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I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya _ AllNaijaEntertainment

I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya

Episode 02.

I got back home from the court house, where judgement was passed on mum, she wasn’t guilty I was the guilty one , guilt screamed at my mind . I went back to the passage where the blood stain on the world had turned blind .

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I was still angry at dad , angry at myself for not have taken steps to protect her from that beast earlier . But who would protect who doesn’t want to be protected?

I wept for mum , twenty years in prison, I killed dad I should be the one behind bars , I tuck my twin brothers to bed after fixing them a dinner of noodles and chicken. So I sat down to read , my WEAC exams were ongoing.

The note book I was reading suddenly began to open itself with the speed of an electric fan , I jumped out of the chair and in horror as I saw the book got covered in blood , before it was shredded into a thousand pieces , my heart jumped out of my mouth ,the light began to flicker and then it went off .


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And then a hand grabbed my neck where dad would usually grab us when he wanted to choke and slam us , I began to fight and kick , it dragged me to the kitchen, it was invisible, I kept fighting and kicking , dragging as it pulled me to the kitchen , cabinets were being opened and cutleries flew through the air , it grabbed a knife and stabbed me on my shoulders, it almost stabbed my neck , when I got up and ran back to the bedroom, my siblings had gotten up , from the loud noise I was making, they joined in screaming and shouting, George my immediate younger brother dragged me into their room and we shut the door.

We could hear the the apparition walking outside the room, it walked like dad would, it stood at the entrance to the room we were it sniffed how dad would, then it made a loud scream and disappeared, immediately the light was restored.

Mama Favour our neighbor rushed to the door banging it down, we were too scared to leave the room, but I had to go, if I didnt wish to die from blood lost , so I opened the door to my parents bedroom and ran to open the entrance door .

“Solomon what happened to you ? Why are you covered in blood , I heard the screams of your siblings.” The house was littered with household items, places my hands had scratched to stop my assailant, was covered in fresh blood .
George and the twins had followed me to door , they were looking terrified and scared . I was too dumbfounded to speak , she got me into her car and drove me to the nearby hospital, while my siblings stayed with her husband and kids .

When we got to the emergency word the doctors , rushed to my aid , tearing my shirt with the scissors, they were cleaning my deep wound , on my shoulders close to my neck when suddenly the light at hospital tripped off , and I was yanked off the bed .

A force started dragging on the floor , I held on to a stretcher , it dragged me and the stretcher , a door was banged open , I was locked inside , the odour was putrefying, it was very cold inside , I was thrown Into a cold freezer the door shut tight.

I was almost frozen when the mortuary attendant was called to open the door to the mortuary, I was covered in ice, my bones stiffened, immediately I was covered with a blanket and rolled back to the Emergency ward that was a long way ahead . To the double wonderment of the doctors and nurses , the wound healed themselves. I was scared and terrified, that was the mortuary my dad’s body was brought to after I killed him, he wanted me to pay with my life for what I had done .

I was discharged and given new clothes to wear when my wounds healed themselves, Mummy Favour took me to her car , she turned on the ignition, the car coughed and coughed but refuwee to start , so she went to check the bonnet to know if the battery head had fallen off , then it happened again , the light went off the hospital garage became a big black forest , there was a bright lightening flash, I saw daddy , I saw bloodied face, he lifted up the knife I had used to stab him, about to stab mummy Favour , I opened the car and screamed at her .

” Leave her alone!” I screamed as he began to drag her away.

“You wicked beast! Let her go! I killed you! Face me ! You put the Evil in me ! You put the rage in me ! Don’t be a coward! Face your cursed seed!”

Immediately it left her it grabbed me by the neck and pulled me to a pond close to the hospital,
It began to drown me in the water, I was fighting hard the more I tried the more I gulped filthy water, I was only rescued by the security guards from the hospital, who had been called by mummy Favour ,She had showed them where it had dragged me to, they arrived on time or else I would have been dead in another minute. I saw my dad standing a few feets away from me , with his eyes flashing red like brake light on a vehicle, his face was red with anger , the men led me back to the car that had started working on its own . We drove home , my siblings slept at her house , I went into our house .

Dad was walking up and down the corridor, laughing loud , and breaking utensils and electronics , I just covered my ears, I sobbed into the night.
To Be Continued… . . .

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