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Episode (Last Episode).

Mrs Susan left Macaulay in the hospital, to process collect Lara’s death certificate and to move her corpse to a morgue at the Federal Teaching hospital. She didn’t know what else to do , she decided to drive to Lora’s home to give her , things she had been holding back .

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“Madam na why you dey cry? Na God everything dey him hand , nothing God no fit do .”

This comment exasperated her to a boiling point .
“Would you shut up and drive? When has an Uber driver become a motivational speaker? If you say one more word , I’ll make a report against you.
She screamed in anger ,
“Just move this car!”
She said this in a muffled tone.
The driver focused on his job, they got to Lora’s house, she transferred 2500 naira to the driver , and alighted .

“Lora!! Come and kill me too! Lora you killed my daughter because of a man? Lora come out and kill me too.”
Mrs Susan was rolling at Lora’s balcony. It was aunt Sharon who heard her sister’s voice and came out.
“Susan what’s this madness early in the morning , are you high on hard drugs ?”
She was awestruck by her sister crazy comments.
“Mum what are you saying! Mum kill who?”
Lora’s heart was beating , she was praying she had heard a wrong phrase from her mother.
“Stop pretending Lora! She took over your husband, got pregnant for him and you killed her! Why not kill him instead? The idiot who could not be faithful? You had to kill your sister, your blood ?”


ANE Scholarship

The ground began to spin around Lora like a ceiling fan, she was collapsing to the ground before aunt Sharon grabbed her to seat on the floor . She felt she was dreaming, Lara couldn’t and shouldn’t die .
She thought to herself.
“Lara why ? Susan you killed Lara!
I warned you to stop favouritism, treat them equally, you never listen, you never warned Lara. you never cautioned her Susan, you encouraged her , supported her to take over her sister’s husband! Lora cannot hurt a fly, why would she kill her sister because of a foolish man!” Aunt Sharon screamed.

Lora said while crying, her chest heaved as she found it difficult to breath. There was a heavy knock on the the gate , the crying quiet down for a beat , an old woman in an old Ankara blouse and wrapper, rushed into the gate , the three women tried to see who was chasing her.

“Lara! Aje! You bring die come give Baba, you run! Baba Ijebu spirit not rest, he not sleep, he worrying efiribody, Lara he say you go loosen Lora, aaaarh Lora cannot dieyioo , if you no no loose am and Lora die! You will die! I will die! And all baba childrens , he will die , Lora will not born oh, he will die too, my childrens and their children’s will die, go loose the baby .”

Aunt Sharon was the first to intervane .
” Old woman you just said Lara tied Lora? ”
She nodded .
“Lara here she bring picture of him sister wedding, she told Baba make she tied Lora womby, that Lora she never born pikin or take belly.”

Mrs Susan stopped crying , she was listening awestruck.
“Noooo! Mama my daughter Lara cannot do that..”
The old woman ignored her and continued her narration.
“Lora she come back three weeks say make baba she remove Lora baby, the charm she not work, she telling Baba to kill Lora, Baba e try to, I tolds him not, Baba Ijebu she too love money, she do it, thunder she is killed Baba, Lara she run with all money she give Baba. Lara go loose Lora, my two children is die.” They strained their ears to understand her broken English.

The three women stood dead in surprise.
“Lara is dead! This is Lora.”
The oLd woman began to cry .
“Mo ku o (I am dead )”
She screamed in Yoruba language
“You must look for E’re(figurine) Baba tied it with black and red threads , Lara put needles in it , if you don’t find it Lora she will die! Her pikins too will die .”

Lora’s water burst , at same time mama gave up the ghost. Mrs Susan rushed Into the house and got the key to Lora’s car .
“Please be gentle with her .”
Aunt Sharon said to Mrs Susan as they helped Lora into the back seat of the SUV, Lora was crying in pains . The traffic gridlock stretched like Sahara desert.
Mrs Susan drove like James Bond brushing cars off her path, they got to the Federal Teaching hospital and Lora was put on the stretcher and wheeled into the labour room .

She was in labour for eight hours pushing the babies couldn’t come out , best doctors were called ro attend to her , Lora would push till she pass out .

“Lara please leave me alone! I’m not going with you .”
Lora kept repeating, Macaulay couldn’t hold the tension, he rushed to any doctor or nurse coming out from the labour ward .
“How’s my wife ? Has she put to bed ?”
They would shake their heads and get away .
Mrs Sharon instructed Susan and Macaulay to go and search Macaulay’s place for the figurine, they went and search for hours , they couldn’t find it , they check the waste bin , the clothes closet, the laundry room, they kept harvesting various charms , Mrs Susan was Shocked Lara could go that far . She felt sorry for Lora, she blamed herself as they search , after three hours of searching they ran back to the hospital they and told Aunt Sharon that they couldn’t find the thread tied figurine.

“How is my wife doing? ” Macaulay asked a doctor .
“Mr Macaulay prepare your mind, your wife may have to undergo surgery so we could save the either her life or that of the baby, it’s not looking good, she’s hallucinating, saying incoherent gibberish, she kept repeating this words please Lara don’t take me along.”
Macaulay was paralyzed, he ran to the chapel in the church and began to pray, he had not prayed to God for a year , since he started seeing Lara.
“God I’m a sinner , I’ve done the worst sin, I don’t deserve to ask anything from you , I’m the worst human I know, but God Lora, that woman there is innocent, we have failed her, her family me as a husband, God please save her life, I will repent from my evil.”
He cried to go like a Hungry baby crying for milk , he couldn’t see Bidemi praying beside him, he saw a vision of Lora walking down the corridors of the hospital, he kept chasing after her , she would turn a bend before he caught up to her , she walked to the door of the morgue , looked at Macaulay smiled and dropped their babies , waved him bye, then walked Into the closed doors of the morgue.

