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Episode 14.

Lara was sat on a sofa in her mighty parlour , the table was covered with a verity of drug cocktail. Empty bottles of codeine syrup she had consumed littered the floor , heroine and coke powder lay next to her , she was supposed to be in court that Monday morning, but the bottles of spirit gin she had gulped down , made her legs too weak to stand . She thought she could be fine with Lora getting married to Macaulay, but the pain was unbearable.

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“I’m a useless person…. Nobody loves me, nobody!”
She mumbled in a slurred subconscious disoriented state , her phone kept ringing, she would pick it up .
“Oh you pathetic loser leave me alone!”
She screamed at her phone when she saw it was Micheal calling , she puked all over the floor , the maid Micheal had gotten for her couldn’t stay , Lara would get abusive transferring her anger to her and slapped the poor girl , starve her for days , after she paid her salary for the previous month , she packed her things and left the duplex immediately Lara had left for work.

In her kitchen a mountain hill of dirty plates piled up there , the wastebin was filled up and spilling over. Micheal drove to her apartment after the he was done from court , the gate was left ajar , he went in through the pedestrian gate to open the main gate .
He went up and saw Lara passed out he took her up to the bathroom, she was barely wobbling on her feet , he cleaned the mess on her body , he began to clean the house , took the dirty plates covered by moths to the wastebin outside, he spent the night taking care of Lara, he also threw away her drugs.

Lara woke up early the next morning,she rushed to the center table to get her drugs but they were not there .


ANE Scholarship

“Micheal! Where are my drugs ?” She screamed running up to her bedroom where he had slept off late in the morning. Micheal got startled and jumped off the bed .
“Why are you screaming like a mad woman.”
Lara was looking furious like a demon possessed maniac.
“I said where are my drugs!”
She said scratching all over her body , as though soldier ants had entered her undies.
“What drugs Lara! When did you become a junkie?”
Lara was getting frustrated she had to take her coke, or she would go insane .
“Micheal I don’t have time for your useless questions ! Baby please tell me where my drugs are ?”
Micheal who knew Lara enjoyed taking cigarettes never knew she was into cocaine .
“I threw them away when I cleaned this place yesterday night , why are you…”
She screamed at the top of her voice crying.
“Why did you throw my drugs away! You threw away my drugs worth seven hundred thousand naira?”
She rushed at him and began to hit him , he embraced her , she wept on his body .
“Lara why are you destroying yourself ? Where is the happy Lara I knew all this years ? You’re lost I don’t know how I lost you .”

Lara wept on his shoulders.
“Lara tell me what the problem is ? Did I do something wrong ? Why are you so miserable?”
Lara wouldn’t say anything she just kept crying .
“My dad has had enough of your truancy, he wants to get you fired! I’ve fought the best i can , I can only plead your case, you can’t continue wasting away , taking pot and heroin, Lara you have a good head above your shoulder, a great future in this profession.”
Lara was itching all over her body , her .
“Nobody loves me Micheal, my mum no longer calls me , my dad abandoned me from birth, Lora hates me , Macaulay…”

Micheal was curious to know what Macaulay had to do with anything.
“What about Macaulay? ” He asked.
“Nothing just nothing.”
She said retracting from his embrace .
“Does my love count as nothing to you ?”
He asked . Lara shrugged away.
“Not that Micheal just that my head is in confusion.”
Micheal got his suit that was hanging on her wardrobe.
“Lara you’ve got to put yourself together, your job is on the line , I’ve asked for us to get married, but you keep giving excuses, my mum has been disturbing me to get her a grandchild, most of my mates are married, I have money I have houses , I have been waiting for you to say yes to me , but Lara I can’t wait forever. This is the sixth year of this relationship. We’re not going forward or backwards, put yourself together, stop abusing hard drugs, I’ve loved you enough, get ready and be at the office .”

He left her apartment and drove back to his house , freshen up and got ready for work.

