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Episode 19.

Bidemi and Lora drove under the heavy sun in the heavy Lagos traffic jam to Ikeja to see another man of God, he was the general overseer of his church that was spread across Africa, Bidemi got to know him , through her aunt who was friend to the pastor’s wife, It was difficult to see the pastor because of his busy schedules , he made time for them .

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The church was a magnificent edifice , the pews were made of brown Manson woods, the ground tiled smoothly like a flat marble table . He was wearing a black reverend’s shirt with a with me collar , a black suit and brogue oxford laced shoes .

“Doctor Bidemi I’ve been waiting for you, I was supposed to travel to Dublin this morning for a crusade tomorrow evening , i had to postpone the flight till late evening.”

He looked at Lora.
“Hey Wear a cheerful face,the Lord loves a cheerful heart ”
He said to Lora ,she immediately brightened up, her countenance reflected false joy ,to please the Reverend. He said a short or or and asked Lora if she was comfortable for Bidemi to be there with her while they discussed . She nodded in agreement.
Lora told him her history, how she became a runs girl, and the abortions she had done, and how Macaulay came along and she had tried to tell him about her past ,but he wouldn’t give her the chance, and their battle to have their babies , how IVF had failed them.


ANE Scholarship

“Sister Lora, first I have to lead you to God, you need to have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

Lora sincerely turned her heart to Jesus , first time she had an inner peace.

“Sister Lora you’re under a curse, the Lord has answered your prayer already, you have your child with you, I can see you delivering a baby girl in nine months time.”

Lora doubted in her heart, she had come along because Bidemi won’t let her rest , but her heart was too weak to believe prophecy.
“Sister Lora the one who placed a curse on you, is not going to rest until you’re dead, the bible says we should not allow the witch to live, the battle is on, the battle line has been drawn, if that enemy raise their head one more time, God will strike them dead.”
The pastor lead them through a fervent prayer for an hour , Lora felt refreshed.

She had started joining Bidemi to go for weekly activities, and Sunday worship services, she learnt to believe in the existence of God, after hearing testimonies of real people. It was her monthly circle , and her menses flowed like a river .

Lara and Macaulay couldn’t wait for Lora to gey out of the house before they started smooshing on the sofa , in the bathroom and in the kitchen, Lara was so happy.

“Lara i don’t why covered my eyes that i didn’t see you and ended up⁰ with your barren wombless sister, nothing in this world can make me leave you Lara, I love you baby. I’m going to divorce Lora and marry you.”
Lara laughed.
” Whose VG is sweeter mine or Lora’s?”
Macaulay laughed heartily.
“Yours of course! Baby it’s yours ,when I delve into you, I swerve into the ecstasy realms, my loins yearns for you, I thirst for you, like a baby wants for it’s mother’s milk.”
Lara laughed .
“You’re teasing me .”
Macaulay was serious, his intimate times with Lara was sweeter than with Lora, because Lara was very tight down there , due to her less exposure , Micheal was the only man she had met, but Lora had seen a lot adventure in her time as an escort, so naturally she was loose in the honey well .
“I have more physical attraction to you, your body , your boobs oh my my … When you sway those hips I lost focus, I could eat you a hundred times a day and still be hungry .”
Lara smiled as she planted a succulent kiss on Macaulay’s lips.
“Physical attraction only?”
She asked feigning to be sad .
“Well I don’t know have this strong emotional bond for Lora, but I think with time it’s going to break.”
Macaulay kissed her back , and they swam deep into another round of soul intertwining communion.

The maids and domestic staff was aware of Macaulay’s affair with Lara, but whenever Lora was around eight would pretend to be strangers . It had been three months since Lara moved in, she had not seen her menses, Macaulay was overjoyed when she told him her suspicions. They got a pregnancy test kit from a neighbouring pharmacy, Lara got a disposable cup and urinated in it , they dipped the test kit, and it was positive, Lara and Macaulay screamed for joy, Macaulay kissed her as tears of joy fell from his eyes.
“Lara I’m finally going to be a father ? Oh god! Thank you Jesus.”
He lifted Lara up and kissed her and embraced her tightly shedding tears of joy .

Macaulay went to office with joy in his heart the next day , with Lara sitting next to him, he couldn’t take off his hands from her stomach.

