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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 18)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 18.

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Patricia lay awake in her bed thinking quietly to her self.
Pete who was downstairs later came to join her in the bedroom.

“What baffles me about that lady is the effrontery…the gut she had to walk into my house unbothered. I can’t just place a finger on it. She was busy taking pictures and feeling comfortable as I unknowingly briefed her about us. I… still can’t get it off my mind. it was too much to take in…”

Pete sat in an arm chair close to the bed and placed his legs on a table.

“I have told you Pety to forget that lady, is three days already that she sneaked up on us. Stop thinking about her because she isn’t important. If she was some threat i could have taken care of her long time ago…”

Patricia sat up from the bed and looked at Pete.
“Isn’t it obvious that she wanted something and that was what made her come down here? You told me the other day that is probably your company sent her for further investigation. She was also among those that set you up in the office, which led to your arrest and then final dismissal. Why didn’t you say so when you saw her? You acted strangely from the moment you saw her and quietly let her leave like that. How could you or is there something that you aren’t telling me?

Pete interrupted her
“Yes, and the only thing I never told you is that Vero used to obsess over me. She will say that her wishes someday is to have a man with my looks and personality. The father of her kids left her for whatever reason that I don’t know and is none of my business Pety. Vero became obsessive and wouldn’t let me be. Untill I warned and threatens her before she started getting hold of herself and is obvious that the obsession is still there but Pety, you really worry too much… you need to let it slide. Vero will never caught us unaware again. I don’t care if she came on my company’s account or her personal reasons I’m not bothered. One thing is certain that she would have been “taken care” of if I felt she was a threat to me or to my family. You heard when I told her that i was glad that she met my wife and mother to my kids…I said that to make her understand that she is not welcomed in my house. Pety, I did what I supposed to do by letting her go. if she tries another rough play on me or family then that’s when I will react in a way she never expects. Enough about her because she is not important and will never be…”

Patricia exhaled quietly and kept quiet as she continued with her personal thoughts while Pete came to join her in bed.
Patricia remembered when Veronica touched her husband’s face carefully in the picture and called him Peter or Pete. She heard her say something like “… where are you Pete..”
something similar like that, she didn’t really pay much attention to her.

The only thing that struck her attention was when she mentioned his name which sounded like the exact name Jubril gave her.
Veronica also called Jubril “Pete” when she saw him while he called her Vero instead of Vicky.
She had said that Jubril picture on the wall looks exactly like that of her husband, the same features.

Maybe Jubril was right when he said that the lady was obsessed with him.
Because everything Vero displayed showed that she was indeed obsessed.

Patricia folded her fist in anger as she stared at the electric lamp.
She said quietly into the night and to the hearing of her husband.
“No woman messes with my family, be it my husband or children and gets away with it. Vero or whatever her name is was damn lucky to have gotten away before I realized who she really was but same wind that blew her to my end will bring her back again and this time luck will be far from her, it will be an unfortunate day or moment for her… until then, I will keep watch…”

She switched off the lamp as she cuddled up with her husband.


Veronica stood and started pacing up and down the living room

“You need to calm down Vero, is unfortunate but Pete or Jubril doesn’t worth all this stress you’re putting yourself through. Even after a week of risking yourself and going over to fetch him out he haven’t contacted you yet. Try to calm down first so that you can think straight…”

Veronica stood in the middle of the sitting room and said
“My major concern is the kids, I’m not even bothered about myself, is my two children I’m worried about. Did I tell you that he denied them and said that is what I wanted..? I don’t know if I will ever get used to the fact that Pete is Jubril Elliot. Jubril is filled with trouble, he even threatened me…hahahaha! Jane, I’m going to go to any length to show him that he can’t use me like tissue paper and flush me off. No… that won’t happen…”

She began to pace again

“What do you intend to do Vero? Pete shouldn’t get away with everything he did… seriously. he shouldn’t but from what you told me he is obviously a dangerous man. Any man that is capable of living a double life, comfortably lied and pretended without guilt for more than five years, changed his identity totally and kept a huge dangerous secret of his real self…is capable of anything. He is indeed a dangerous man and that’s why I want you to thread with caution. I will support whatever decision you take but what exactly is your plan Vero?

