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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 22)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 22

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Pete checked through the peephole and was shocked to see his wife.

“What is she doing here… how did she even know that I’m here or get here in the first place. how…how?

Pete mumbled to himself as he became totally confused on what exactly to do.
Her presence will spoil a whole lot of Things for him or maybe it will still work out for their good.
Patricia wanted the mess cleaned and he was already determined to do so even before she asked.
Maybe seeing that he was doing exactly that will make her want to walk with him

They will both finish what he started, set the house on fire and get going.
Nothing will be traced down to them. Absolutely nothing.
Pete walked back to the scene where the two ladies were, already one is down and it remains one to go.
he saw the blood trying to roll down like a stream of water.
He was very close to the finishing line. It was when he was trying to shoot the second person after bringing down the first that the knocking came. He was already full charged and in the mood of eliminating the two ladies.

It was just one to go. He will finish her up later.
Patricia hates sight of blood but she will love this one since is from the enemies that wants their downfall.

He walked back to the door while trying to wear the best smile.
He opened the door with a fat grin on his face as he exclaimed, acting all surprise to see his wife.
“Hey Pety…my love. What are you doing here…?

Patricia looked at him suspiciously before replying.
“I’m here to do the exact thing you came for…”

Pete smiled and said to her

“Then you’re on time because the party just started. Come on in..”

Patricia quietly walked in, looking around and admiring the interior structure. This house was going to go for real money if it was put up for sale. She had sold houses like this in the past and knew exactly what it worth.
Been into real estate gives her an edge to know worth of buildings like this one.

Some mopping noise coming from a far end brought her back to reality.
She can also hear children crying upstairs.
She looked back at her husband.
He was holding something behind him and it was as if he read his thoughts at that moment and dropped his hand at his side.
That was when reality hit Patricia hard.
She had a gunshot earlier before getting carried away with the building structural inside base.
“What the hell are you doing with a gun… who did you shoot? Wait… hope you didn’t shoot any human Jubril…? Where is Veronica and the other Lady that came in here, I can here children crying from afar…I guess upstairs. What have you done this time again…?

Patricia questioned him, feeling uneasy.

“I thought you will be happy… you supposed to be happy Pety. I promised that I was going to clean the mess and that is exactly what I came to do. If I don’t do this Veronica and her cohorts will cause lots of damage for me… for us. I can’t let that happen Pety. She is as good as dead, a mistake I regretted getting involved in and also to prove to you that she means nothing to me. You and the kids are my everything. I won’t trade that for anything. I have already killed one and…”

Patricia opened her eyes wide in shock.
“, You did what? Whaaaat the hell! Where are they. Oh… this is another bad one. With your whole criminal records you still went to add murder to the list? What is wrong with you…? Oh God…wher, where are they? Which part of the house are…

She paused and started running ahead with speed.
She cursed loudly seeing the sight that behold her eyes.
Her husband wasn’t joking when he said he shot one of them.
Veronica was down and lay lifeless.
Blood was gushing out from the gun wound on her chest.

The other lady was almost tumbled over. She was obviously struggling to get free from the leg and hand bond. Her mouth was also tepped up.
She was crying and kept struggling to get free as she tries to reach her friend lifeless body.

Seeing the blood sent cold chill all over Patricia’s body.
She almost threw up right there.

“…oh God.. blood. Blood…aaaahhhh Jubril!
Patricia called out her husband’s name angrily as she quickly began to untie Jane.
She removed the tep first and loosened her up.
Jane rushed over to Veronica crying loudly.
Blood was running down from Jane’s broken nose, where Pete hit her with the head of the gun earlier.

She turned her friend over and began checking her body while loosing her up.
She exclaimed loudly
“She is alive. Oh Jesus. Vero is still breathing… Please don’t let my friend die. Please ma’am help us… help Veronica please. I can feel her pulse. Yes…yes she is still alive. Let’s rush her to the hospital. There’s a hospital, is not far from here…. is down the end of the second Street. Please, she still alive and any further delay… she may die..”

On hearing that Veronica was still alive Patricia who have been trying to look away from the whole bloody scene rushed over to Veronica.
She over looked the bloody sight and checked her pulse to be certain that she was truly breathing just to be sure of what Jane was saying.

“You’re right, She is still breathing. Damnit! look at all this blood.. blood is too much, is everywhere… Jubril. You said you came to clean the mess but you ended up making a bigger mess. Now I have to tidy this up… despite how ill I feel with the whole thing. Oh Jubril…! What are you still standing there for? Can’t you hear that the lady is still alive… come and carry her to the car quickly…”
Patricia said while bending over Veronica.

