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Episode 03.

Ifeoma and Alex’s mother are gradually planning on how to get Alex to sleep with Ifeoma by drugging he and his wife.

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So is everything ready mama, Ifeoma said looking scale and afraid. Yes of course,the drug is not all this one that you children of nowadays use,it is from the olden days and it will make Alex and that his smelly wife sleep for at least six to seven hours,and also,why are you looking afraid and pale as if you have not eaten for days,Alex mother replied.

Ha mama it is nothing,it is just about what we want to do oo, Ifeoma said. Aaah Ifeoma,are you allowing that stupid Sandra to get into you,don’t forget that she took the person you were supposed to be with,your soulmate,she took him away from you, Alex’s mother explained angrily.

Not anymore mama,I won’t allow her again, Ifeoma replied confidently.
Sandra and Alex are both sitted on a wooden chair in the house watching film of the olden days as Ifeoma appears and served them both drinks.
Please take them, I can see you both are enjoying the movie right, Ifeoma said as they both drank at the same time.


ANE Scholarship


Ifeoma is seen at the backyard vomiting and looking really pale and dizzy,it seems she is pregnant.

Ifeoma!,why are you vomiting na,I have been noticing you since now,I hope it is what I am thinking,you are pregnant!, Alex mother said in excitement.

Ha ha mama,it is just pure malaria, Ifeoma replied confidently. Malaria!!,and your eyes is white like this,my daughter, you will follow me to the hospital today,Alex mother said and left.

Chineke,I am pregnant,just few weeks ago,just look at how Alex rough handled me thinking I was his wife,he gave me all the styles back to back/front to front,I am pregnant for Alex,I would soon become Chief Mrs Onuligbo Alex Ifeoma,but I must make sure this child in me is a boy, it is a boy set it can’t be a girl because I hate girls and if it is a girl I definitely know what I would do, Ifeoma said thinking in herself.

Good afternoon doctor,I am here to do a test for my daughter is in law she has been vomitting since a few days now and complaining of feeling dizzy but I don’t know what happened,I was thinking of pregnancy but I had to be sure, Alex mother said being assured that Ifeoma was truly pregnant.

Ok ma,we just have to take her blood sample before we can carry on with the test, Doctor Amadi said and led Ifeoma to the room where her blood would be taken.

(A few hours later, doctor Amadi came out having known what was wrong with Ifeoma)

So doctor,is she pregnant?,Alex mother said.Yes she is,congrats madam, Doctor Amadi replied.Thank God ooo,so is it a boy or a girl,Alex mother asked.

Eem,i can only tell that to the mother of the unborn child, Doctor Amadi said. Mama,don’t worry I will tell you the gender of he tells me, Ifeoma said as Alex mother left the office.

So doctor what gender is it?, Ifeoma asked. Madam, it is a girl, Doctor Amadi said as Ifeoma looked really sad and unhappy. What!!!,no doctor, please,you don’t know how this means to me,it has to be a boy,if it isn’t my life is ruined,my husband will chase me out of my house and I have other children, please doctor, help me, Ifeoma lied to him.

Calm down ma,I will help you but this secret cannot be exposed, if it is,I will lose my job and I can even be arrested,I will tell you what you have to do,you just give me your number and I will call you as early as tomorrow morning, Doctor Amadi said. But what will I tell my mother in law, Ifeoma asked.You will tell her that it is a boy na, Doctor Amadi replied. Thank you so much Doc, Ifeoma said and gave him her number.
To Be Continued… . . .

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