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FLIRTATIOUS story by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde _ AllNaijaEntertainment

FLIRTATIOUS story by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Episode 04.

Titobiloluwa’s look was that of confusion mixed with shock. From where I stood in the distance, I saw how she stared at the guest in obvious shock. Titobiloluwa had been off duty the previous day, so she was meeting her for the first time. Aisha who had been given the five thousand Naira tip was off duty for the day..

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For Titobiloluwa to have that look of disbelief, it was obvious the guest was asking for something she found ridiculous.

I wondered what my guest was asking for, but as much as i desired to move close to be of help to her, I couldn’t dare because of the conversation I had with Reuben earlier…



ANE Scholarship

” Reuben, why did you assign Bolawa to the guest?” I asked Him not hiding my anger.

” F.D, When did you start questioning my posting?” He asked

” I feel you are biased. You normally aapost me to work with high end guests, but Bolawa! You and I know how he stylishly begs guests for money!” I put it to him

Reuben was quiet, he knew I was right.

” F.D, I am doing you a favour, if what I saw yesterday is close to what I think it is, then you need to be as far away from the woman and her husband ” Reuben said as a matter of fact

” What did you see?” I asked

” You have a thing for that woman, I am suspecting she is your spec. Guy, I know what happened to you yesterday. I have been a victim once and guy it was hard detaching”

” I still don’t get you?:

” F.D, I know you, you are not a loose guy, we have worked together for over two years and I know you to be disciplined when it comes to women, but seeing you losing it at the sight of the woman tells me one thing…She is your type!”

” My type?”

” Yes F.D, we all have our types. I like to see we humans this way; When God created us, He created us in types, like Type A, Type B, Type C and so on and that’s why you realize certain people behave alike…”

” Because they are the Same Type!” I said trying to get him to say his main point.

” Yes, so I believe it applies in attraction as well. It is possible in God’s creation mathematics, Type A is attracted to Type C. For instance, though I am married, I am still attracted to any fair skinned lady who is tall and smart. When I did not understand this truth, I was falling in love with any fair skinned tall and smart girl. Now , I know better, when my path crosses my spec, I avoid them like a plague…. That’s what I am helping you to do…” Reuben said before walking out…


” I do not want this concierge, I want F.D” She said raising her voice

” Ma, guests do not determine the concierge assigned to them” I heard Titobiloluwa raising her voice a bit, that way I was able to pick her words.

” Well, that means my husband and I will check out from the hotel right away. We can go spend our two weeks elsewhere.” I heard her say loudly.

At that point, the Manager walked into the reception…

” Madam, What is wrong?”

That was the last I heard, the Manager made her lower her voice and they had a long conversation.

” It seems she is also attracted to you, I hsve done the best I can do, It’s left to you. ” Reuben said on entering the office.

Earlier, When I couldn’t decipher what the manager was discussing with her, I had returned to the concierge office…

” OK?What’s happening?” I asked

” She told the manager she wanted you as her concierge.”

I had a feeling of winning, like it was an achievement…

” Don’t forget what I said, the fact that she is your spec does not mean you can be with her. In this case, God has helped you, she is married”

” And who says she can’t become unmarried?” I replied under my breath

” You said What?”

” Nothing!”

” You should go see them in their room, she needs you!”

To be continued… . . .

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