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Episode 12.

Macaulay parked his Lexus SUV close to the emergency exit , Lora was being helped by the left Bidemi who was on her white doctors coat, and her mother who had remained in Ibadan for three weeks . He walked ahead with Lora’s luggages, he waited ahead for them, because their pace was at snail speed .
“I’ll be waiting at the car , seems my legs are giraffe’s”
He laughed as Lora smiled .

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He had been jumping from Lagos to ibadan as if If it was the next street .
Bidemi returned to the wards and promising to see Lora later that evening, she had to rush back , the senior doctor had warned Bidemi over her truancy and negligence of duty .

Macaulay drove the SUV slowly, like a heavily loaded trailer going down a slippery and narrow hill . For Lora was in pains , any sharp movement hurts her body .
“Where are you going? This isn’t the way to Ayetoro”
Macaulay smirked.
“Are you kidnapping us?”
Lora joked .
“Well your stay at Ayetoro is over , I’m moving you to a duplex in ome of my dad’s estates on the GRA.”
Lora was confused , she had never discussed about moving from Ayetoro near the school village . But then she had planned to go to UK for her master’s and internship, but life had a different game awaiting her .

The estate was a massive cosmopolitan of endless edifices. The serenity of the environment gives the atmosphere an air of Europe . Exotic cars covered the car park , as If it was car sales stands .


ANE Scholarship

Mrs Susan was wooed , she wondered what Macaulay had in mind for Lora. Why would he care so much and paid all her hospital bills ? The maids helped Lora to her room, the lack of oxygen to her brain , induced by the strong relaxant she had taken in excess had starved her brain of oxygen, which caused a mini partial stroke.

“Lora I need to return to my parents house , I’ve been away for so long. Gladia is the make , and Okon is the chef , ask him for whatever you want he would do more .”
He turned to Mrs Susan.
“Ma’am I know you’ll take care of her , I’ll be traveling back to Lagos tomorrow morning, I’ve a case in court . ”
He handed her an envelope.
“Please ma’am that’s two hundred thousand naira , you use it to buy whatever you or Lora would need , I may not be back for a week .”
Mrs Susan protested.
“Please Macaulay you’ve done enough, I’ve money to …”
Macaulay cut in .
“Ma’am that’s a token, a sand drop on an ocean . Let’s not argue, you’re my guess and should be comfortable, Bidemi would be coming with your stuffs Lora, I’ll see you when I return .”
Mrs Susan thanked him and he left .

“Hello mum how are you guys doing?”
Lara asked on the phone.
” I’m fine how’s Michael doing?”
Mrs Susan asked .
“Oh mum Micheal is fine , he proposed to me yesterday, but I held back , I just couldn’t say yes , I had a strong feeling?”

Mrs Susan was confused as to why , her daughter would have a second thought about marrying Micheal ,like Macaulay his best friend he was tall broad chested and well built .
“Mum I don’t think I love Micheal enough .”
Mrs Susan was beginning to boil with rage .
“Why would you be saying such nonsense Lara! Same guy but you a house , got you a car , got you a job in his father’s chambers, with a salary of three hundred and fifty thousand, he’s never cheated on you what is your problem? You have to marry him Lara!”

Lara wasn’t moved.
“Mum is it your marriage ? If marriage is that easy why have you not gotten married ?”
Mrs Susan became molten magma coals .
“Lara seems you must be mad ? ”
Lara chuckled.
“Mum am sorry if that came out wrong , but what I mean is that commitment scares me , like mum today I love Micheal tomorrow I don’t, what if we get married and I no longer want it ? ”

Mrs Susan sighed .

“Baby at some point you just had to take a blind leap, I could not stop loving your father that was why I couldn’t get married, that man broke something in me , Michael is a good boy , he loves and adores the ground you work on. Don’t lose him.”

Lara had to agree with her mother .
“Ok mum , I’m currently at his place , the chef just brought in dinner, when are you going to Abuja?”
Lara enquired.
“I don’t think it’s going to be anytime soon, I’ve missed so much in Lora’s life I want to make up for lost time .”

Lara’s countenance changed, she farrowed her brows.
“Mum she’s a drama queen, just being melodramatic, to get you attention.”
Mrs Susan for the first time got pissed at Lara.
“You’re just a wicked child. Sometimes I wonder who you resemble, maybe you’re more like Desmond than I thought.”
Mrs Susan reprimanded Lora for being inconsiderate.
“Have you guys been discharged?”
Mrs Susan said yes .
“So where is she now ?”
Lara asked .
“We’re at Macaulay’s house , he brought us to one of his father’s estates, we’re we’ll be staying here until Lora makes full recovery.”
Lara was banged her phone on tbe bed , and screamed .
“She’s not going to take my best friend she can not .”

Lara quickly dressed up ,and stormed out of her room in Michael’s father’s house .
She walked out angrily passed through the massive sitting room, where Micheal was watching TV with his father , when Lara walked out of the house without a word .

