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I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya _ AllNaijaEntertainment

I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya

Episode 03.

It has been one month of endless attacks from my very own father , it’s only God that has been keeping me and my siblings alive , I dread every visual electronic, because it he haunts me through them, I may be watching a movie on a TV set , when suddenly river of blood will gush out and cover the room, I would see myself killing dad, and then he would grab me and try pull me into the TV.

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Last Tuesday I received a call from State hospital asking to speak to my an older person when I told them I was only sixteen.

“Mr Solomon you’re registered as next of kin to this body, you have to contact your family yo come and evacuate the burial, or we would be forced to bury it in an unmarked grave.”
I was a bit confused, we had been paying the mortuary bills , so why would there want me to take the corpse.
“Sir I’ve been paying the mortuary bills, why do we need to take the body?”
I asked.
“young Master Solomon, we think your father, was an occultic man, three doctors and two nurses, have died under mysterious circumstances, the hospital management, has kept it a secret from the public, we don’t want to cause a mass hysteria, or panic, which would make people run from the hospital, that it’s hunted. Whenever hospital employees passed near the morgue, the light would flicker and they get dragged into the morgue, corpses are thrown out of their refrigerator, and doctors and nurses are forced into the refrigerators, were they freeze and die , before help comes in the morning they’ll be long dead and frozen, he haunts the wards at night, waiting for people at dark corridors, beating them them all, two patients were mugged to death, while they were going tk get drugs for their patients, doctors have vacated offices close to the morgue, because they hear a knock on the door when they come out to check they would find nobody, then suddenly they’ll be a burst of wind and the doors would shut in their faces, computers are smashed, tables and chairs broken, you have to call, adults to come recover his body before the next seven working days , or we would dispose of it, all this started when your father’s corpse was brought here, the doctors are threatening to down tools if the evil corpse is not removed”
I took a deep breath, so I wasn’t the only one, being haunted, he had killed seven people in the hospital? I was terrified, I had to go see mum .

I went to visit mum with my siblings at Kuje Prison, she wasn’t happy About my looks, I had a black spot under my eyes , my body was covered with bruces , she asked me siblings to play, we were left alone.


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“Solomon who did this to you?”
I blinked the tears away , I couldn’t cry In front of mum, I had to be strong for her .
“Solomon talk to me son, you look battered! who?”
She asked .
“Mummy you too don’t look good yourself, do they beat you in the prison?”
She shook her head .
“Is it him ?” I asked
She gently nodded and began to cry .
” Even at death he wouldn’t let us be, I made a mistake marrying him, my uncle forced me to leave my boyfriend i loved for him, I always wanted to run away with you and your brothers, he threatened to track us down and kill us off. I knew he would do It , so i had to stay.”
She wept.
“Go to my sister’s house maybe he won’t haunt you there.”
I was considering the idea.
“Mum the hospital called, they want his body removed, they believe he’s caused seven mysterious deaths, in the hospital, that he haunts the corridors, and wards of the hospital beating up patients.”
The prison light began to flicker,i could see sheer terror in mum’s eyes.”Solomon get your brothers and leave now, he’s here .”
I wasn’t going to run from that devil, the prisoners began to run to their holding cells, as all visitors were advised to leave, the whole block became dark like night , we head his footsteps walking on the wall, then mum was being pulled away by this invisible hands, she was being dragged to the ceiling, her shrieking cries were deafening , i grabbed her hands as i fought off my father’s ghost, prisoners turned away their gaze only the brave ones looked on, as dad’s ghost slammed my body against the wall, I grabbed his legs , he kept laughing in a sinister manner .
” You thought you could get rid of me ? I’m taking all of you with me , we must be a family together, in this world .”
I was bleeding from my nose and mouth, but he wouldn’t hurt my mother anymore than he had already done , then suddenly the light was restored, we saw him standing like a white mist or smoke ahead, with red eyes burning like embers of wood.

I called the hospital and paid them to dispose his body wherever they liked, none of us attented his burial , he was buried in an unmarked grave because none of his siblings wanted his body to be taken to the village compound , it was after his death I got to know dad was a member of secret cult, his members wanted his body, but I was never going to do what they wanted .

“If you see mammy water oh , if you see , never you try to run away ay ay
Sing a song of love sweet melody.”

It was dad’s favorite song while he was alive, Dad’s ghost was singing this song on the corridor over and over, I and my three siblings huddled together, panicking , things began to move, on the big standing mirror dad’s face appeared , white like he robbed powder over his face , he began to laugh as maggots fell off his face , my siblings screamed frozen by fear . I smashed the mirror into many pieces and it the singing stopped.

I was up the next morning preparing my siblings for school , George was dressed in his suit and tie , taking egg bread and tea , Kelvin and Caleb were also in the dinning room , I didn’t know when Kelvin left the house .
“Where is kelvin ? ”
I asked Caleb. He pointed to the exit door .
“Daddy took him.”
Oh my God. No no no
I rushed into the compound .
I saw kelvin drowning in the swimming Pool, as if somebody was intentionally pushing him into the water , I dived in struggling to free him, I got a hot slap on my face , Kelvin fought until his body began to flow on the water , like a frog that died in a pool, Goerge wanted to come in and rescue me
“Don’t Goergy! Go Call Musa…”
Musa was the gateman at our house , he was at the gatehouse

I was dragged down into the water , I saw my his ghost , he forced me into the water and was squeezing my throat , I gulped water , the cold water became hot water as it entered my nose up to my brain . Musa pulled me out as I was about to black out, when I came around, and opened my eyes, I saw Kelvin body lying next to me on the concrete floor , dead as stone, hot tears surged out of my eyes all I could think was what would I tell mum . The neighbors tried to perform CPR on him, but he peacefully slept , I blamed myself for killing him, maybe I should have let him kill mum, this would kill mum, how do I tell her ?
To Be Continued… . . .

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