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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 17)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 17.

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Patricia looked from her husband to a puzzled looking Vero.

“Do you two know each other before? Why is she calling you Pete…”
Patricia asked her husband

He turned to his wife and said
“We were once colleagues in the same department and due to the way I speak about you in the office and have your name emblemed on my office desk that was how most of my co workers started calling me Pete…”

Patricia smiled while Pete turned to Veronica and said without fear in his voice.

“I’m glad you have met my wife. The true love of my life and only mother to my kids…”

Veronica was speechless as she kept staring. Pinching herself and wishing it was one of those terrible nightmare.

He turned to his wife and said.
“… Pety…I think we should either look for another top interior decorator or wait for Jemima to get well. Some of this people are learners and wouldn’t know much. Vicky or Vero should be on her way…we wouldn’t want to waste her time because we are used to Jemima and don’t want an apprentice or upcoming decor…”

“I felt Vicky here knows what she is doing. Let’s not underestimate her but if you feel that way… then is fine. But, she seems lovely and I was already getting acquainted with her…”
Patricia said still wearing a smile.
“… maybe we should give her a chance first. Since she is from Jemima then is a goal for me because Jemima is good with her every given Job. Vicky will certainly not disappoint…” Patricia added.

“Alright Pety, but before then call Jemima and ask her about the lady she sent over. If she is certain about her because we can’t spend a whole lot of money on interior decorator and not get a good result… you understand my point right?

He bent over and kissed her lips romantically.
Patricia turned to face Vicky who kept staring at them like television.

“We meant no offense Vicky, just to be certain that our planned for the anniversary is marked out exactly as we want it. We have no doubt that Jemima is good but we are not used to you and maybe a call to Jemima will convince us further. Let me get my phone and call Jemima…

Veronica knew a big blow was coming for her. Calling Jemima will ruin everything and put her life in jeopardy.

“I…totally understand Patricia, I will be going then. Whenever everything is set and Jemima confirm… my… me, then I will return back. I need to run and pick up my kids but I will be back…”

She began walking to the door, she didn’t pay attention to Patricia who was calling probably one of her kids to bring her phone so that she can call Jemima.
Patricia asked Veronica to wait but she kept saying that she will be back. She needed to run to attend to some other emergency.

Veronica heard Pete said to Patricia
“, Let me see her to the gate. I guess Sule was not at the gate when she came in. I will be right back in a jiffy, please tell Abby to fix me something lite from the kitchen…”

Veronica rushed out and straight to the gate.
There saw a security man on her way out but she didn’t care to give him a second look.
she just wanted to get out.

She got to her car and just when she was about to start it Pete caught up with her.

“I knew it… when I saw this car that it was familiar but because I never thought you will come all the way down here looking for me, I didn’t give it much thought or double check it…”

Veronica who was still in shock that Jubril Elliot was actually Pete Johnson her husband said to him.
“Pete or will you prefer Jubril? I can’t believe this. Jesus Christ… I… I’m totally in shock. unbelievable….!”

She opened her mouth and closed it, Veronica lack words to express her shock.

“Coming all the way down here to look for me was one of the most stupid and dangerous idea. you of all people shouldn’t have dares to. The heavens were in your favor today that my wife did not find out who you truly are. And let this day be the last time for you Vero. Don’t play with my kind patient, i don’t joke with my family and most importantly…I love my wife. You don’t want to see the other part of me that you haven’t seen before or do you?

“What about me, I’m your wife. How about your kids Pete? You abandoned us without any word or money. We are your family and you claimed to love me and the kids. I loved you Pete… how could you do this… why, how could you be so heartless and do this kind of thing to I and your kids? Or… am I dreaming… this is really you Pete?

“No, is my ghost…” Pete replied as he began to laugh.
“….I will advise you to leave this place at this minutes. Patricia will find out that you’re not from Jemima any moment from now and all hell will break loose. You are asking why? Don’t be an ungrateful fool, I gave you everything you’ve ever asked for. A stupid fake marriage that I despise, kids that I never wanted, faked number for a fake sister I never had, lied about my parents death when they’re very much alive. Lied about my name, even have to come around sometimes to please you, spent so much money just to make you and your kids happy. The first child was a mistake that you refused to erased, the second was also your carelessness but because you wanted another child I decided to keep calm. I never wanted any of that but I endured and played along by giving you everything you wanted Vero. You see that I’m very kind… very loving and caring to you while you were the ungrateful one. I just wanted to have you for few nights and be on my way but I realized that you’re a church girl, all this “Jesus baby” Bible quoting types that will be forming hard to get. I knew exactly how to get you to warm my bed and booom, it works. It was just a fake engagement, I didn’t even use a ring to propose initially which was within few weeks of our meeting… about two to three weeks of getting to know you and you accepted my proposal and getting you into bed wasn’t an issue again after then. The next thing is that you’re trapping me with unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary calls. Listen to me and listen good, I….”

A car suddenly pulled over at the other side of the road interrupting Pete from whatever he wanted to say again to dumbfounded Veronica.
Pete turned to see who it was.
a young lady spoke from the car.

“Good afternoon sir, I guess you are Mr Elliot? I was with my colleagues two years ago to decorate your apartment. My name is Alia, from Jemima. your wife is expecting me. Sorry, that I’m late…had a few running around this morning…I supposed to have been here earlier…”

Pete took few feet closer to the lady’s car and just then the gate opened and Patricia rushed out looking so furious and angry.

Veronica started the car and began to reverse back with speed.
She can hear Patricia calling Pete to stop Veronica from driving off.
Patricia said that Veronica was an imposter and she wanted to really know what was her mission coming to her house.

Pete didn’t make much effort in stopping her which gave Veronica a good chance to get a space, turned and zoomed off.

She almost ran into a tree but was able to dodge the accident as she kept driving while looking through the review mirror to be certain that no one was coming after her.

Tears clouded her vision as she drove on.
“This can’t be happening, no ..I can’t take this… God where are you? Where are you oh God…how could you let this happen to me…? Pete… Jubril… married and…hmmm, Jesus…oh my goodness. Is this all for real? Or is one of those scary night mares? eeeh… Jehovah… where do I go from here? I’m not going to let go like that… I won’t. Oh no…no…”

Veronica screamed to the quiet car, she hit the steering angrily.
She allowed the tears flow down without making efforts to stop them.
She continued driving as anger and uncertainty of what lies next suck through her.

To Be Continued… . . .

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