“Baby I’m going to tell my dad, that he would soon be having his first grandchild.”
Macaulay said as he stretched over to the passenger seat to kiss Lara.
“Wow you want to kill me with affection, please don’t suffocate our baby.”
She said as she rubbed her hands over her flat tummy . Macaulay giggled like a sissy .
“You mean our baby?”
They both laughed .
“Baby I think you should go and tell your parents the news and your plans at home. Office is an official place .”
Macaulay agreed , at the office his father wondered what was giving him energy to walk like a horse , Macaulay was so cheerful like he had not been in years .
“Son what’s your secret? You are so happy today?”
Macaulay smiled .” Dad I have a good news I’ll be coming over with Lara in the evening to see you and Mammy.”
Mr Babalola was curious, so in the evening his wife Mrs Adeola asked the chef to prepare Macaulay’s favorite meal, egusi soup with bush meat and semovita. Macaulay hardly visited the family house since he got married , his father understood, because they had unending case files to cover .
“Macaulay why are you here with Lora’s sister and not Lora for the dinner ?”
Macaulay smiled .
“Mammy Lora is on night duty, moreover what I want to say here doesn’t concern Lora.”

His parents were curious.
“Dad recently I’ve been very depressed, you have been asking why, which I told you I didn’t know , the truth was that I didn’t want to say , I needed to keep some things secret .”
He heart was beating he didn’t know how his parents would take it .
“Dad Lora was into prostitution in the university, she had about six abortions, we think it’s as a result we’ve been unable to make babies .”
Lara looked at Macaulay’s mum , who was looking at her from head to toe , maniacally, she was uncomfortable in the soft sofa, she kept shifting and hiding her gaze .
“Mum and dad finally you guys are going to be grandparents! ”
Macaulay beamed with excitement. Mrs Adeola Babalola jumped up and embraced her son, while her husband stared at Macaulay and hissed , he was praying what his mind was telling him is wrong .
“Is Lora pregnant son?”
Mrs Adeola asked Macaulay , the beaming smile on his face disappeared, his face became a dark blackboard.
“No mum I’m preparing Lora’s divorce, Lara is pregnant for me.”

Mrs Adeola was taken aback.
“No… No… No… You said what my Love?”
She asked her son.
“Mum I said Lara here is a month pregnant for me.”
Mrs Adeola descended on Macaulay and rained a barrage of slaps on his face, she had an asthma attack , Macaulay quickly gave her an inhaler from her purse, she knock it off . Her husband picked up and put it on her mouth, and started pumping.

“Macaulay! Standup! Get your incestuous work off my cuisine chair, before she defiles it! Macaulay from this day on you’re fired from the firm! You demonic possessed , dangerous twin! You’re fired! The both of you are not to be seen a hundred feet around the office premises after tomorrow go and clear out your personal belonging! I told you to wait on God! Me and your mother waited eight good years before we had you and your brothers and sisters! ”
Macaulay was trying to explain , his father wouldn’t let him, he asked them to leave.
The next day Mr Babalola SAN placed a call through to his daughter in-law and asked her to come see him in his office, after work that day, but Lora couldn’t make it, there was a surgery that took the whole day, so Lora couldn’t make it to see her father in-law. She had become a stranger in the house , Macaulay refused to touch her food , or sleep with her , he told her he couldn’t waste healthy spermatozoa on a barren land. So she kept away from the house as much as she could, she would follow Bidemi home ,if they were on the same shift .

Lora had just resumed morning duty at the hospital that Monday , she and Bidemi who was working at GOPD met at the parking lot , Lora was complaining of fever ,dry cough , and dizziness, Bidemi advised her to go for pregnancy test , Lora laughed at the idea inspite of her sorrow , she had given up on having babies , how would she have babies when Macaulay had stopped touching her .
“Bidemi please follow me home , let me freshen up,then I get my bible for the prayer meeting.”
Bidemi had been her pillar , and only encourager, her mum was indifferent , not doing enough to get Lara out of the house .

Lora gave Bidemi a pack of juice and a glass cup,while she rushed up to freshen up, she was surprised Macaulay’s cars he drove to the office was packed outside, the maid had not come up to the main house, she saw Lara’s undies on the staircase up, she picked it , not wondering what I was doing there , she took it to Lara’s room, the bed was crumpled and unkept, Lora was meticulous in arranging her house, but Lara had always been unkept, she dumped the Black nightie that was lying on the staircase, she made her way to her room where she saw what left her horrified .
Lara was sitting on Macaulay unclad , rocking him from the sitting position, Lora was shocked.
She screamed . Not believing her eyes.
Macaulay got Lara off of him, and wrapped himself with a blanket.
Lara smiled embracing Macaulay from behind .
“Lora I told you Macaulay was mine, you cannot take him from me .”
She kissed him.
At that point Bidemi had rushed upstairs , she saw everything, she dragged Lora who reluctantly cried following her downstairs. She led her into the car , as Bidemi took the key and drove Lora’s Mercedes Benz SUV to her house , Lora cried until she lost her voice and had a fever .
To Be Continued… . . .

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