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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 24)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 24

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She kept driving while trying to wave off the hate, the anger forming on her mind.
Is better she gives him the benefit of doubt and hang on to some tiny hope like she had done all this years.

She loved her husband dearly and had overlooked so many of his errors and bad sides.

She had wanted to divorce him in the past, during the first fraudulent charges that his company leveled on him and it turned out to be true.
A devasting moment and a big stain to their names.
Their lives and marriage was shaken by the whole saga.
He was supposed to served a long term sentence in prison but due to her influence and also putting in all the resources she had Pete was released.
After she managed to free him, she didn’t sense guilt or full remorsefulness in his actions and that was when she started having a deep rethink over the marriage.
She was going to end the whole thing, kick Pete out because by right the house was hers and take care of the kids.
He was free to come and visit but that was all to it.
For her sanity sake she prefers to be alone.
The shame, pain and all her hard earned money that went down during the process was too much loss.

Initially, she did not mind because all that matters was that her husband, the man she loved with all her heart and father of her children was out and safe but what pisses her off is his act of pride.
Portraying himself like what he did was right, no consequences to his actions due to he has a caring wife that won’t let him last a day in prison.
He felt that he can do it all over and no one has the right to send him to jail.
That was when she started thinking of letting it all go. Letting her sacrifice in the marriage and her so called husband to go.
It was as if Pete sensed what she intended and began to plead for her forgiveness.
She had to forgive and put it all behind her
Not until it happened again after few years and this time the money was huge.
Double to the previous theft.

She couldn’t tell what he did with the millions except that he squandered it carelessly and the remaining one was frozen by his company.
With her influence again and selling most of her property that could have worth more than what she sold them in few years time and also through the help of some of her influential clients she was able to bail him out after months of cooling in jail.
She had to also source for the help of the banks are thereby using one of her property as collateral which they are still holding onto.
All of this she sacrificed for a man she called her husband and she even assisted in setting up his own pharmaceutical store since he has lots of knowledge on medicine.

He was scrutinized and money was paid to get him a licence so that he can practice.
This year she had thought everything was settled and no more crisis or troubling drama until Veronica showed up and ever since everything changed.

She was heart broken when she got those pictures from Veronica and that was when Pete began to confess of having an affair which produced two kids after lying that Veronica was just a colleague who was obsessed with him.

And despite his criminal records he still had the mind of adding murder to it.

He almost succeeded with his act of killing Veronica, her kids and also Jane her friend without any sign of fear.
Another big mess that she will be dragged into and will start looking for a means to tidy it up.
Pushed into his mess again without choice.
If not that she followed him and appeared just at the right time it would have been too late to remedy anything.
Lives and properties would have been lost and Pete will act like nothing happened because that is mostly his way.

She will not only be married to a criminal or ex convict but also a murderer.
That will be freaky scary.

She had paid for all the hospital bills for Veronica and asked the doctor to try his possible best to keep her alive.

Her husband did not ask her even for once about Veronica or the kids.
He did not care if she died or survived instead he was a bit relieved that they may never trouble him again.

“…. pathetic, inconsiderate, selfish barbarian…”
Patricia spoke out loud to the quiet car as she kept driving trying to suppress the anger and agony resting in her heart.

And now her concerns is getting the truth from Veronica.
Hopefully she will tell her the truth about the house.
She also hopes that Jubril has nothing to do with it.

Patricia was believing that her husband is telling the truth and if so, it will be his saving grace.

She got to the hospital, parked, picked up her bag and walked into the hospital.
The doctor attending to Veronica was just coming out of his office.
He saw Patricia and called out to her.
She greeted him kindly with a smile as she asked about Veronica.
The doctor told her that Veronica was recuperating fine.
He asked to see her in his office but she said he should hold on for some minutes.

She needs to see Veronica first before coming to talk with him.
The doctor allowed her to go.
She tapped gently on the door before walking in.

“Hey… how’re you doing?
Patricia asked gently as she entered the private hospital ward where Veronica was.

“I’m doing great by the grace of God. Thanks to God for another chance to life and thanks to you too Patricia for overlooking everything and helping me. God bless you and grant you your desires. I’m forever grateful… thank you.

Patricia did not smile or say anything as she took few feets closer to her bedside.

“I’m not really a religious person Vero but I will still say Amen to your prayers. You may be right when you say God gave you another chance to life but it could still be coincidence. Me showing up at the right time to help save the day…”

Veronica looked up at her and said.
“No sparrow falls from the sky to the ground without his knowledge. For he knows the number of your hair and your deepest thought. Patricia, I don’t believe in coincidence…I believe in God. I have taken him for granted enough I will never do that again…never. he knew you will be there that day. Jane wasn’t supposed to come…I wasn’t even expecting her until the weekend but God lead her down and it was due to the way she tries to engage Pete in a conversation that delayed him shooting until you showed up just in time. God knew what was going to happen that way. he showed me signs through dreams severally but I never understood but I do now. Is okay not to be religious, I’m not religious either but I believe in God and he has the best interest for us all despite how filthy we are. Maybe you should also try giving it a try. God is everywhere… in your car, your kitchen, bathroom, every corner of your house and wherever you find yourself. Talk to him wherever and whenever…trust me he will be listening. It may only tarry but with perseverance it will come to past…”

With a sarcastic look on Patricia face while rolling her eyes at Veronica she asked

“So, why didn’t you ask him about Jubril before getting hooked. Probably, the all knowingly God would have revealed to you that he is a married man with children. He allowed and approved your pathetic union, leading you into such disgusting relationship and you even went to church to be joined together by a pastor. you had two children and for good six years you never know the real man you think you married. there was nothing about him aside what he told you. Why did God not tell you that you were coming in between already married couple? You agreed to became an agent to destroy my home? I thought your bible said that whatever God joined together let no man put asunder?

