was living with us , dad and his siblings fought about her disappearance , he denied knowing anything about her disappearance. I saw three of our nannies who had gone missing in the past ten years , I saw a homeless boy who comes to beg for food from gate to gate , all dead but looking alive no smell coming out from them , the room was really a redroom, a calabash was on the hand of a figurine , on the other stretched hand it held the a calabash of blood , I deep my hands and I found myself in a forest , with an old gigantic building, that had ancient carvings of gods , snakes and spirits, I saw many black people, and people from other African countries, and other parts of the world . I saw the man who had told me dad belonged, he smiled at me , I saw Mr Raji dad’s friend, he didn’t smile at me .
“Solomon son of Machanjin Guru of west Africa. Machanjin was a holy man.”
They all said “amen.”
He continued talking.
“But like all men , he had his shortcomings,apart from Goha the holy one , all men have their weaknesses, Guru Machanjin brought his first blood here to take his place after he was no more , Solomon you’re to inherit your father throne as the Second guru of Goha religion of west Africa, your father brought two hundred noble men and women to our sect, they occupy sit of governance and power , you too shall rule over them, wealth and power of your father shall be yours , your father has an asset of more than fifteen bullion dollars they shall all he yours.”
I began to see dad’s wealth allover the continent , I saw his bank account he kept from us , we lived am average life , but our occultic father was a billionaire in dollars .
No way I was going to sacrifice my mum , but I agreed so I could come back to Nigeria.
“Your mother was a proselyte, she prayed to nailed God, if he was so powerful why could common nails killed him? She wouldn’t let the great Machanjin to come to conven meetings in India, so she was to be sacrificed . Only her blood can purify your family, you shall touch her with one of thr cowries in the calabash, and she’ll die, then the brotherhood of the Goha religion Nigeria will in convoy take his body and bury it at the cemetery in Apovo, anyone who is not authorized to touch the holy one, who does shall die.”

The people shouted “amen .”
They rose up on their feet.
“Let us all rise up and pay one minute of respect to our departed Guru. Until we meet again Machanjin, we would give you vengeance so your soul can rest with Goha in paradise.”
They prayed
I followed their instructions until got to the portal that took me back to Nigeria .

All or my body had been covered with bruises and sores from the ceaseless attacks of the ghost , sometimes I would see a person I know coming, when I go to greet them ot would turn to my father’s face.


ANE Scholarship

I had gone to Aunt Magi’s place to visit my brothers ,I stayed till it was kinda late she asked me to sleep over , I was scared of bringing dad’s ghost here , to torment her and her children, but she insisted, I got a blanket and was sleeping in the guest room, while mu siblings slept with her kids in the children’s bedroom, I couldn’t sleep , I was just wondering and thinking of my trip to India , when I began to hear a soft male voice singing.
“Guitar boy, If you see mammy water oh if you see mammy water oh, never never run away …”
Fear gripped me , I grabbed a torch and was going to investigate where the sound was coming from , I saw aunt’s husband who was a professor In a private university, still up, and studying in his study room around two A.M I passed without him seeing me , when I got to the kitchen , the whole light tripped off , and I saw those two red maniacal eyes staring at me with dread and hate.
“Today is the day you must pay!”
I looked out of the window I saw that the neighbouring buildings had light , he grabbed me and slammed me to the ceiling , and against the kitchen cabinets, I was tired , I wanted him to stop the suffering, if it meant it killing me , I was done fighting, then Uncle Zuby ran into the kitchen with his phone light on he picked a frying pan and swinged it at the head of the ghost “kpaaaang ”
It sounded , It turned to him and growled, parts of it’s rotten face fell . It rushed at him and knocked him to the wall , he collapsed with blood coming out of his head, it turned to me and pushed my head into the sink, and began to drawn me, Aunt Magi came into the kitchen
” Calistus leave us alone ! You were a wicked man alive even so at death? Will you kill All your children.”
The light restored and he turned and looked at her hissed like a snake and disappeared through the shattered window .
Aunt Magi called for an ambulance that rushed me and mr Ruby her husband to the hospital.

I was sleeping in the hospital when I felt a familiar hand touching my face, it was the hands of my mum, I thought I was dreaming, abd then I opened my eyes , and she was there .
” Mum? Am I dreaming? ”
She smiled holding back the tears glass in her eyes .
“It’s me Solomon, the DPO looked into the case, after investigation he made sure the court released me , and no case against you .”
She kissed me over and over on the neck .
“Mum am sorry for putting us in this mess .”
After one week in the hospital , uncle Zuby was discharged. Mum called James dad’s younger brother to go with us to the hospital. The hospital was deserted like a graveyard , only a few staff was available, the cleaners and security all resigned, because of the man at the morgue wouldn’t let them be , the two morticians that attended to him all died mysteriously in the morgue ,bodies of patients in the morgue ended up on the street of the hospital, female nurses were being touched inappropriately, and male doctors being beaten, the hospital was almost not shutdown.
When we got to the morgue , his corpse started laughing, uncle James was terrified, but mum and I who had been the number one candidates of his wickedness didn’t bulge.
“Why have you decided to be a thorn in our flesh even in death.”
It hissed . I told mum of my visit to India, she wasn’t surprised, she said we were never going to go the cult way, that we would go the church way .
To Be Continued…. . . .

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