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FLIRTATIOUS story by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde _ AllNaijaEntertainment

FLIRTATIOUS story by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Episode 13.

” Why the clandestine meeting?” I asked her when I saw her at the Blue Carnival

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” I thought you would be more comfortable with this arrangement. My husband doesn’t know where I am. I just told him I needed to take a stroll , I am not sure he heard me, he was buried in his computer” she said chukling

” What work does your husband do?” I had to ask

She turned and looked me in the eye…


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” I think I made a mistake marrying him, not that he is a bad guy , but I guess I was too much in a hurry. I thought he was the one the Bishop said”

” Bishop? I am lost” I asked

” On the 1st of this month, I was travelling to Portharcourt to see a friend out of boredom but, as I bought my ticket at the airport, I saw Bishop Tolu Texas rushing to the counter. I was in awe seeing him Live, My mother loves him to pieces, so I stood not too far away waiting to take a selfie with him. As I stood waiting for him, I noticed the lady at the counter kept pointing at me. Bishop Tolu Texas walked up to me, I almost passed out but I kept my foot grounded…

” Hello Sister, please I need to catch an emergency flight to Portharcourt and I heard you bought the last seat, please if it will not be too much to ask , can I buy the ticket. The Lady at the counter said if I could convince you,, she could help me.”

I was just travelling for fun so I agreed to wait for 2 hours for the next flight. He was so excited he held my hands to pray for me. After he finished praying he said to me..

” You have been asking God, when?” Bishop Tolu had said

” I Had been asking God When will I get married, so Bishop Tolu caught me, so when I nodded he said to me..

“You will meet your husband this month, just stay connected to him and be very sensitive”

” So you met your husband this month and got married to him this month?” I asked not hiding my shock at her recklessness

” You like to rush to the conclusion” She said

” I reason fast…” I replied

There was an awkward silence between us.

” Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?” I asked

” That you are the man Bishop Tolu meant not him…”

I gently moved away from her, what she said was nothing far away from the truth. The way my heart longed for her was not ordinary, this was undoubtedly real…

” So …?” I said not knowing why she was telling me this

” I am sure you think I am a loose woman, no… I just found myself misbehaving in the last 24 hours since I met you. The truth is back in the days till 3 years ago, I was a carefree girl, but since 3 years ago, I have been living a cool life. It’s been over three years since I flirted, but seeing you that day in our hotel room,my entire body longed for yours, it was a very strong pull towards you. You remember me asking you if we had met before.”

“The truth is I have always heard about Love at first sight, I never thought it was a real thing not until I saw you at the reception. I now understand the word “Breathtaking”. You took my breath away.” I confessed

We went quiet again, but our hands found each other’s hands. My soul found rest when she placed her hand in mine, it felt like a missing part of me had just returned…

” How did you meet him and how did you fall in love with him? I found myself asking

” I met him on the plane I later took. We sat together and he kept going on and on about how beautiful I was. He told me…

” I would love to marry you if you are available ” I had laughed. We exchanged numbers and two days after I called him asking him straight…

” Were you serious about what you said on the plane?”

” Sure… I have played around enough, It’s time to settle down and as it is, I am ready… I have a house, cars and a growing business

I stopped the story telling at that point, she had not answered me about the nature of her husband’s job…

” You are yet to tell me what he does for a living.. I hope he is not an assassin?” I said with a little smile…

” He is not that kind of guy, he is into cryptocurrency. He makes millions from doing it, that’s why he’s always so buried in his computer”

” Oh!” I reasoned

” You can go on with your story” I said

” Since you reason fast, you should be able to complete the story ” She said

” You told him you loved the idea of getting married fast since to you, he was the husband Bishop Tolu said” I supplied

” And Now…I think I made a big mistake… Are you in a relationship ?” She asked straight up.

” No!”

” My God, Why did you show up after I got married…And the thing is I would have still met you anyways. The reason I choose your hotel for the honeymoon was because my friend and I had planned to come spend this weekend here, so when the marriage thing came up, I just felt we should use our reservation at the hotel” She said sadly

” I am actually lost for words, if someone had told me a week ago that I would be into a married woman, I won’t believe it… If only you had just waited a few weeks, we would have met like you said”

” I can divorce him.” She said out of the blues

” What?” My eyes wide open

” I don’t love him and it’s obvious he is not my soul mate. I have only watched this in movies, when a person meets their soul mate after they are married to someone else”

” I am not much of a movie lover, but from the movies you have seen, how do they resolve it?” I asked

” In some movies, they abscond” she said

” I can’t abscond, I have a family… my sister and her child” I replied

” In other movies, the boyfriend kills the husband and the boyfriend and wife runs off with the husband’s money!” She said innocently but I looked into her eyes to read what she was really saying…

I reasoned fast, and I quickly asked myself…

” Is she asking me to kill her husband and abscond with her?”

To be continued… . . .

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