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[STORY] IN-BETWEEN (Episode 14)



IN-BETWEEN Story Amah's Heart

Episode 14.

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She awaken in the middle of the night and tapped her friend awake.

“I just had another scary dream, it was as if I was going to pass out. A masked man was trying to suffocate me to death, I was struggling…so hard and when I couldn’t pull off his hand from my neck I grabbed him by the testicles he didn’t wince instead he slapped my hand off. He struck me in the eyes, I was not ready to give up the ghost yet, I know I needed to fight and it was in that process I held his face and was able to pull off his mask. Guess who it was Jane? My husband… Pete. It was Pete that was trying to strangle me to death again. He disappeared the moment I shouted his name, that was how I accompany it all with another heavy scream. I went screaming the blood of Jesus until I woke up…”

All sleepy head Jane who was quiet exhausted from their yesterday’s journey could utter was “hmmm”
Veronica continued
“…see Jane, this is no longer funny. Is not the first or second time I’m having a bad dream as such. I’m afraid to even close my eyes again because I don’t know what is waiting for me at the other end. The enemy is using Pete’s face to attack me everytime. Do you know that they can use somebody’s face that is very close to you to attack you but in reality this face the evil ones are using are oblivious to whatever that is going on. Is just like somebody using my face to chase you in the dream, you will be thinking I’m the one but I don’t even know what is going on. That’s exactly what the wicked one is doing with Pete’s face…”

“Hmmm” replied Jane again.

“I’m scared Jane, afraid of the unknown. Afraid of what I will find out in the morning at his office. The whole attack both in dream and even physical scares me. I know I hate to admit but Pete better be alive because I and the children needs him. I need my loving husband and wish all of this is just a night mare…”

Jane said few consoling word and asked her to get some sleep with the remaining three hours they have left.

Veronica who did not want to sleep just to avoid another nightmare struggled hard to stay awake but since she can’t cheat nature she later got carried away into the dream land.

Jane woke up around 5 :30am, she didn’t bother waking Veronica immediately because she knew how tired she must have been.
Jane called the hotel laundry service to bring their clothes which was given to them yesterday to tidy up since they didn’t come with any other wear.

Within few minutes there was a knock, she went to the door and collected their clothes from the room service staff that came to deliver it.
She asked them if they can have breakfast early because they were about leaving.
The staff told her that they were entitled to complimentary breakfast and it will be sent to their room within twenty minutes.

Jane freshened up and got dressed before waking Veronica.
Veronica was surprised that Jane was ready and there was breakfast too waiting on the table for her.

She quickly got ready, had her own breakfast and they both left by 8am.

Getting to the company which didn’t take upto an hour, Veronica introduced herself again to the man across the desk.

“Good morning, My name is Mrs Veronica Johnson and my husband’s name is Pete Johnson. I spoke with a man few days ago, I couldn’t get his name but he asked me to come. There’s information he needed to share with us…I will be grateful if you can help us get the man…?

“There’s a lot of men here madam that are qualified to attend to customers. I don’t know who you’re talking about, Maybe a name will do or you can tell me what exactly you want…?

Veronica sighed. To start narrating the whole story to another different person was a big deal for her.
She wish it was the same man attending to them now that spoke to them the other day, it would have been alot easier. she did not bother to know the name of the nice man that they spoke to the other day or maybe he mentioned it but she never took notice.

“Nelson….Mr Nelson…”
Jane suddenly said. She heard the man mention a name like that in the beginning of the call to Veronica, None of them took it serious due to the sensitive issue they had at hand.
Veronica and the staff across the counter turned to look at Jane.

“….I think his name is Nelson. I don’t know if I’m totally correct but…”

“Oh Mr Nelson, he is not yet in the office. He is one of the smart bosses here. We have alot of bosses in this company, you’re lucky to have Mr Nelson attend to you. If he is truly the one then is better you wait for him because I don’t know how sensitive is your request. Mr Nelson will be in a better position to answer all your questions…”

The man said while pointing at the reception for them to go and sit down and wait.

Veronica paused and said

“Before he arrives can you help me look up a name. Nobody have been able to give me a positive answer. My husband works here, he is a long time staff and should be well known. His name is Pete Johnson… please check your system or ask other old staffs. His name supposed to be in your records of staffs. check for me while I wait… Mr Nelson will handle the rest whenever he comes…”

The man searched the name on his computer but no such name. He called the intercoms to ask but the older staffs does not know anybody with such name.
He told Veronica that there was no staff with such name.

She sighed and asked him to check Jubril Elliot.
Without checking the man said he knows Jubril Elliot and his picture and name was plastered at the customer hall.

Just when Veronica was about asking where the customer hall was located the man said.

“Here comes Mr Nelson…he will take the rest of your questions…”
Veronica and Jane turned and saw a man in a nice suit and tie with briefcase, car keys and phone in hand approaching the counter.

