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Episode 20.

Lora had asked Bidemi to escort her to the house so they could pickup some of her stuffs. Musa the gateman had opened the gate for them, he was very polite to Lora, because she was a generous and respectful boss to him, Lara had warned him never to let Lora into the compound. When Lora got into the house , Macaulay was sitting at the sitting room, with a bottle of Sea man drying gin, and a glass with ice .
” Hey Lora! Who let you in ?”
Lara screamed .
” Now get out of this house .”

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Lara screamed as she tried to block Lora, Bidemi pushed her , so she fell on a sofa . Lora went upstairs, she began to gather her things , she picked her credentials, and some clothings , that Lara had not coveted , Lara was wearing her clothes and riding her car around town .

Lara was caressing and rubbing her hands over her protruding stomach,with a cynical laugh spread over her face .
“Hahahaha” she laughed in mockery.
“Some barren wombless women are here to disturb my peace, they can never get pregnant like this ”
She laughed hysterically until tears trailed down her smooth face .
“They’re jealous now, they feel like dying ”
She laughed some more .
“But they can never get pregnant, because they with their own hands destroyed their hands , for chewing gum money.”
She laughed so much that tears ran down Lora’s face, Macaulay was restless and unsettled, he hated Lora being ridiculed.
“That’s enough Lara!”
She got mad boiling with rage she stormed out of the man house, to the gatehouse, she gave Musa a slap that sent him sprawling on the ground .
“Musa! How many times did I warned you never to let any demon into my compound ?”
Musa ignored her as though she was invincible.
“I’m talking to you, and you’re giving me attitude, ignoring me?”
Lara slapped Musa again, tears dripped down his brown skin that had been dried up by harmattan, Musa wwas a middle aged man , with children older than Lara. She slapped him over and over , and rained a mountain of insults on him, Macaulay watched her from the balcony upstairs, as she fought Musa who never retaliated ,and couldn’t say anything.

Iyabo and Ushie had resigned barely a month after Lara’s coup , Macaulay missed his wife , Micheal his best friend ostracized him, after they had a big fight, Micheal felt betrayed by him .
Lara had slapped Iyabo on the face for spilling water over the kitchen floor while washing dishes , Iyabo was insulted and dehumanized , she couldn’t take it anymore, she had Loved working for Macaulay’s family, she followed him from his father’s house she and Ushie , but since Lara’s coup, she dished out hell to the domestic staff , the driver was first to leave , then Iyabo and Ushie who she claimed was keeping money Macaulay gave to him to buy foodstuffs from the market .


ANE Scholarship

After Chef Ushie left , Lara tried to prepare some dishes it ended up horribly, they threw the foods away, and had to rely on take away food from restaurants, they would have a restaurant to prepare stew and soup for them, they only microwaved and then make garri to go.

Lora was getting downstairs with two boxes, Bidemi helped her with the box Macaulay wanted to talk to her , he didn’t know how to start .
“Please Lora I want to say I am…”
Immediately Lara got into the sitting room , he stopped short, unable to say a word,
“What did you want to say to her, say it now that I am here ?”.
Macaulay couldn’t munch a word .
“Her royal barrenness, please come and start going! I don’t want to see your two left legs in the house again, I’m the one expecting a baby here , I’m the ownwr of the house .”

Lara asked , Lora looked at her protruding stomach , and fought back the tears , building under her eyes, Macaulay was dumbfounded at Lara’s erratic actions, she was so jealous And aggressive, whenever he was around a woman or talked about Lora, Lara would flare up.
“Macaulay I swear to god! Any day you cheat on me , I’ll make sure I kill the baby in my womb, I’ll kill you and kill myself.”
Macaulay was scared he knew Lara was capable, after all she had done to her sister.

“Musa I’m very sorry for what happened here , I only came to fetch my important belongings, I won’t be coming around to cause anymore trouble .”
She said this while stretching her hands to give him some amount in an envelope.
” Madam walahi why e you I dey gibu me moni? Dan Allah madam me I no take am fa, is a very goodie madam, nat this debul ya sister, me I Dan packy my Kawa, I dey go Kanu, no bi small pikin I born him mate Po house za slappy me like imumu.”
Lora apologized again, she handed him the envelope that contained a hundred thousand naira. Musa packed his things and left the house. He didn’t inform his boys , he locked the gate from outside,and joined a trailer that brought Irons from Kano to Lagos , locking Macaulay and Lara inside .

