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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 20)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 20.

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She barked like an angry dog while holding her phone up

“…I’m not getting any of the explanation Jubril, I need to understand. Explain this again and don’t take me for a fool…”

Pete combed his hand into his hair as he thought of something that will pacify his wife

“Pety calm down, I have told you before that none of this pictures means anything. It was all fake and you know human being can go to any length to tarnish your image. This Veronica was determined to destroy me and my family and that’s why she is coming up with this… it could be Photoshop. Anything is possible yo….

She slapped him hard across the face and charged angrily towards him with a flower vase sitting close to her.

Pete took several steps away from her because his wife was in a different mood.

“You know me quiet well, you know what I’m capable off right? I warned you not to take me for a fool yet you’re still fooling around. How can you say that all of this pictures are Photoshop? Are you talking to a blind…or uneducated woman? I said I need an explanation and is better you start explaining before I bring down this roof on your head…”

Pete knew he was in deep trouble. Patricia is not the kind of woman he can mess with.
She seems to have his entire being in her custody and can blow it to the wind if she pleases.

“Please, I’m sorry Pety. You need to calm down and listen to me. It was unintentional. I never wanted any of that, she was the one that pleaded and pushed me into it. It was actually during those times that our company sent out some of us to the field and I don’t get to come home everyday. I met Vero and one thing led to another and she became pregnant and insisted that she was going to keep it. I just wanted to be gone but Vero wouldn’t let me rest. I decided to play along by dancing to her tone. Surprisingly, she gathered her pastor and few others that we are getting married. since the wedding was not going to count anywhere because it was just a parlor quickie marriage I decided to go on with it. Her major reasons was because her family and the church will nail her if they find out that she was pregnant without getting married. I’m not even sure that the pregnancy was mine due to she had a boyfriend but because she sensed I had money and every other thing she needed in a man Vero did everything in her power to pin me down. Because at a point I don’t know what I was doing again…it was as if I was charmed. Those children are not mine Pety, I have nothing with Vero. I faked everything and none of it is valid. You and our children are my only family. I know I lied… Forgive me please. Vero is too small to come between us. I don’t acknowledge her as anything and it was like a movie to her when I left. I love you Pety and I promise that Vero won’t get away with this…I will handle her. Trust me… she bit more than she can chew this time and I won’t let it slide. I won’t…”

He was still talking when Patricia threw the flower vase on the wall and it smashed into pieces.
She pointed a finger to his face and said.

“You have always squash my efforts in this family. I made you, the man you think you are today is because of the sacrifice I made. Eight years ago, you got into a bad side with your company. You reformed there original product and made alot of fake ones out of it which you sold to their clients. You got caught, your company loosed alot of money and trouble came looming for us. You were locked up and I spent a lot of money to pay off the whole debt. You were suspended for sometimes and was later called back. You went back and resumed work and within a space of a year you went back to the same fault. You carried on for four years and then get caught again. All the millions you got during this years of stealing your company fund and manipulating cheques was misused. you were busy lavishing it on this your Veronica. Now I understand better. Your fraudulent activities was everywhere in the news and you were sent to rot in jail. Lots of millions bail was on your head. Jubril, I sold my properties just to free you from that dungeon. I bailed you out and repaid your company some of the charges on your head. My other property was taken by the banks because I couldn’t pay off the mortgage. I still gave you some money to set up your own pharmaceutical store. I have been running this family without any support and I never complained. All you do is to give me headache, run into debt and get into trouble. Yet, I overlooked and this year I thought the whole mishap was over and wanted us to have the best anniversary but here you are again. I’m sick and tired of this whole nonsense. It appears to me that you want to go back to that dungeon hole that you were locked up before. I can make arrangements for that… trust me Jubril I can make it happen for you. enough of this rubbish…”

Pete tries to hold her and plead but she slaps his hands away.

“… fix this mess or I will fix it and won’t spare you in return…”

She turned sadly, picked up her car keys and left the house.

Pete said after her
“I promise, I will. I will clean this mess without trace. I’m sorry Pety…so sorry. Please forgive me. For doing this to us, Veronica will suffer for it. I won’t spare any bone in her body neither that of her children…”

He went to his bedroom, right in his hidden locked box which he hide away from everyone.
He pulled out the box, unlocked it with a code, brought out a gun and smile.

“…This will definitely fix everything…” He said calmly.

He hide the gun in his trouser and left.

Veronica was still wondering why Patricia haven’t called her yet.
This was the second day of forwarding the pictures and she expected her calls yesterday but no call came.

She will wait one more day before calling her and properly introducing herself to her.
She will have the last laugh because at the end Patricia will have big problem with Pete which will make him to run back to her.
Pete will have no choice than to come back to her after Patricia pushes him away with the pictures evidence.

Pete will come back to her and ask for her forgiveness and she will treat him as she please.

At the end she wins and life will go back to normal.

Just when she was still thinking about the whole thing there was a knock on the door
She wondered who might be knocking by this time.
She spoke to Jane in the morning and she will be at her work place and will be closing very late.

Jane planned to come over by weekend and that is if Dan didn’t call her.
She was hoping that she will be able to iron things out with Dan.
She believes that Dan might call her.

“What if is Pete, he finally came to his senses after he couldn’t give a convincing explanations to Patricia over the pictures. Hahahaha…”

Veronica laughed quietly.
She breathed deeply as she waved off the ideas.
Is too early to start thinking that way.

She went down to check who was knocking.
As she opened the door lo and behold it was the devil himself.

Pete stood at the door. His hand was placed on a swollen object tugged underneath his belt.

Veronica held herself from smiling because looking at everything it seems that her plans worked out perfectly.
Pete was back to her for good.

“Are you the only one in the house? Hope there’s no other person aside the kids with you and you are not expecting anybody…?

Veronica curved a smile.

Pete is acting all jealous now.
He indirectly meant if there was another man in the house or coming after.
Veronica thought within her and She enjoys the feeling it gives her.

Veronica saw something she can’t explain in his eyes and it scares her.
She concluded that it was either jealousy or passionate flame that burns hot in his eyes.
It can also means he was sorry and ready to stretch out things.
She also noticed that his left hand remained still on the swollen object hidden in his trouser.
She didn’t think much about that as she replied him while opening the door wide for him to come inside.

“I’m the only one Pete, the kids are upstairs in their room playing. Is just us…alone…”

He nodded and walked in while Veronica shut the door.
To Be Continued…

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