“I don’t have the full plan yet, but I want to go back there. Yes, I will take my kids along to show his wife as an evidence that Pete is also my husband and father to my kids. Pete thinks he can ruin my life and go back to his so called loving wife and children, I will first of all ruin his own. By the time his wife sees my kids and maybe a picture of I and Pete on our wedding day, she will take a chill pill. Pete will have to take up full responsibility for his actions. I’m suffering here Jane. emotional, mentally and financially torture. I’m broke, emotionally drained…my mental health is not stable. Jane… Pete will not play me like a football and return to his main life. I’m not letting go, he is my husband and father to my children and that’s the responsibility he had to take serious. The same measure of love and care he gives to Patricia and her children, I want it equal or serious fight will break out. I’m taking this children back to his house, Patricia will understand the kind of man her Jubril husband is… when she sees evidence. I’m…I..”

She broke down and started crying. She sat hard on the ground and allow the tears to keep flowing.

Jane gasped out as she felt tears filling her own eyes while she watch her friend battle with so much emotions.

Jane blinked severally to stop her tears from flowing down.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Your idea of going over with the children to see Pete doesn’t seem like a good thing to do in this situation. You will be exposing your kids to further danger. This children are your backbone and you have to protect them with everything you got. There is no point going over again, it maybe dangerous. You told me that you collected Patricia business card that had both her office address and numbers in them… you can make a call if you really feel the need to do so. Take the wedding pictures and every of other pictures that Pete appeared in and forward to her but my fear is that Pete shouldn’t harm you or the kids…”

“I’m not afraid of him… although he threatened me but he won’t be able to do anything. He only wanted to scare me and I’m not going to fall for that. I really wanted to pay him another visit with the kids so that his Patricia can see them too. I’m not going to let go until I achieve my right as his wife and mother to his kids and I don’t care if he is married or not. Pete is still my husband and father to the children. He will never hurt me because he loves me and I know deep down that if he is to choose between i and Patricia…he will choose me. I’m younger, I’m…

Jane sighed annoyingly.
“, Just stop it Vero. Pete has been gone for almost a year, never called or cared. He returned to his main family. A man that hide his true identity and you know nothin about him for six good years except last week… does not value you. I know you are looking for some kind of hope to hang onto but Vero face this reality staring at you in the face. Don’t take the kids over there or go there alone. Pete is not the kind of man that will use serious life threat just to scare you off. Don’t underestimate him… that man is dangerous and will carry out his threat if you don’t stay out of his way. He will not choose you over Patricia… they obviously have alot of history together. Please think everything through before proceeding. Think about my suggestions and be careful for the kids sake. Maybe you should even pray about this whole thing… you don’t joke with prayer before you met Pete, I used to envy how sweet your relationship with God was but it all changed after meeting Pete. Is not too late to go back Vero. I’m sorry that part of this whole thing is my fault because I thought Pete was Godsgift to you. That’s more reason I’m going to help you fight this to the end but please don’t make decisions that will affect you and also the children…”

Veronica was not even listening to most of what Jane was saying.
She heard her mention God. If God could watch in silent and let all of this happen to her then there was no point praying.
She was angry with God and with every one and everything.
Life is very unfair. why do bad thing happen to good people?
And where is God in all of this?

She will do exactly what is on her mind and nothin was going to stop her from hurting Pete and also making Patricia feel the same pain that swims inside her blood stream right now.

She refused to be used and dumped like a trash bag.
Everything that belongs to her will return back and stay for good.
They should all watch and see.

Jane watched as Veronica stood and started going upstairs with a smirking smile on her face.

Jane was confused as she wondered what was on Veronica’s mind that made her to suddenly start smiling.

She hopes that Veronica was not thinking of going after Pete and his wife Patricia because that will be a big trouble waiting to happen.
To Be Continued…

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