Pete moved closer and pointed his gun on Veronica’s head.
“She can’t live… She has to die. Her being alive will bring lots of trouble to me…to us Pety. Please leave the way let me finish what I started. Nothing will be traced down to us. I promise, nothing and we won’t be a suspect because all traces will be cleared off. We’re in this together Pety and we have to stand together. Since you’re already here which is not a coincidence then let’s quickly finish this and get out. Is getting dark, by the time we are done, we set the house up in flames and by morning it will become a rumble of dirt, all traces will disappear. Let me do this Pety so that we can get out of here. I know how much you hate sight of blood…it makes you sick which is more reason we have to hurry up. One more bullet to her head will end her immediately and the remaining one goes to her friend…Jane. they can all rot in hell…I don’t care. They are not our problem anymore after today. Let’s…”

Jane started muttering prayer while pleadingly seriously.

Patricia got up from the ground and stood in between Pete and Veronica who lay still on the ground without movement.
“No more blood shed except you want to go through me. You will have to shoot me first before any of this women. I can see how heartless and inhuman you are. I thought I was hardened, I thought I was the shrewd one but I can see you are a beast. You want to burn down this house with their bodies in it… including that of the kids upstairs that I can still hear their scream. This property is worth money… lots of it and I don’t know how Vero was able to acquire it but she indeed got a nice place and I won’t watch you raze it down. It won’t happen…not now that I’m involved. So you will have to go through me before you release another bullet to either Veronica or her friend. Pull the trigger Jubril and we will all go down together…”

Pete didn’t drop his gun as he stare at his wife daring him to shoot.
He thought she came all the way down here to support him.
She must have followed him with another car because he did not notice her car anywhere behind all through his driving.
And he was happy that Patricia will help him in clearing the mess but unfortunately she is causing more trouble for him.
Maybe he should just pull the trigger and end it all here and now.
He had planned out on how he wanted everything to go, he won’t allow anyone not even Patricia his wife to stop him.

He pointed the gun to Patricia’s forehead instead.
An unbelievable Patricia dropped her jaw in shock as the husband raise the gun to her face.
She became speechless and instead of becoming afraid she became more angrier.
“You sure do have gut to bite the finger that feeds you Jubril. What are you waiting for… pull the trigger you cowardice imbecile. Do it or is your hand suddenly frozen?

Everywhere became quiet except for Jane’s continues whispers. She was praying quietly while holding onto Veronica and watching Pete and his wife stood up staring at each other, with a gun still pointed at Patricia who was quiet now as she stood unafraid.

Pete on realizing himself dropped his hand.
“…You dares pull a gun to my face Jubril…how dare you? Patricia barked angrily.

Pete looked like he just came out of a trance as he tries to apologise.
“I’m sorry Pety, I…I don’t know what Came over me. I wasn’t thinking… please forgi…”

Patricia interrupted him with a heavy slap to his face.
“We will talk about this later. Now isn’t the time. Hurry and carry Vero to the car, let’s speed down to the hospital. We have wasted enough time already…”

Patricia asked Jane if Veronica was still breathing.
Jane said she can’t tell because she can no longer feel any pulse.

Pete said to his wife
“Is of no use. I guess she is already dead. Going to the hospital will raise a dust… questions we can’t answer. Beside she will be too heavy to carry all the way outside the gate. Pety please listen, is better we just do away with her instead of getting into trouble because of her…”

“I insist we take her to the hospital. Let them confirm her dead or alive. This whole thing is not upto you anymore. Go over and lift her up and let’s leave. She is your burden and you must carry it…”

He put back his gun into his cloth and rubbed his hands together
Pete went over to Veronica while
Jane rushed upstairs to the kids room but find out that the door was locked.

She rushed down again panting heavily. She told Patricia about the kids while Pete was struggling to lift Veronica from the ground.
Patricia asked Pete where he kept the key to the children’s room and Pete reluctantly told her.
Jane quickly rushed to the spot, got the key and rushed back to the room
She unlocked the door and the scared little children rushed to her and held like their lives depends on it.
Jane noticed that they were both shaking.
She carried the boy while the girl followed as they went back downstairs.

Nobody was downstairs again, she can see them outside.
Pete carried Veronica almost lifeless body across his shoulder while running towards the gate at Patricia’s command.

Jane wish she could drop the kids somewhere but there was nobody to leave them with.

She had to run along and join them in the car.
Patricia hop in beside Pete.
Veronica’s body was at the back seat. Jane smuggled in with the children who became more scared on seeing their Mom not moving.
Jane tries as much as possible to assure them that their mother was alright, she was only sleeping.

Pete speed down to the hospital as Jane pointed out the easy way out to him.
To Be Continued….. .  . .

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