Veronica sighed heavily and said.
“, Just like I told you earlier God is not to be blamed for my faults. It was all my blinded actions. Give me the full portion of the blames Patricia…i will agree and take full responsibility for it. but leave God out of it… totally. He tried to warn me but I was carried away Patricia. I allowed myself to be deceived. I even made Pete the center of my world and put God at one corner, but his mercies never ceased in my life, his love is renewed every morning. I’m sorry… really sorry for every pain I must have caused you and your entire household. This few days, lying in this bed had made me realize how selfish and gullible I was…”

Patricia sighed sadly and said.
“, I’m not totally blaming you Vero. You were only a victim in all of this without a foreknowledge on Jubril. Is even the kids I pity the most. They deserve a better father in their lives. Your mistake of getting hitched with a strange man like Jubril could have caused them their precious, innocent lives. I’m just angry at how it all turned out and how I ignored the daring signs due to I never wanted a broken home because I came from one and wouldn’t want my kids to experience such but sometimes is better to be alone than to be with someone that doesn’t give you peace of mind. Atleast, you have a fine home to return to with your kids. try to move past this whole thing Vero, I understand how traumatizing it must be for you and your little ones. With time it will become a thing of the past… that’s certain. By the way your house is beautiful and in a very discreted area. It suit those wanting a private life…far away from the crowdy, noisy world. Since houses are like my favorite toys, seeing yours I knew it was a big one. Was it an inheritance, a gift or you bought it?

“None of the above Patricia. Pete bought it, he said he wanted a beautiful house in a quiet area and our house fit in perfectly to his taste. Even though he never stayed around much but I came to love everything about that house. Well, not anymore. I’m not going back there, it appears like a hell hole to me. It doesn’t hold any good memories. Since houses are your thing and the man behind it all is your legal husband whom you have suffered so much with… then you can go ahead and do whatever you want with the house. Just give us time to move out some of our things…”

Patricia became very quiet and didn’t speak for a while.
Veronica watch her move her lips uncontrollable. She Made hard fist out of her right hand.

“He lied, he lied to me again and again. Oh no… lying bastar…..d..”
Patricia said quietly to herself
Veronica couldn’t figure out what she meant in her quiet whisper.

“I’m sorry Patricia, if did or say anything wrong please forgive. I don’t want to fight, compete or challenge you or anyone. Is exhausting and I really don’t have such strength in me anymore. Take anything you want, take the house, even the car… they are all from Pete. But please pardon me and my kids and let us be in peace.

Patricia tapped her gently on the shoulder and said.
“Don’t panic Vero. I’m not going to hurt you or your children. I can’t contribute in saving your life and still want to take the same life or freedom away from you. This other upcoming fight will be between i and Jubril and it had nothing to do with you. Relax and get well soon so that you can go back to your children and start your life again. You are not in anyway a threat and my happiness is that you are alive and well again. Maybe indeed God cares about you by making me to be there at the right time. I’m going to see the doctor now….it was nice speaking with you Vero. I will keep in touch…”

She turned and walked away.

She walked into the doctors office majestically and unbothered and took a seat across the table.

They began to talk and the doctor asked her about the shooting and before he will finish Patricia interrupted.
“Is my husband, Mr Jubril Elliot who deceived your patient Veronica into believing he was single and there by cohabitating with her for over five years and defrauding his company which he used to fund his extravagant lifestyle. When the truth finally came to light he tries to cover it up by going to kill Veronica and the children he had with her, also her friend who happens to be there as of the time of the incident. He intended shooting them to death and razing down the house with their bodies and that of the children in it. Yes, my legally wedded husband is behind it all and his name is Jubril Elliot. If you search him out you will understand his frightening criminal records and how dangerous he is to the outside world. More reason that I’m going to see that justice is served, he will be convicted of his whole crime. somebody like him deserve to be behind bars. Don’t misunderstand me, I love my husband but covering his multitude of sin makes me an accomplice. I have suffered enough for his atrocities, is time for him to carry his cross alone, bear the heavy weight of his evil deeds…alone this time…”!

The doctor was dumbfounded. He looked into Patricia eyes and saw a woman who have been through a lot of silent pain and emotionally torture.

“I know how hard this must be for you Mrs Elliot. Your husband won’t get away with this demeaning, attempted murderous act of his. I’m informing the police right away…if that’s okay by you..”

“First of all, please I will rather prefer you address me as Patricia. Secondly, this is not hard for me at all…is exactly what I should have done long time ago…but is better late than never. Thirdly, trust me and give me two weeks to fix up something back at home before you start involving the police but you can tell them to be at alert just in case. I will give you a call doctor when everything is successful fixed and then you can send down the police to do away with him and I will be willing and ready to testify against him when the time comes. The earlier he is put away in chains and in a hole like the criminal that he is the better for everyone….”

The doctor nodded quietly as Patricia stood and walked away.

The battle is now between her and Jubril, let’s see how it turns out.

Patricia went into her car and zoomed off.
She has an unfinished business waiting for her at home.
Her husband is the main “business” relaxing and enjoying himself as he pleases.

He should enjoy to the fullest because after two weeks, his time will be up.
To Be Continued…… . . .

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