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I CHEATED ON MY WIFE Story _ AllNaijaEntertainment


Episode 12.

Aram went back inside and spoke to Bisi for sometimes. I waited outside as he asked me to.

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When he asked me to come in, I did and try to kneel and apologies to Bisi again but she turned her face, tapped my daughter who was sleeping awake.

I stood, carried my sleeping son to the car after thanking Aram and his wife. Bisi was already inside the car with my daughter. I entered and drove off.

We returned back to the house in silent.
I and Bisi live like strangers. She hates me close to her, I have to move to the visitor’s room. I comes back home very early from work every day and try to assist in anyway necessary. I still drop money for the house upkeep every day, makes dinner for the house but Bisi doesn’t eat my food or touch anything that belongs to me. She distanced herself from me.


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Aram kept in touch and asked me if there was any improvement but even after two weeks Bisi was still the same. Aram said that I should be patient and give her more time. and that was what I did.

Abena was discharged from the hospital. She said she was going to sue me and my wife because we made her lose her pregnancy and almost killed her after inviting her to our home.

Abena kept threatening brimstone and thunder on what she was going to do to me and my wife. I told her to go and thank God for giving her a second chance to live.
Abena kept threatening brimstone and thunder on what she was going to do to me and my wife. I told her to go and thank God for giving her a second chance to live.

Even if she tries to take us to the court of law, she was still at fault for traveling all the way down and coming straight to my home oblivious to my dear wife who never knew what her agenda was.

I returned her bag, paid off different debt for her and still gave her enough money for her to travel back to Abuja. She said she wasn’t going back to Abuja until she gets her own pound of flesh.

Abena said she was going to be pregnant but Bisi made her loose her pregnancy and she will never forgive me or Bisi for that.

The only way she can forgive and drop all charges is if I pay her one more visit at her hotel room

I left her after she collected the cash compensation gift I gave just for her to return to Abuja.

Abena was the last person I want to be seen close with.

Since she doesn’t want to go back to Abuja until she gets her revenge then good luck to her. I will have to report her to the police first so that whatever happens to her is none of me or my family business. And if she decided to take the case up, Aram is a barrister, he will know better on how to handle Abena’s case.

I believe she will never get close to my home again. I don’t know how she intend to get back at me or Bisi for beating her up and making her lose an invisible baby.

I have done what I have to do. Treated her at my expense, paid her hotel and hospital accumulated bills and still give her money to travel back to her base. I can’t do more than this for her or agree to what she is asking of me.

If she haven’t learnt her lessons, I have learnt mine and I’m trading safer now.
Whatever the case maybe, all I want is for her to keep her distance from me and my entire family.
To Be Continued… . . .

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