Lora had just finished from surgery room, and was sitting at the cafeteria sipping soda , when a hand was placed gently on her back , she turned to look at her ever young father , she was surprised to see him, he was a very busy man travelling around the world for business, they had not seen much times after her wedding.

“Hey dad how do you know I’m here ?”
Lora asked , Mr Desmond gave Lora an RMD smile .
“You don’t seem to age one bit, are you getting older or younger ?”
He was sixty three years old , but no hair on his head was grey .
“Your mum told me what you’ve been going through, so I made out time to cheer you up.”
Lora managed to smile .
“Lora are you pregnant?”
Lora smiled in disbelief.
“Dad pregnancy is a thing I stopped thinking about, moreover can a woman get by herself pregnant? I’ve not met Mac for four months”
Mr Desmond was convinced she was pregnant, because she had resemblance and changes like what her mother had when she was pregnant.
“Lora I really want to plead and ask for your forgiveness over and over , even if I plead a million times, it can never be enough for my mistakes, or my greed , I choose money and comfort over family and love and I paid dearly, I thank God I’ve you and Lara.”

Lora was perplexed by his insinuation, curiosity picked at her mind .
“Sorry dad you have not told me about my step brother and sister, how are they doing?”
His countenance immediately became dark and sullen .
He tried to wear a smile, but she could see the sadness in his eyes .
“I lost them but over six years noe , it was my fault , I was again fighting with their mum on steering when…”
Lora held his hands , a tear dropped from his eyes . He tried to bring back his smile .

“So your mum told me about what happened to your marriage and your sister, she’ll be coming to Lagos next month end, I have spoken with the Babalolas, we need to meet and settle this issue .”

Lora thank him, they embraced for a long time, he asked Lora if she need anything, but Lora was well taken care of , Mr Babalola SAN got her a semi detached bungalow, they assured her that , Lara’s stay is temporary that they would kick her out , even if Macaulay was under spell.
“Lora just see your gynaecologist, I think you’re pregnant.”
Mr Desmond said to Lora, she looked at her flat tummy , she thanked him and went to the gynaecologist, who agreed that she should be tested , she was still seeing her menstrual circle even after four months, that she first had that experience.
Lora told Bidemi what her dad had told her, they decided to get a pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy, they got to the staff toilet , Lora was scared to check, no matter how hard Bidemi convinced her , she had done this test for over fifteen times .
“Lora no harm in trying , you’ve been having this constant morning sickness for four months now , I’m even surprised why your stomach isnt growing? Pee on this thing joor.”
So Lora in a disposable cup,and dip the test kit into it , they were shocked with the outcome .
“Wow! Wow ! Wow ! Bidemi I’m pregnant?”
Lora screamed she began to cry .
Bidemi collected the test kit not minding the urine, she peered at it
“Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!
They embraced and began to cry .
“Lora you’re pregnant m?”
Lora still had doubts, maybe the test kit was faulty? She thought, they went to the lab, and asked the technician to run a pregnancy test, Lora and Bidemi sat huddled together like teenagers waiting for their HIV test results. In an hour time the result was ready, Lora and Bidemi went to Lora’s office and tore open the envelope, to their delight it was a confirmation, Lora was indeed pregnant, she was four months pregnant.

When Macaulay’s mum saw Lora she told Lora she was pregnant, weeks rolled and the baby bump began to show , Lora was given less job, she no longer participated in surgeries. She went to see the Reverend with Bidemi, he told her to return praise to God not man.

Mrs Susan was lodged in a hotel , her elder sister Sharon came along for the meeting, Mrs Sharon was smother person the twin respected, she was like a grandmother to them. Mrs Susan and Mr Desmond kept staring at each other avoiding eyes contact.

Lora according to the reverend’s advice , wore big hoodie shirts to conceal her pregnancy, since it wasn’t so obvious, when she came to the home of the Babalola’s she greeted her inlaws and then she embraced her aunt . Macaulay was sitting with Lara faraway from everyone else, Macaulay couldn’t look at Lora’s face.
Though it was late for lunch, but lunch was served , Lora and Lara refused to eat, they kept staring at each other , as if they would clash thunder and lightening. The patriarch of the Babalola’s started speaking in parables .