“Dr Lora I have checked your test results they all came out fine, also the scan results showed you’re fertile to have pregnant, your husbands test was also ok , you should keep on trying, it’s only been a year and a half , some couples stay two three years before they got their first kids.”

Lora was disturbed, she was emaciating, her mother in-law was asking her what the problem was, she had been taking various herbs , it made her to be ashamed, that she would descend to an extent of taking unproven local concoctions Just to take in .

“Honey why are you not eating your food ? ”
Macaulay asked .
“I’m fine baby, I’ll eat later .”
Macaulay knew Lora was lying because she had given him same response and had failed to eat severally.
“Baby you need to eat something, you’ve lost half of your weight. You can’t go on starving yourself, that won’t give us a baby, our child will come .”
Lora would spend her nights crying, Macaulay would wake up to see tears on her eyes while she slept.

“Hello ma’am good morning. I am fine ma, no Lora isn’t fine ma…. Ma I don’t know what else to do , she keeps beating herself over, I’ve told her God will give us our own children but she wouldn’t listen .

Mrs Susan dropped the call , and out a call to Lora.
“Baby what’s wrong with you? Should I come and stay with you at Lagos for a while?”
She asked .
“No mum I’m fine , I’m at work can I call you back later ?”
Mrs Susan wouldn’t listen to her z she knew Lora was trying to run from her .
“Lora if you continue thinking and disturbing yourself, you’ll die before your kids come, keep on trusting on God, your baby will come , you’ve only been married for two years now , some people stayed for five years before they had their first children. I just want you to trust in God.”
Mrs Susan had hung up , her daughters were sick and unhappy, she had been calling Macaulay constantly to make sure his relationship with Lara didn’t crash .

Bidemi drove into Lora’s house, she had gotten married a year after Lora’s marriage .
“Hey baby how are you doing?”
She said as she pecked Lora on the cheek .
“Baby you’re not looking good , don’t tell me you’re still beating yourself over pregnancy issues?”
Bidemi asked her , Lora couldn’t say anything.
“Haba baby it’s good that gives babies , cry to him , not crying to kill yourself.”
Lora sadly said .
” Why does my life have to always be tough and hard , you got married a year after me Bidemi, you are already heavily pregnant. I’ve been married for three years no miscarriage, nothing, or could it be…”

Macaulay walked In on them having a conversation he greeted Bidemi, then went to the refrigerator in the kitchen to get a pack of juice and a glass , which he took upstairs to their room , he was preparing for a case in court .
The conversation continued after he went upstairs.
“What if what Lora?”
Bidemi curiously asked . Lora was crying again .
“What if all those abortions I did on campus, God is punishing me for my sins and wickedness.”
Bidemi never believed God would do that .
“Lora but your test results proves it’s spiritual, I know we’re doctors , and science believes in evidence , but I don’t know what else to say, we’re also Africans and those things happen, people do lock other people’s wombs from getting pregnant.”
Lora managed a weak laugh .
“Bidemi I’ve told you to stop watching too much of Nollywood movies, you’re mixing up fantasy with reality , nobody Is tying my womb.”
Bidemi didn’t argue further .
“There’s one prophetess I know in Ajegunle , she has spiritual eyes , I will take you to go see her if you want.”
Lora thought about the idea .
“I will think about it , I don’t want you to take me to a glorified babalawo o .”
They both laughed, Lora served Bidemi with a plate of fried rice and chicken with a pack of Chivita pineapple juice. They both ate and Lora saw her off to her car , she drove away.
The words Lara said to her at her reception kept playing in her head .
“God forbid! My sister can’t do that to me ! ”
Lora screamed, she walked into the room , Macaulay raised his head for the file he was working on ,he smiled at her and kissed her .
“Has your friend gone away ?”
He asked .
Lora smiled and winked . Macaulay kissed her, he threw away his pajamas shirt and climbed into bed to meet his wife.
To Be Continued… . . .

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