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6 Ways To Pass The Time On Your Commute To Work



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A long commute can be the dullest part of your day dragging by as you head towards work but it doesn’t have to be. Your commute can feel like its flying by and even be an enjoyable part of your day, just have a look at a few of our top tips and you will find yourself there before you know it.

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1. Find yourself an EBook

With apps like kindle you can easily bring an entire library of books along on your commute, allowing you to decide in the moment which would best suit your current mood and help you pass the time. There are many free options if you don’t want to break the bank getting yourself started, and with so many classics available for free you can turn your dull commute into an opportunity to try something new.

2. Learn something new

As well as broadening your mind with a classic, you could also try out a few apps that can teach a different skill, or where you can find information. You can find anything online from where to find the world’s tallest mountain, to the Men’s Aus Open odds, surely something for everyone! You could learn a language, and think about where you might go to practice it, ask some questions that you have always wanted to know and try and find the answers, you’d be surprised how quickly you can pass the time.

3. Play games

From endless fantastic free apps on your phone to a good old game of I Spy there are so many options for killing time on your own or with a fellow commuter, just try not to get too carried away – your other travellers may not be so keen on you if you try to bring back the Mini or yellow car games!

4. Meditate

Your commute can be a good opportunity to meditate and give your mind a rest in our hectic modern life. Even just zoning out or day-dreaming can be beneficial to your day giving you a chance to check out and reset while also nicely passing the time.

5. Do some writing

From journaling to penning short poems or stories your commute can be a great time to take down your thoughts and feelings or to create something new without the distractions of most parts of your day. Your dull travel time could lead to future success, so grab yourself a pen and paper or even a notes app and get scribbling.

6. Shop

Online shopping is so easy these days that it can be dangerous, but there are plenty of reasons to buy something and your commute can be a good time for you to think about what you really want, like ingredients for a special meal you have been wanting to try and cook for ages or a birthday present for a loved one, this quiet time can allow you to get to grips with what you need and get it ordered right then and there

Whether you want to use your commute as a time of quiet reflection, to read a book or just sit and play solitaire there are so many ways to kill time and ensure that you get to work before you know it and feeling good!

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