“In Africa it’s allowed for a many to marry as many wives as he pleases, some men even marry twin sisters.”
Lora was confused at the direction the conversation was going. Lara wouldn’t hear of the idea of sharing Macaulay with any woman , after she had, succeeded to get him into her claws, she hissed loudly for everyone to hear .
“But you see my grandfather God bless his soul, married one wife in those days when marrying of many wives was seen as prestige and show of wealth , my father Babalola Akere was the richest man in Ibadan, his peers married through four wives , on his dying bed he told me to advice my son’s to never bring two women under one roof because that would burn the house.”
He paused momentarily.
“I put the blame of this misunderstanding on him, how can you sleep with two sisters ? .”

Macaulay was confused he stared at Lora, he could see difference in her , she was looking excessively beautiful, her legs were swollen, he was almost having a heart attack were he sat , Lara frowned her brows, and pinched Macaulay Behind on his back to sit still.

“Mr Desmond what is the way out of this situation.”
Mrs Susan gave him a menacing look. He croaked his voice to clear his throat.
“Lara my dear daughter I know you’re pissed at me for the years of neglect, I am not ashamed to still say I’m sorry . But I must tell you the truth , you have to leave your sister’s marriage, what you did is uncultured, we are Africans, they’re more than a million men out there go and pick your own , and leave your sister’s husband.”

Lara hissed at him. Next was Aunt Sharon.
“Lara you know you and your mum always think I hate you, baby I don’t hate you, from childhood your mum my sister here , who I carried from infancy after our parents died had hatred for Lora because of what this man here.”
She pointed at Desmond and hissed
“Did! This girl has not known joy from childhood, I kept warning you Susan, I told you, hating Lora because she talked like this man would only destroy your kids , now they don’t see eye to eye , Lara was Macaulay only because she knows Lora wants him. Lara go and pack your luggages and leave your sister’s home.”

Lara hissed loudly.
“I’m not going anywhere nobody can carry me ! I’m going to stay, I’m pregnant for Macaulay, if anyone one here is leaving is barren Lora.”
Nobody knew when Aunt Sharon sprang up and gave Lara a dirty slap. She wanted to send more , only for her to be hold back.

“Mrs Susan you’ve not spoken?”
Mrs Adeola said .
“What am I to say? My children are adults now, would they listen?”
Mr Desmond was appalled at her comment.
“Our children are fighting each other over a man and that’s all you can say ?”
She hesitated for a while before she spoke.
“Well I love my daughter’s equally”
Mrs Sharon nodded in mockery, she knew her sister.
“But I think Lara should stay.”
Everyone In the room was shocked.
“Lora has been married to Macaulay who was Lara’s best friend before he met Lora for five going to six years, Lora destroyed her future with her own hands, since Lora is pregnant let her stay, the divorce proceeding is already in court.”

A tear dropped from Lora’s eyes she got up to speak.
“Macaulay I’m sorry , I’m the wrong person here! I feared my past would come back to hunt me, the times I kept rejecting your proposals for a date , wasn’t Only about Lara here , I was into prostitution, not that I loved it.”
She said as the tears flowed down, she wiped her eyes with the hem of her sweater , then everyone saw she was pregnant.
“I knew I didn’t deserve you , I sort for love In the wrong place, because I was to of fighting for my mum’s love with Lara and my dad’s Love with his family.”
She was still crying.
“I never wanted to do runs girl work on campus, but I needed to buy handouts, I needed to buy textbooks, I needed to pay transport fare , my mum here who tried being a single mother, handed all the money for upkeep to my sweet sister here , Lara would cook only what she likes, she would refuse to give me money for things I need , I couldn’t afford to buy pad, when I needed it , I was tired of disturbing my aunt Sharon, she had her own kids, so I decided to join Sharon who had been trying to make me join them .”

She turned to Macaulay’s parents.
“I’m sorry I deceieved you and your family sir , I wasted your son’s time, God took away my shame after I left my sister and Mac, so here Is the divorce paper you sent to me, I’ve signed it , I’m Sorry I’ve to leave now, Nobody should help me fight for a man who cannot fight for me .”
She dropped the paper on a table beside Macaulay, and gently left the cold room , she entered the rain and ran to her Lexus SUV parked outside .

Tears filled Macaulay’s eyes, he was motionless as if a rock had fallen on his head ,he was immobile.
“Baby let’s leave this place it’s stuffy in here .”
She got up and pulled Macaulay with her , she was mad that Lora had gotten pregnant. In her mind she said I have to go see baba ASAP.
To Be Continued… . . .

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