“No God! No ! ”
Bidemi opened her eyes .
“What’s it Macaulay?”
Macaulay was sobbing like a bereaved woman as he ran back to the labour ward as , Bidemi ran after him .

He got there on time, the doctors were looking for him to sign a paper enabling them to operate on Lora.
“Mr Macaulay we’ve to do a CS right now, or we may he losing the mother and babies, Dr Lora is on the verge .”
Macaulay signed the paperwork.
The surgeons entered the theatre at the labour ward, they sedate Lora, she was lying on the operation table like the corpse of her sister Lara lying in the cold morgue .

The surgeon’s operated on Lora, inside they saw red and black treads , used to tight her tubes, they were perplexed, as to how such things got into a human body , the removed the babies from the sacks , and then cut loose the threads, Lora began to bleed , the doctors were fighting to stop the bleeding, the blood gushed out like a bursted water pipe , sprinkling blood on them, the head surgeon shook his head, Lora lost over four pints of blood, the doctors tried to infuse blood, but needles couldn’t enter her skin.

The nurses picked the babies, who started crying after they got a tap on their butts , the nurses cleaned up the babies, and put them in a cot , they were rolled away from the labour ward , to be with other newly born babies .

They checked for her pulse nothing was showing, Lora did not wake after the surgery.
“Time of death 3:45 PM .”
The head of surgery said as they began pulling of their robes , gloves and mask . It had never been so hard on them , to operate on one of their own .

“How is my wife ? ”
Macaulay asked Dr Ikechukwu who was a close friend of Lora, he was looking crestfallen.
“We … We …tried to … The babies … Babies are fine? We tried To.. sav…”
He started crying.
“Ikechukwu tell me something! How’s my wife !”
He wiped the tears from his eyes
“Lora didn’t… Didn’t make … It , you have your babies!”
Macaulay collapsed on the ground , he began to wail like a wounded cow.
“No Jesus no Jesus, this can’t be ! Lora no you cannot leave us now !”
Bidemi wept, the whole hospital was thrown into mourning, Lora was the most jovial doctor in the hospital, she was charismatic and loved by all .

“I’m done for ! Oh God I destroyed my life ! Auntie I’m childless ! All my labour is wasted! Lora why couldn’t you be merciful to me! Now I have nothing!’
Mrs Susan rolled on the floor of the hospital, nobody could restrain her .
“My two daughters gone in 24 hours? God? I’m an unfortunate woman.”
The hospital attendants covered Lora up and rolled her out towards the morgue, Lara wept as she followed behind them.
“Lora no please come back to us Jesus”
She had been trying to call Reverend to pray for Lora, but he had travelled out of the country, he was not reachable.
At the door of the morgue she observed Lora shook her hand .
“Stop the stretcher stop! Stop!”
She stopped the stretcher, she put a stethoscope on her chest, she got a weak pulse.
“Wheel her to the ICU!”
Bidemi commanded .
They wheeled Lora to the ICU, the doctors there descended on her like hungry hyenas . They fixed her up on oxygen, blood was brought from the blood bank , Lora was still in a comatose .

Bidemi rushed back to the labour ward to inform the family of the turn of event .
“Lora isn’t dead , she’s at the emergency ICU.”
Macaulay got up from the ground he was sitting.
“Bidemi are you serious?”
She nodded , Macaulay ran to the ward , Lora was already on oxygen, he checked her heart beat and pulse.
“Lora you’re alive! Oh God! Oh God!”
He held his head and began to cry very hard .
“Lora you’re alive ! Oh Jesus! Thank you!”
Macaulay cried Into Bidemi’s shoulders , she couldn’t console him.
“Lora is alive, let’s pray she comes around soon.”
After three days in the ICU Lora opened her eyes to a room full of people, Macaulay had rushed out to call members of the family waiting for Lora , when he saw her hand shaking.

“Baby you’re welcome back to life .” Macaulay knelt and wept .
“Where.. where … Are my bab..ies”
She managed to say .
Mrs Adeola and mother brought in the babies , Lora was weak , she managed to hold them before she dozed off into another round of sleep.

“Brethren there’s nothing God cannot do ! I was were I was to minister at Zimbabwe, the holy spirit told me to step down from the pulpit and find a secret place to pray for sister Lora here.”
He cleared his throat before continuing to speak.
“I thank God I was obedient, I never knew God was working far away thousands of miles in Nigeria, the devil tried God prevailed.”
The naming ceremony had hundreds of people from the hospital and around town, many people came to see the woman who came back from the dead .
Lora named her twin daughters
“Bidemi and Sharon.”
She owed everything to them, she moved in back with Macaulay. It was hard for her to forgive him, but reverend Cyril said to her .
“It’s not man’s power that you’re here alive today, it’s God, men pronounced you dead. He did that for a reason , make up with your husband.” She did , she forgave Macaulay who was always around her , choosing to cook for her and bath her by himself, he never allowed Lora out of his sight.

Lara’s burial was small, not many jad much to say about her, hit one man who wore black suits and dark sun shades came to her grave.

“Lara your life was cut short by your lust! We were happy together, I thought we would get married and be happy…” He wept bitterly, almost being choked by tears
” Only if you could let go of your obsession, with Macaulay. I lost my wife, my best friend, my happiness, I don’t know how I can go on without you, I’ll never forget about you until the day I die .”
He sat beside Lara’s grave as the ran soaked him wet , something had died inside of him, Micheal was lost .

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