The man across the counter greeted him with respect before introducing Veronica and Jane.
Nelson turned to them and said.

“Hello Ladies, you’re asking of me… now I’m here. How can I help you…oh, please follow me to my office…”

They followed him and after he settled down Veronica reintroduced herself again as Mrs Johnson.

“I remember madam, you wanted to see what Jubril Elliot looks like and also every other information regarding him… right?

Veronica and Jane chorused “yes” at the same time

He asked them to follow him to the customer hall where several pictures and other information were pasted.

He pointed at a particular information on the wall and said.
“That’s Jubril Elliot info and picture over there…”
Nelson told them to come back to his office whenever they are done.
He Left them and return to his office.

Just from few feet away Veronica can see clearly that it was Pete, her husband and not Jubril.
She looked at Jane and Jane looked back at her in total shock.

They moved closer to read what the information about Jubril says.

It was a clear heading which state that Jubril Elliot is no longer a staff of the company and the company issues a warning for customers not to transact any kind of business with him.
It was dated a year back.

Veronica stared at the picture for a long time

Pete never mentioned he had a twin that was his replica, that works in the same company with him.
But the strange thing is that Pete’s name wasn’t on the company’s record.

“Vero, that’s Pete…. your husband!.

Jane found her voice and said quietly to Vero.
Veronica shunned her immediately.

“, This isn’t Pete. The name on it says Jubril Elliot. I never get to ask Pete if he had twin or somebody with his whole physical appearance. They’re not only using his face in the dream to manipulate and attack me… even in physical, like what we are staring at right now. My husband name is Pete Johnson and I must get to the root of all this. I will find Pete because he is alive somewhere and never involved in a crime or one of the most wanted men in the list of the company. Pete had no bad reputation and I can swear with my last breath that there is a mix-up somewhere. This isn’t Pete although it may have his resemblance but my husband and father of my children is a clean, kind hearted man. Jubril is a bad news, I knew it right from start and he probably tries to lure Pete into some act of which Pete turned down. I won’t give up until my husband returns home to us…”

After standing there they decided to move back to Nelson’s office.

Jane believed is Pete but the whole thing was too confusing for her.
It became more confusing when Nelson said.

“You’re looking for your husband Pete Jonson and you have been married for just five years. Well, is obvious that he is not here. But make sure your husband has nothing to do with Mr Jubril. Mr Jubril is dubious and has a lot of criminal records. He was involved in so many illicit act while he was here. His case is not only with the police but he was locked up for about three months and was later released after certain bail was paid by his wife but that does not mean he won’t be returning back to prison if we confirm more criminating act leveled against him. We warned everyone, mainly our customers to stay off Jubril Elliot because our company won’t be responsible for any dubious or fraudulent charge against him…”

He cleared his throat and continued.

“…Your husband is not part of our staff Mrs Johnson. I don’t know the connection between your husband and Jubril but you need to be careful, Jubril Elliot is a dangerous man… I must warn you, you ladies needs to be careful…”

Jane who couldn’t stay calm asked.
“Did you say he was bailed out by his wife?

“Yes, he is married with kids. To our understanding Mr Jubril have been married for about sixteen years now and have grown kids… about three. His last child should be around ten or eleven. I can’t remember anymore…does it have any relating details with Pete Johnson’?

Veronica quickly replied that it does not.

Jane opened and shut her mouth as word dried up from her mouth.

Veronica whispered to Jane’s ear
“Can you see now that Jubril is a total different person from Pete? I have been married for only five years to my husband while Jubril Elliot has a wife of over ten, fifteen years…?

“Hmmm, this is scary and strange” that’s all Jane could say.

“So ladies, hope I have been able to answer all your questions. Sorry that I still don’t know who Pete Johnson is or his whereabout. Maybe you should report to the police. Mrs Johnson, your husband name does not exist in our record and you said earlier that he probably has something to do with Jubril Elli….”

Veronica interrupted him before he will finish.
“No…no…no. they’re totally two different people. I will continue the search for my husband. Thank you so much Mr Nelson, you have been very helpful and I truly appreciate your kind and patient heart. We will be on our way now…”

Veronica stood first with her bag in hand.
Jane who was ready to dig up more wanted to ask several questions but Veronica was already up.

The picture on the wall was that of Pete, her friend’s husband with a different name. The whole identity thing was totally different and yet it scares her.

Even though is hard to admit but what if Pete is truly Jubril Elliot
Is unbelievable yet anything was possible at this stage that they were in.

There was more to dig up, Yes there must be more to all of this.
What next now for Veronica who may never believe that Jubril might be Pete, her dear stainless husband.

But what if there’s truly a “mix-up” and they are two different persons?

What if…?
To Be Continued… . . .

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