” Do you two have a misunderstanding? ”
SAN Obafemi asked confused at her strange behavior.
“No dad I don’t know what’s going on .”
Mr Obafemi was confused at the mood swing .
“Go after her , I thought she planned to sleep over .”
Micheal ran out to meet Lara about driving out of the gate .
“Where are you going? It’s almost ten PM.”
Lara ignored him .
“Micheal leave the road! I have to leave this place right now !”
Lara screamed . She flew out of the compound in rage . She rushed into her apartment at Banana island , she picked up some clothes and put them in her box . She started dialing Michael’s number.
“Hello Macaulay , you betrayed me .”
She said when Macaulay picked up.
“What do you mean Lara , how did I betray you?”
He was sincerely confused.
“You started seeing my sister ? Are you in Lagos?”
Macaulay got where her anger was germinating from .
“Well I am in Ibadan now, I thought your sister needs a better place to recuperate, so I gave her a house on my father’s estate .”
Lara almost skidded off the road .
“Are you driving while on a call ?”
Macaulay asked .
“That’s not your business! How does it concerns you if I had an accident and died, that would take a bone off your neck .”
Macaulay was confused at her anger .
“Please I’ve to go I need to sleep , I’ve a case tomorrow.”
Lara was vibrating like a fibrating set.
” You dare not hang up on me! You dare not! Hello Mac! Dang! He hanged up on me ?”
She speed into the national wing of the Lagos airport.
” Please I want to get a ticket to Ibadan.”
Lora said to an airline agent .
“Sorry ma’am we’ve closed for the night, the next flight for Ibadan will be leaving tomorrow by six AM.”

Lara wanted to bite off the head of the attendant .

” Aaaaaaaarhhhh don’t tell me that nonsense! Put me on the available plane I need to be in Ibadan this night! Or else I’ll burn down this place.”
The attendant called airport security which led Lara out .

Six AM the next morning Lara was on the next Nigerian Air plane in Ibadan . She got an Uber that dropped her off at The Palm grove estate . She went to the security at the gate, and wanted to forcefully get into the the estate , the security men bundled her like a piece of rag.
“Madam you better call who you want see! You no the enter this compound .”

Shs dialed her mother’s number.
“Hey Lara why are you calling me this early?”
Lara was sounding like a wounded lion on the phone.

“Mum I’m by the gate, the poor poverty striken men , refused to let me in .”
Mrs Susan was shocked.
“Lara are you kidding ? ”
She opened her window blinds to see if it was an October prank .
And truly Lara was there fighting with the security men . She rushed down there to calm the situation.

“Lara what are you doing here ? You didn’t informed me you were coming.”
Lara ignored her mum and marched to the house she saw her mother come out .
“Lara wait your sister is just recovering, don’t go and stress her .”
Mrs Susan screamed running after her .
“Lora! Lora! Where are you ?”
Bidemi and the physiotherapist came out of the room to see what the noise was about.
“Lora you can never have Macaulay! I’ve warned you to stay away from him! I’ll do whatever I’ll do to keep it ,one of us would end up getting hurt, if you insist on your relationship with him!”

Immediately she turned and stormed the house, leaving everybody short of word , confused , bamboozled and starstruck. She flew back to Lagos that same morning. Her mother wondered if her daughter had gone mad .

Macaulay ran into Micheal at the court .
“Bro what up?”
Macaulay said .
“I’m good bro , congratulation on your case , you won the three hundred million naira land case . Men Obafemi chambers is rushing to the bank .”
Macaulay observed Micheal wasn’t happy they had won the case , lawyers from his chambers , drove away leaving him behind .
“Macaulay I don’t know what’s wrong with my faincee. I proposed to her she asked me to hold on .
Yesterday night men she stormed out of my parents house.”

Macaulay had knowledge of what had happened.
“Bro I don’t know what’s wrong with women sometimes . They just switching moods like NEPA.”
Micheal sulked away into his Lexus salon car and drove off .

Macaulay flew into Ibadan, he went to a florist shop to get a flower. Then he got an engagement ring from a jewelry shop, the ring had a diamond studded on It.

“Hello Lora, you’re all that matters in my life time without you is like being stucked in am empty room .”
He continued trying to get a fancier word .

“Hey Macaulay you’re back? Welcome, how was case at the courthouse?”
Mrs Susan asked .
“I thank God we’re still on it , but we’re winning, please how’s Lora? Hope she’s getting better?”
Mrs Susan nodded .
“Hope the physiotherapist have been coming around.”
Mrs Susan smiled .
“Oh yes she’s been coming , Lora has started walking without the crutches.”
Macaulay smiled .
“Lora is in her room.”
Macaulay went up to her room .
Lora was busy discussing with Bidemi .
“Hey Macaulay welcome , you’re back ?”
Macaulay was beaming with joy .
He knelt down, in the presence of Lora and Bidemi.

“Lora I remember the first day I saw you, on campus Four years ago , I knew I loved you, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, you went far away from me , I almost lose to the cold hands of death, I was dying as I ran to your house , while Bidemi here called me. I thought you’d died , God gave us a second chance , to get this right , Lora Osuji here before you and your family I knee to be my second half , my best friend, my joy giver my wife.”
Bidemi was urging her to say yes , she looked at her mum and couldn’t see any expression, she looked at Macaulay on his feet , and was speechless, she thought about what Lara had said , she was lost in confusion.
To Be Continued… . . .

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