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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 21)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 21

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On her way back she decided to check up on Veronica and to inform her that Dan didn’t call as expected.

She was still hopeful and won’t give up so soon but if along the line she couldn’t keep up with the wait then it will be time to move on.
Well, is a regret she was ready to live with for the rest of her life.
Loosing a good man like Dan is totally her fault which she caused due to ignorance.

She was supposed to go home but checking up on Veronica to know what was exactly her next plan after sending the pictures became strong in her mind.

She took a cab and went over. She noticed a car parked close to her gate and did not wonder much about it.

She went inside and knocked but no response came.
She was almost thinking that Veronica was not around. But where could she have gone by this time of the day.
Is evening already and her car was parked in the compound.

Jane knocked harder yet no response.
She brought out her phone to call Veronica but Veronica’s phone was switched off.
She thought of giving up and turning back to go but something strong kept her at the door.
If Veronica isn’t around what of her kid? Or did she leave without her car?
Alot of thought was flying in Jane’s mind as she kept knocking and calling out to her.
Maybe she should go home because obviously is either Veronica doesn’t want to open the door or she is not around.
She decided to knock one more time.
Jane noticed that the door knob moved a little.
It means somebody was in the house
Something wasn’t right, it begining to look fishy to Jane who called out loudly and knocked harder.

The door opened and a gun pointed to her forehead all in a flash.

“You make alot of noise Jane, you haven’t changed one bit with your lousy noisy lifestyle. Maybe that’s why you are still single, no man finds you appealing. You came to do your small gossip with your stupid friend right? You were not invited to our small party but since you decide to show up on your own then you’re welcome. Is quiet unfortunate for you though because you won’t be getting out of here alive. Enter inside quietly and move straight to the circle and if I hear any noise I will blow off your head and watch your sowered stinking brain spread out. Move… quietly and shut the hell up…”

Jane raised her hands in fear and surrender as she moved in just as she was commanded.

It was Pete that owns the car outside. A different car from the one he usually use when he was still acting as Veronica’s husband.
She saw Veronica’s tired to a chair with her mouth tapped.
Blood was rolling down her forehead. Her legs and hands were also tired up.

The children were probably locked away in their room upstairs or Pete has done something terrible to them because no noise was coming from them.

Veronica try to mumble something but Pete strike her across the face hard and she rolled over to the ground.
She couldn’t get up due to her body was bundled up with rope.
Pete picked her up and make her sit upright.
He went to a carton box which was lying close by and took out a rope.
He probably got the box from the store house because Jane knew she had seen such box in their store before.

“You won’t get away with this Pete…”

Jane said outloudly as her fear turned into anger seeing what Pete has done to Veronica.
“… you will rot in hell for every pain you have caused Vero. You will regret this day… you won’t get away with your atrocities and…”

Pete punched her hard on the mouth, breaking her lips as Jane tested her own blood and a sharp pain travelled round her body.

He took the rope and began tiring her up. He covered her mouth with s tape just like he did with Veronica but on a second thought he pulled off the tape making Jane to wince in pain.

“I already have. You said I won’t get away with it but that is a big lie because I already have. Few minutes later you won’t have the ability to look me in the eyes or talk to me because you will be dining with the dead while I move on as a free man… like nothin happened. I have only three bullet remaining here. One for you and another for Vero. The remaining one is for safety purpose when I’m getting out or just in case somebody else decided to join our small party. I know you like talking and tapping up your mouth will kill you faster so I will let you have your mouth for now. I will shoot you both dead, set this entire house on fire before leaving so that nothin will trace down to me. This house will be razed down to ashes. You will die by the gun and the fire too that’s double trouble on your dead bodies. Look over there you will see a match box and petrol can. Yes, those are what I’m going to use to start the fire. This house is mine but is as good as nothing to me….”

He made sure that Jane was properly tired before picking up his gun again.

“What do you want… why are you doing this Pete? For the sake of your children please, don’t do this. Atleast think about the good times you had with Vero and the beautiful kids too… does that not mean anything at all to you? Vero will never trouble you through out her lifetime if you can just let us go. I promise nobody… not even the police will know of this. Please Pete… I know you still have conscience in there…”

“Shut up. You seem to know me too well but not well enough. I left my conscience back in my house with Patricia my wife before embarking on this journey. I’m sorry you because my conscience is not with me. I can’t remember having any good time with Vero because I never loved her or valued her one bit. I only played along with the time being. As for the kids, I care less about them… they are for Vero. My own kids are back at home with my wife Patricia. I gave your foolish, greedy and unintelligent friend everything…Everything she ever wanted. I agreed to father a child I never wanted, a lame stupid wedding I hated but acted along. I bought gifts and luxury for this so called church girl that never practiced what she believed in… which made me wonder what kind of Christian are you Vero? I did everything to keep you in this house.. happy, I stole from my company just to keep footing your bills. I was later caught and locked up because of you. I know what I went through and have to start all over with the help of Patricia… my one and only wife. I risked a whole lot for years still because of you… Yet when I gave her simple instructions to keep a distance and stay away from my family after she showed up unexpectedly she couldn’t keep to that. Sending pictures to Patricia was the most dumbest things you ever did and I know you both must have planned it together and that is why I won’t let any of you live because you will cause more problem for me if you’re alive and so is Veronica’s kids too. You are both better off dead and forgotten. Remember this, that Vero brought death upon herself and upon you too after she tries to get in my way…”

Jane breathed sadly. She looked over at Veronica and saw tears mixed with blood rolling down from her forehead and settled on her cheek.
Her eyes were close, she seems to be praying as hot tears kept pouring down.

