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I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya _ AllNaijaEntertainment

I KILLED MY FATHER By Solomon Adinya

Episode 01.

I was only sixteen years , I killed my father and I don’t regret it, no guilt that beast deserved to die earlier! I only pity my poor mother who had put up with him and had to suffer for twenty years in prison .

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I grew up in a joyless home , my mum was the nicest woman anyone would wish to call mother , she was so soft spoken , and caring, four of us were lucky to come through her , but I had never seen my mother happy in all my life.

Okay my father , that beast I hope his soul burns in hell , was a the devil himself, as early as four years old , I would hear my mum crying , the beast never knew how to pet a woman, he was god! His directives were final . He would want to have intercourse, instead of petting my mum and making her want him like other men would, no! My dad won’t, he would caress her with a belt , I felt like running away because of his wickedness.

As we grew up we learnt to be afraid of our dad, whenever we heard the sound of his car we would all run to our rooms and pretended to be fast asleep . The next thing we would here .


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“Agnes where are you? Come here! ”
My mum like a terrified cow would come to the slaughterer .
“Agnes taste this soup!”
Mum would taste the soup , same soup we ate and it was sumptuous and delicious , he would say .
“Agnes is the soup normal to you ?”
If mum said yes or no , beating would follow her , mum had gone to the hospital severally , to treat broken bones , and injured wounds.
“Mum why don’t we move to a different state where dad can’t find us , I will stop school and hawk whatever we can to raise money .”

Mum would smile .
“Solomon I love you and your brothers, for your sake I would die .”
It never made sense to me , why would mum remaining with a wife beater have an effect on us .

I couldn’t focus on studies remembering the violence I would watch when I got home, I was in GSS3 when dad beat mum up bloodied her eye, and broken tooth , I hated my dad that day , I wept so much for mum , that even in her pains she consoled me .

“Mum can you come and out of the grave to take care of us ? This man will kill you one of this days .”
Mum smiled , this angered me , maybe she had a death wish . I hated dad, I avoided him for weeks , we would live in the same house as if we travelled . I would leave for school early before he was up, I would go to bed early before he came back angry and drunk .

That beast had the boldness to bring his concubine to the house , I was fifteen years old at that time , when mum complained he decended on her and knocked out another teeth I was boiling in fury , one day I would kill this beast if mum didn’t take me away, he could see the hatred in my eyes.
He made love to the lady on the matrimonial bed , she moaned so much for mum to hear her . Mum cried all through the night , I blocked my ears with an ear piece

I blocked the lady the next morning as she was leaving the house after spending the night with my dad , I and my best friend beat living day out of her , at least I was learning something from dad, she wss left with a black face like puff puff. Dad brought police men who handcuffed me and took me away from the school.

Mum was at the police station to bail me , but dad refused he insisted I must stay there to learn a lesson .
“What lesson ? What lesson have I not learnt from you ? Did I beat het half the way you beat my mum ?”
He tried to slap me in the DPO’s office I held his hand .
“I am not my mother! She refused to leave even though you want to kill her! But am not her ! If you ever try to put your hands on me I’ll fight you .”
I pulled his hands down .
relatives gathered and forced him to bail me , he asked me to move out of his house , I told him I was not going anywhere without my mum, he said he married her with his money and would treat her anyway he liked .

Family members had tried to prevail on him for the past seventeen years of their marriage , but he had it in him, he couldn’t stay a day without beating her . Mum accepted her fate , I couldn’t wait to leave the house for school, I couldn’t stand the beating.

On this faithful afternoon, my father was on his annual leave and I was done writing my paper is school, I got back from school, the whole house was in shambles, the trail of littered household items extended to the passage connecting the dinning room and the kitchen I saw dad beating mum , she was bleeding from an injury on her leg and another from her mouth, dad was choking her , adrenaline surged into my brain .
“Dad do you want to kill her ! Leave my mother alone!”
The beast was possesed he wouldn’t listen to me , so I grapped his hands and tried to free my mom , he pushed me to the wall, my head broke on impact against the wall, mum’s eyes were getting white as he choked her , she was stretching her legs as life was running away from her .

I dashed into the kitchen and fetched a kitchen knife, I plung it into his neck, he was in shock , he tried to cover up the wound with one of his hand, he left go of mum’s neck, the rage I got from him overflowed my brain I knocked him down , I kept on s t a b b I n g
Him over and over with the knife mum was terrified, she couldn’t believe her eyes, that her son was a beast like his father .
“Solomon why did you do that! Now you’ve ruined your life!”
She wept I got up from his body when I knew he was dead , and I was drenched in blood, I went to the sitting room and got his phone, I had to call the police to come take his body and turn myself in .
I saw the number of the DPO , where he had saved it ,I dialed and immediately he picked .
” Good day sir, my Name is Solomon Oransaye , I am callimbto report that I …”
My mum grabbed my phone .
“Good day DPO I think I may have killed my husband , I s t a b b e d
him , he’s dead on the floor.
“Mum why did you do that ? I killed him not you! You think I don’t know the consequences of my action? I thought it through I’m ready for the consequences.”
For the first time in my life I saw my mother’s angry face .
“Solomon nobody! I repeat nobody must know it was you ! Your dad was trying to strangle me ! I picked the kitchen knife and S t a b b e d him multiple times , since he wouldn’t give up. Give me your shirt ”

She collected my white polo underwear shirt I wore under my uniform.
“Go and clean yourself up before the police get here.”
I wanted to pay for my crime and not her.
“But mum…”
She wouldn’t let me speak.
“Shhhhhhht Solomon but nothing! The police are on their way , go get changed.”
I obeyed and went away .
Shortly the police vans flooded our street, Abuja gossipers had gathered as the police took my dad’s corpse to the mortuary and mum was placed on handcuffs and led away, I wept so much for putting mum in trouble by trying to save her from trouble.

I was in court while the judgement was being passed, mum was given twenty years in prison, for first degree premeditated murder, I wept so much, I don’t know if I could ever forgive myself for sending mum to prison, where I’m supposed to be.
Before she was taken to prison she had a few words for me .
“Solomon thank you for saving my life, I would have been dead by now if not for you, he meant to kill, I got to know of his secrets… He could not let me live. He has ten million naira in his cabinet, use it to take care of your brothers.”
We embraced and sobbed forever until the prison wardens pealed her away from me.
To Be Continued… . . .

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