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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 16)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 16.

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She drove close to the location, parked in a private store before entering the road with leg.
She walked around the area before returning to her car

She was lucky to have fixed and came along with her car on this journey.
She arrived the city in the afternoon but the gut to proceed further left her and she decided to lodge in a hotel.

It was while she was alone in her hotel room that she planned on how exactly to go about it all.
The said address is still miles away from the hotel she lodged according to the people she asked.

She had fear, great fear of the unknown and wish Jane had come along with her but looking at the bright side of this whole journey this was her fight, and it should be personal.
And no matter what happens today she won’t give up until Pete returns home to her and the kids.

She called Jane to ask how the kids were doing, Jane was more eager for updates on how the whole journey was going.

Veronica told her that by tomorrow she will be going to the said address. She couldn’t meet up due to it was already late.

She asked Jane to say few prayers for her maybe God will hear her because right now she doesn’t have the right words to communicate to God.
All she was after is for her husband to return home to her and the kids.

Jane promised to do as she asked.

The following day, Veronica set out.
She drove on and asked questions whenever she wasn’t sure.

When she got to the address, she sat in her car watching the gate and wondering what next.
She checked the time and it was 10am

Veronica mustered courage, came down from her car and walked to the gate.
She knocked twice but no response came. She knocked again and yet nobody answered.
She decided to return to her car and wait for anybody that will either come out or enter the gate but on a second thought she pushed the gate and it opened.

Veronica looked round the big compound and the beautiful three storey building in it

She does not know which way to the main house due to the way the house was built.
Cars, about three were relaxing under a big canopy shade.
The house looks more like a hotel with the whole architecture designs.

She was still looking round when she heard a door open.

“Yes, can I help you ma’am?
An average height fair lady in an apron asked .

Veronica forgot everything she had practice back at the hotel.
She quietly approached the woman who stood by the door watching her.

“Hiiii….uhmm… sorry, Good morning madam… I knocked on the gate but no response… so, I decided to come in.”

Her hands became sweaty. The lady is probably the main madam of the house she need to think fast before the lady either tagged her as a thief or throw her out.

“Yes, Who are you looking for or how can I help you?

She asked Veronica without a smile on her face.
Veronica who couldn’t think of what to say in such situations was trying to fabricate a lie in her head when another door, close to the first that the lady came out from opened up all of a sudden and a woman, way older and more sophisticated came out.

“Abby, what is going on and who is this?
The woman asked the first lady in an apron.
Obviously the lady in an apron that she called Abby must either be a worker or relative.

Abby opened her mouth to reply but the rich looking woman suddenly exclaimed with joy on her face as she pointed towards a surprised Veronica who haven’t been able to come up with anything yet.

“Jemima… you’re from Jemima…she sent you…?

Veronica startled a little before nodding as she wondered who the Jemima was.
The woman took few feet closer to her and said.

“… you’re in the right place then. I’m Mrs Elliot, this is Abby my housekeeper. Forgive her manners. I have already made arrangements for your coming. What’s your name? Jemima told me that she had little accident yesterday morning and can’t make it down but she will be sending somebody down this morning. By the way, how is she doing… hope the accident isn’t serious?

Veronica managed to say
“No… Is just a minor injury. She will be fine. My name is… Ver… vVictoria, you can call me Vicky… madam”

The woman waved her hand in the air and said.
“Come off it Vicky, instead of calling me madam please call me Patricia or Mrs Elliot. Forgive my manners… come inside please.

Patricia led her into the fine looking house.
She tried to offer Veronica drink with snacks but she declined.

Patricia started showing her around the massive looking sitting room.

“…I will show you round but this particular place is where the main party will take place… you can take as many pictures as you want and also note down anything that needs few or more touches….”

Veronica was still lost on what exactly Jemima was supposed to be doing. She was just following the woman and nodding to everything she says without any objections.
She paused at a picture decorated wall, where many pictures where in display.

She stared at one particular wall framed picture that got her attention.

Patricia with her husband in their wedding attire which seems to be taken many years ago.
They had both traditional and a court wedding pictures hanging on the wall.

Jubril Elliot was the man in the picture.
she could have swear that he was a younger version of Pete but that can’t be possible or could it?
Well, that’s why she was in this risky mission. To find out the truth.

They both cuddled up in another picture beside the wedding picture and they both appeared inlove.
The other pictures where either with their children celebrating one thing or the other.

“That’s my husband…
Veronica was startled from the voice that spoke behind her ears.
She turned and it was Patricia who quickly apologised for coming at her like she did.

“Oh…I see. He is good looking. You two looks so lovely. But…Sorry for asking, How long have you been married and where is he now?

