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I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya _ AllNaijaEntertainment

I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya

Episode 04.

We had gone to auntie Magi’s house , After Kelvin’s death ,she was mum’s younger sister , her only surviving relative , she welcomed us to her house with open hands , we rested from dad’s haunting , but I couldn’t sleep anymore, I felt in my brain the sound of grinding of bottles , I heard voice and scream of people in hell, I started seeing people who others couldn’t see, I would be talking to myself on the road , Aunt Magi wanted me to see a psychiatrist, but I wasn’t mad , I won’t go , I said to myself.

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It was a weeo after Kelvin’s demise , I was yet to inform mum, I was something I had to tell her myself, not over the phone, so on Wednesday the prison visiting day , I was at Kuje prison early before anyone , I walked sheepishly, with a heavy heart and dizzy head to the waiting area to see mum .

Mum was working down toward me , with the baggy prison gown, it was like a chewing stick wearing an oversized nylon bag. I could see sadness all over her face , she was looking pale and sorrowful, I ran away with my gaze I couldn’t look at mum , in such horrible and pathetic way .

“Solomon how are you doing sweetie?”
She embraced me and kissed the back of my head , I began to cry .
“Shhhhhhht son don’t cry ! You know he’s here , you’ll make him happy.”
I cleaned my tears with my sleeves.
“I am sorry mum, I brought this on us, I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t … Have .. have…”
I couldn’t complete the words , I broke into a heaving fit of tears .
“Son you did nothing wrong. You had endured so much pains and trauma from him.”
She kissed me again and again .
“Mum I brought with me a bad news…”
She started crying, she held her head , my sweet mother , I wish I was dead at the point not to see such pain.
“What’s the bad news is it about Kelvin?”
I was shocked she knew it was kelvin .
“Mum how did you know I was kelvin…”
I remembered how wicked and revengeful my dad could be .
“He came to you?”
She nodded her head and continued sobbing.
“Solo he’s been tormenting me , everyday , he kept telling me how he killed Kelvin in the pool, I wish I was dead maybe he would leave you and your remaining siblings live ”
She said. I disagreed.
“Mum I’m the one he wanted…”
We heard a menacing laughter roar in the ceiling, only me and mum could hear it .
“Solomon you have to go, you need to look for a deliverance pastor .”
She kissed me as she was led back to her cell.
I drove the SUV to the Maitama Police station , I asked to see the DPO.
“Hey Solomon, what are you doing here ?”
He asked me, he remembered me from the times dad brought me here and when I had killed dad .
“Sir I have a confession to make.”
He was attentive like an obedient pet .
“I killed my dad . It was never my mum! My mum wouldn’t report that she was suffering from domestic abuse, dad has been beating her as far as when I can remember. I got back from school that day I saw him choking mum , she was dying but he didn’t care less, I tried to free her, he was too strong he shoved me to the wall and continued, I was forced to get a knife with which I stabbed him”
The DPO looked at me sternly. ANE Story.


ANE Scholarship

” Solomon I knew you did it , I saw the cut on your hand, I saw the bruise on your neck, you don’t have the right to take judgment into your hand, I allowed your mum go in because I saw how she was ready to be ruin in your place, plus no evidence against you , but now we have to detain you.”
He sighed.
” And see if we could get your mum out .”
I was placed on handcuffs and taken to a cell with stench like a rotten abattoir.
That night I heard the Constable at the desk talking to an invisible person .
“Who are you show yourself! ”
Other detainees were confused , I knew who it was he was talking to .
“Who are you talking to Chibike ?”
A corporal asked him.
“Oga can’t you see the man there wearing white caftan ?”
The two police men were now frightened when the almost translucent humanoid who has no eyes or nose , with mouth on its fore head floated into the station , the light flickered and tripped off , the police station was a peach black hell, the detainees began to scream, the ghost lifted the Constable and slammed him against the windows, he stared the corporal, and he began to scream as blood poor out from his eyes and nose, the torchlight illuminated his face, he became limp and the ghost dropped him, he was walking to me, he slammed my cellmates to the wall he dragged me out of the cell after he had pulled the iron protector covering my cell, he made sure my cell mates were dead before he dragged me out of the station by my leg as I screamed.
” Blood for blood, you will test the taste of death .”
I tried to holdon to whatever I could, but he dragged me on to the concrete, I knew he wanted to throw me down , the police men on gaurd at the police station who had heard the sounds of commotion in the station started shooting at the ghost , the bullet was passing through it like it was air , it leaped from the roof of the building and disappeared, I was bruised and covered in wounds
” Boy go home, are you not the one who drove here ?
One the police men said .
“take your key go before it returns.”
Just then a whirlwind began rotate toward the car I drove, it was mum’s car ,a powerful force hit against the door over and over, I could see the ghost leaned against the outside door, it’s red piercing eyes looked at me threateningly, it floated from one side window to the other , then it would hit the car , raise up the front of the car, trying to overturn the vehicle, I stepped on the throttle and the car roared in anger and went after the apparition, it disappeared and my car drove through it , and it began to laugh.
” Solomon I’ll come for your blood , only your blood and your mother’s blood can pacify me .”
It changed into a big brown bat with flaming eyes and flew back into the station, the police men where screaming and shooting at it.

I went back to the house, I couldn’t sleep, I also didn’t want to led it to my aunt’s house, it was walking up and down the corridors singing his favourite song by guitar boy, breaking light bulbs that I had recently fixed after it had broken it . It would hit the door , banged the door , shake the door until sand began to pour from the war .
” How dare you kill your own father Solomon? That’s your undoing, you’ll be haunted and tormented to the end of your dayshahaha.”.
My heart was surging river of blood ,When I finally fell asleep around four, when it decided to cool down ,I woke up around seven AM with it laying next to me , I screamed he laughed loud and vanished.
” Then pulled me by the neck , and pinned me to the high end of the wall.
“Am hunting you , Solomon wherever you go I’ll follow and death will follow .”
When he left as the day broke and sun began to shine . My head was pounding with migraine headache, I just wished this would go away , I turned on the TV,and found a news that had been trending since twelve AM in the night, it was the story of a ghost attack in a police station, five police men on night duty lost their life and four detainees. Three survivals narrated how the ugly events happened.

“Good morning Mr Solomon, please you have to come to the hospital.”
I was wondering what they could need me for, after I had paid all the bills.
” Mr Solomon call your family to come and take your body , or we would be forced to institute a case against you. The body returned to same freezer it was kept,it’s been bringing people’s corpse out and dropping them on the corridors, more deaths have been recorded, your family is going to be sued if you don’t come to retrieve the body .”
Then I heard myself speaking on the phone to the caller .
” How dare you take my body to an unknown grave! I’ll kill you and everyone in your family, I will haunt your hospital until no one is left .”
And I was left with cold running off my body .
” What did you just say? ”
The terrified mortician said .
” I wasn’t the one who said that , it’s the ghost.”
He began to stutter.
” Just … Just come and take his body.”
Before he hung up .the wind blew as the apparition left the house .
To Be Continued…. . . .

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