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Benefits of Mass Payouts for Online Businesses



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Mass payouts means sending money to several recipients at the same time. Using a special system allows you to make two or more transfers at the same time. Moreover, the sender chooses the payment method and currency at his own discretion. Recipient data is entered into a special table, which saves time.

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How it works

The first step is for the company to send a request to the payment gateway using the API. After processing it, the system transfers a certain amount of funds to recipients. This solution is optimal for clients who want to make payments in real-time. Several hundred transactions can be performed simultaneously using the following convenient methods:

  • to a Visa or Mastercard;
  • to an electronic wallet;
  • to the account of other payment systems.

This financial instrument is suitable for paying salaries to employees, transferring funds to business partners, paying online for business services, paying out winnings in casinos and bookmakers’ offices.

At the same time, mass payouts are more difficult than a regular money transfer, for which it is enough to use the payment processing system. To make several transactions, you need to connect a partner and check the relevance of recipient data. In some cases, it is additionally necessary to integrate the payment platform with the ERP system.

Main advantages

Mass payouts have many advantages:

  • Security. The process of transferring funds involves the tokenisation of transactions, which minimises the risk of data theft. Due to this, mass payouts guarantee reliable protection of financial information of both the sender and the cardholder from outside interference.
  • Optimisation of business processes. Mass payouts involve using a single resource to send and monitor transactions. This significantly reduces the amount of time required to transfer funds. This advantage is especially noticeable against the background of business expansion, when there is an increase in the customer base.
  • Global scale. Most payment channels are focused on the domestic market, while mass payouts are international in nature.

An important advantage is the ability to avoid additional fees. Another plus is the short term for the payment. A money transfer made through conventional systems takes from one to three days. In the case of mass payouts, this period is much shorter.

Modern technologies are actively influencing the financial sector. Mass payouts are an exception in this regard. This product continues to be actively developed using innovative solutions. Blockchain technology has a special potential.

Due to its many advantages, mass payouts are rightly considered the ideal tool for making large amounts of money transfers. An innovative approach allows for better control over payments. Also, international transactions provide savings on additional costs, including currency exchange fees.

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