“This will be our sixteenth year wedding anniversary which was why we decided to throw big celebration. Blessed with two beautiful daughters and a son. When we contacted Jemima who is well known for her interior decorations I was eager to see how she will turn this whole interior into something unique. She did it before… two years ago when we celebrated our anniversary too and also my birthday. I was expecting something more outstanding until she called to inform us that she can’t make it due the accident but promised to send somebody to scoop through. As you can see there is enough space and room for creative design. We couldn’t celebrate last year due to some problem that came up but this year is going to be grand. If you need anything kindly let me know or call Abby my housekeeper. Oh, pardon me… you asked another question… where my husband is at the moment? He visited his family house to see his parents and siblings. He will be back soon…he went yesterday evening and should be on his way by now. Are you married…or do you have kids…”?

Veronica cleared her throat first as she tried to reply while her eyes was fixed on the man’s smiling picture with his wife.

“Yes…yes, I’m married with kids…”
Veronica without thinking touched the face of the man in the picture and said
“…He had the same eyes, same features… just as my husband… Pete. I wonder where he is…”

“Did you just say Pete? Patricia asked while Veronica withdraw back her hand.

She turned and looked at Patricia, not knowing what to say.

“…. that’s the name my husband calls me. Well, not exactly but he sometimes calls me either Pety or Pete. He is not the type that calls all this sugar coated name so he gave me a special name carved out from my name Patricia. Instead of Pat or Tricia as many will call me he decided that Pety or Pete was a perfect name and for years he had always calls me that… and I love it and already used to it. He used to travel a whole lot in the past but not again. I and the kids are happy to have him around while he run his personal pharmaceutical business which isn’t too far from the house. Alot of challenges in the past… that’s why we are both looking forward to this anniversary to remind ourselves of the importance of family, love and many other uncountable blessings in our lives. Do you say your husband name is Pete…”?

“No…is…pet..ter. his name is Peter. Your family is so warm and your home is like a museum… beautiful.”

Veronica changed the topic immediately so that Patricia won’t ask her another personal question.

What a coincidence that her husband calls her Pete.
Veronica still couldn’t make sense out of everything and decided to continue her acting.

She brought out her phone and was taking pictures, making Patricia assume is part of the decor job description.

“We have had so many memories in this house. I had my three children in this house. We sold off some of our properties but this house held so many tears and laughter for us and this is why we always use it during each year celebration. As a top real estate agent, I haven’t been able to enter a house as warm and homely like ours….”
Patricia said smiling.

Veronica stared at her, she had a friendly aura around her. this was her opportunity to get her contact.

“If you don’t mind.. can I get your contact? I know Jemima has it but I don’t and just in case I’m interested in buying a home or selling one I know a reliable source to contact for that purpose.

“,Sure Vicky… there is no problem. Hold on let me get my business card for you…”
She later handed her contact card to Veronica before going back upstairs.

Few moments later, she heard a car horn outside.
Patricia who was upstairs interacting with either the kids or somebody else ran downstairs.
Her lookalike son and one of her daughter who was almost her height but obviously a teenager was with her.

Patricia looked over at Veronica, smiled and said.
“My husband is back…”
Veronica smiled back as she watched them walk to the door.
She rushed to the window to have a clearer view of the man but couldn’t see much.

Veronica returned to her previous position and continued acting like an interior decorator checking things out.

Few minutes later
The door swung open and they all entered the house talking and laughing at the same time as the kids asked of how their grandparents, aunty Helen and uncle Rico.
Veronica doesn’t know who the people they were mentioning are and is obvious that she was in a wrong house and needs to find her way out immediately before things get wrong or before Patricia finds out that she was not sent from Jemima.

She was in a wrong house, although the pictures looks like that of Pete but that’s obviously Jubril Elliot not her Pete Johnson who never had parents or siblings except his sister who was married and live far away.

Patricia said her husband visited his parents and that information alone makes her relax because Pete’s parents are late.
they died in a motor accident. He does not have much relative aside his only sister which was why none of his family members where present during their own wedding.

She was in Jubril Elliot’s house, and with the whole dream and scary stories from his company about what he did in the past, it was far too dangerous for her to be here.
She needs to get out right away.

“Hey Vicky… meet the second upcoming celebrant, my husband… Mr Jubril Elliot…”

Patricia said laughing while Veronica quietly turned to greet the man.
Patricia introduced Veronica as the lady sent by Jemima the interior decorator.

His smiling face changed into a frown

“Vero…??? He said with a shocked voice mixed with anger.

Veronica opened her eyes in a wider shock.
Could this be Pete?
“Pete… is that you? She exclaimed loudly almost shaking.

The whole place fell silent that they can hear each others different breathing sound.

To Be Continued… . . .

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