Jane doesn’t know what to do or say except to also pray to God for some divine intervention.
Nobody can rescue them from Pete’s claw except God.
Pete looks scary and determined to carry out his devious act. He appears to be an entirely different man. Like the real devil himself

Jane decided to try talking again, she hopes her freedom of speech at this moment won’t make her death come faster than usual.

“Pete… Vero loves you… so much and that was why she acted the way she did. The whole thing was devastating to…”

Pete struck her hard on the nose with the head of his gun shutting her up.
The pain Jane felt was unbearable. She screamed out in anguish.
Pete took a tape and wrap up her mouth.

“You abused the little freedom that you were given by talking nonsense. I never…ever loved Vero. I thought that was clear enough? She loving me is only normal because I gave her a comfortable life. Why won’t she loves me when she never lacks anything. She does not even know how to manage things again. I watch her squander every given thing… even money because she knew more was coming. She gave up her principles and beliefs because of what she stand to gain from me. She said she was celibating and won’t get laid until marriage but all of that changed with just little effort I presented to her. Loving me is absolutely normal for any woman that is so gullible like Vero. She does not know the real me… only what I wanted her to know. The bitter truth is that I love my wife… Patricia and the children she gave me. Every other person is nothing to me. Enough of all that petty talk. Time is going, Who should I start with… who wants to die first?..

Everywhere became silent. Veronica opened her eyes wide and stared at Jane who also looked back at her.
Jane began to pray fervently in her mind as she beseech God for help.

“…. none of you are ready to go first. Alright, let me choose who the bullet will hit first among you two…”
Pete said as he set the gun for shooting.

Patricia had seen him drove pass and decided to follow far behind.

The first traffic was out in no time.
the far distance driving almost made her to loose him.
At a point she was running low on fuel, if she does not stop soon to refuel her car it will pack up.
But any delay will will be bad at this time. She doesn’t want to lose sight of her husband’s car.
And with the way he kept turning from one corner to another Pete may eventually see her car and recognize it.
Just a glimpse of the car will reveal that she had been stalking him.

Patricia who does not want to be caught or loose sight of him quickly thought of what to do.

Little traffic was building up again in the front is a good time to act fast.
She saw cabs getting caught in the traffic and decided to call one.

She saw opportunity and quickly drive out of the lane that she was in.

Her fuel sign can’t even carry her far.
She make sure that where she parked was safe enough before getting down and locking the car.

The cab she called was waiting close by, Patricia searched through the small lines of car to be sure that her husband is still in sight

She joined the cab and asked him to follow every instructions she gives him. She was ready to pay double for his service but the cab man was not ready for whatever risk that maybe ahead
He declined the offer which made Patricia to come down and with hurry she looked for another taxi that agreed to the terms.

Patricia told him that there is a car she was following which is right in front and all she wanted was for the taxi driver to follow sequelly and make sure he does not miss the target.
He should try as much as possible to keep his distance too in other not to be suspected by her husband.
The man agreed and did exactly what Patricia asked of him but immediately the traffic cleared off they couldn’t find the exact place that Pete entered.

Patricia and the driver became confused and were looking round until they spot the car speeding down a different lane.

Patricia and the driver quickly followed. The driver applied speed until he was at a closer range with Pete
This way he won’t be able to miss him again.

It was a very long unexpected drive that took hours.
Even the driver was begining to have a double mind but the money Patricia was offering kept him mute.
Patricia wondered where exactly Pete kept driving to with no end.
They have left the state and seems to be entering another state.

The driver complained of fuel and just as Patricia was thinking of what to do she saw Pete enter a street and knew that they were very close.

He drove little more before parking. The driver kept an unsuspected distance and they both watched as Pete came down from his car and walked down before entering a big brown gate.

Patricia said as she heaves a sigh of relief.

Just as agreed she wanted to pay the driver off and since she does not have the amount he was asking for in cash she decided to do a transfer to him after he provided his account details.

After the transaction, she was just about coming down when she saw another lady coming down from a taxi.

Patricia watched the lady entered the same gate. She knew she have to wait for sometime to past before proceeding.

Patricia gave the driver little more cash just to chill in his car for sometime.

After about fifteen minutes passed, Patricia came down from the car while the driver took off.

Patricia walked down slowly to the gate.
She pushed it and realized that it was not guarded
She walked into the compound and was taken back at the property staring at her.
As a real estate agent she knew that the property was worth a fortune.

Her eyes kept traveling everywhere around the compound.

Her gut had told her right from when she saw Pete drive off that he was going to see Veronica.
And that was the reason she followed. She wondered who was the second lady that she saw enter inside.
stepping into the compound and seeing the car that Veronica came with that very day made her to start walking towards the door with confidence.

She was absolutely right. She was in the right place.
She wondered how Veronica was able to acquire such an expensive property, that is if she truly owns it.

A loud gun shot startled her, Patricia rushed to the door and began to bang on it.

She repeatedly knocked on the door hard and loud as she waited for somebody to come and open up.
To Be Continued…. . . .

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