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Episode 15.

The baby was wiggling in it cort . She was a little copy of Bidemi, Lora picked the fragile baby up and carried it on her lap, like a fragile egg. She started crying , Bidemi rushed to the sitting room, she collected the baby from Lora
“She’s so beautiful, she Looks just like you.”
Lora said . Bidemi thanked her and started breastfeeding the baby .
“Motherhood is such a beautiful thing ”
Lora said with a sad tone.
“Yeah it is Lora, you have to stop your heavy reliance on science, sometimes you have to turn some things to God, get spiritual, I know of a prophet in Badagree he’s a man of fire and war…”
Lora wouldn’t let her land .

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“Bidemi you know my stance on religion , I can go to church from time to fit into society , but I am not fanatical, I don’t believe in miracles , most times it turns out to be scam .”
Bidemi would not easily admit defeat.
“It’s a common saying that doctors treat but God heals . You cannot dispute the place of faith in God, I think you should run to God .”

Lora had never been close to God, getting pregnant was an issue she saw as a problem . She got pregnant whenever she had unprotected sex .
“I’ll see another gynaecologist , or we would try IVF.”
Bidemi considered Lora’s suggestion.
“IVF is good, you have the money , but what if this is a spiritual problem , I keep asking you what Lara said to you on the reception ground , before she left , but you have refused to tell me , see oh I understand you trust her because she’s your sister , but the things I’ve seen that witch do , is enough for me to conclude her hands are in this , she’s so jealous of you, she wants everything you have . I remembered the look on her face the day Okechukwu got you a car, she was pissed an angry .”
Lora began to laugh.
” You don’t ever forget things right ? It’s been five years now , you know twins are always jealous of each other .”
Bidemi had a different view .
“Well Lora yours is too much, my problem with you is that you only see good in everyone,your sister is bad news . What about Okechukwu has he stopped drooling over you?”
Bidemi asked .
“I don’t want to remember that episode , that guy hurt me bad, he’s unrelenting, I don’t know if he expects me to leave Macaulay for him? After four years he keeps calling, even after I told him I was happily married, he said he couldn’t love another woman .”
They spoke about many issues , Lora drove away around seven pm, the mansion was too lonely , she would be alone with the maids . She stayed away from the house when ever she was off duty .

” Lara I cannot continue babysitting you , you got yourself hooked on drugs I can’t continue footing your bills you quit your job at a good law firm with a huge salary , your own car and a good man who loved you, to come and stay like an invalid in Abuja, jumping from one drug spot to another one, you sold off your car and house to buy drugs ? I’m tired of your irresponsibility.”
Mrs Susan complained bitterly .
“Mum am in pains.”
Lara managed to talk in a drug slurred incoherent gibberish speech .
“I am in pains! Lora stole Macaulay from me! Mum I want to die! I can’t love another person , Macaulay is the only man I’ve ever loved .”
Mrs Susan was pissed at Lara.
“Lara for the love of God! Have a grip of yourself! Macaulay was never yours! He’s never loved,he told you so .”
Lara began to cry .
“Mummy you’re supporting them ! God take my life! I can’t bear this pain. Lora is there with my man…”


ANE Scholarship

Mrs Susan embraced her .
“Baby Micheal loves you, even with all you’ve done he still calls to check on you, asking you to come back to him , even if you don’t want to marry him?”
Lara was quiet for a bit .” Mum I don’t have any money on me, how am I to start over in Lagos?”

Mrs Susan wanted to help her daughter back on her feet .
” I can give you some money to start over, if you promise to give up drugs , I’ll give you two million Naira to get an apartment, you can work at Macaulay’s father’s chamber, he can get you a job there.”

Lara was delighted about the idea of working with Macaulay, in the same chamber.
” Mum you mean you’ll do that for me ?”
Lara said in surprised voice.
” Baby why am I your mum, I cannot judge you, I want you to be happy and fulfilled.”
Lara embraced her .
” Mum I thought you stopped loving me, when you started showing affection to Lora.”
Mrs Susan smiled .
” It’s true I’m trying to Love your sister, but it doesn’t stop you from being my favorite.”

Mrs Susan called Lora , to beg her husband to held Lara get a job in his father’s chambers , it was difficult for Lora to do , knowing that Lara had eyes for Macaulay, but she couldn’t say no to her mother . She spoke to Macaulay.

” For the love of God Lora! I cannot believe you would even bring this topic how can you tell me to do such ? To bring Lara to my father’s chambers? What would Micheal think of me ? ”
Lora kept on begging him.
” It’s what my mum wants, she said Lara has become a drug junkie , I can’t have my twin sister wasting away .”
Macaulay was sincerely confused and shocked about Lora’s request.
“Well if it’s what you want I’ll do that for you , do you have a place for her to stay , because she can’t live in this house.”
Lora kissed him.

“No baby mum has given her a place to rent her own apartment for a year.”
Macaulay hissed and left the room. Lora couldn’t mention Lara’s return to Lagos to Bidemi, until Bidemi ran into Lara at the parking garage of the chamber’s parking lot . They were both shocked to see each other .

” Lora you never told me Lara was back to Lagos?”
Bidemi complained .
” Well she’s back, she moved back to Lagos two weeks ago, mum said she was wasting away in Abuja.”

Bidemi was not comfortable with the idea.
” What was she doing at Mac’s office?”
She asked in surprise.
” Well mum persuaded me to get her a job in Macaulay’s dad’s law firm.”
Bidemi was speechless, she never believed Lora was so blind .
” Lora what’s wrong with you? Why are you so stupid? How can allow that snake near your husband?”
Lora was oblivious to the reason why Bidemi was that pissed .
” Well Bidemi she’s my twin sister, I Love her and want her to have a better life . I didn’t tell you , because I knew you wouldn’t support me, I want to mend my broken relationship with my sister.”
Bidemi gazed at her with a wide eyes.
” Lora you’re unreasonably unbelievable, how could you be so blind as to what’s happening?”
Lora stared blankly at her .
” She apologized for all she did to me in the past, she said she’s moved on from her infatuation on Macaulay, that she just want us to be as twin sisters are supposed to be”
Bidemi was not convinced.
” She cried in this sitting room, Lara apologized, she even brought a cake for me, I’ve forgiven her, I’ve let go of the anger, just accept Lara stop hating on her, if you do love me, she’s my blood I’ve forgiven her.”
Bidemi got up and was ready to leave .
” Please I need to go and pick Lora from the day care, just be Wise Lora, your heart is too soft for my liking, babe you’re too gullible.”
To Be Continued… . . .

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