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Cute and Funny Ideas for a 3-Years Birthday Celebration



Birthday Present Gift

The baby’s third birthday is a day when you can arrange a special celebration and have a lot of fun. How to celebrate this day to make it memorable for your child and entertain the kids are common questions parents ask before the party. We have prepared some delightful ideas to make your kid’s birthday a fascinating party

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Festive Environment as a Key to Success

Despite the age, kids are impressed by shiny foil balloons from

You can decorate the room with balloon clouds, put large balloons in the venue room, and place 3D cartoon characters. Walking cartoon figures are suitable for spacious rooms, but balloons in the shape of numbers, arches, and bouquets are a good choice for any area.

Balloons with cartoon characters will emphasize your desire to surprise your child. Using them as a gift, you will please the little birthday child and cheer him or her up for the whole day.  Balloons with cartoon characters can be used as an interior element of a child’s birthday or themed party. You can place them around a child’s room or decorate a festive table.

Mini-Circus at Your Home

If your child doesn’t like noisy gatherings and can’t still do some tasks from entertainers, a peaceful pastime is a must. Your kid and his/her small guests will be glad to see fluffy animals like rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs at home. Funny pets do small tricks and make your kids laugh. Be sure to allow a birthday boy or girl to communicate and pet little fluffy friends.

Family Quest

Your task is to bring children and adults together. Tell the guests that they have found themselves in a fairy-tale forest. An evil wizard has bewitched all the inhabitants. To help them, they should pass a few tests: build a tower, guess riddles, draw a miracle beast. If parents are too shy, think of an option! For example, suggest creating a wish train. Each family draws an own wagon and comes up with a wish.

Bubble Show

The bubble show will delight both three-year-olds and adults. As a rule, the entertaining program consists of a fascinating interactive. The birthday child takes an active part in the show and helps the magician to create soap bubbles. Of course, parents help their children to create magic. And in the end, everyone can expect an unforgettable surprise. Every little guest can get into a giant bubble. The soap bubbles show gives a lot of positive emotions.

Puppet Theatre

Seeing cartoon characters on the screen is one thing, but seeing them at the birthday party is a different story. Imagine how thrilled a child will be when a real Winnie the Pooh, Disney princesses, Alice, etc., come to their birthday party. But not just come, but also play with them and make a real fairy tale performance with active kids’ participation.

Little Ladies and Gentlemen Party

If you dream of the first glamorous party for your toddler, you may pick up a “Little Ladies and Gentlemen” theme. Set a certain dress code at the party, informing about it in the invitations. For boys, a bow tie can be a must-have attribute, and for girls, crowns or beautiful dresses. Besides, you can buy a set of fun photo accessories to get funny pictures.

Whatever idea you choose, don’t forget about the holiday finale. Sometimes it’s just a cake with candles, which is brought in darkness to music. You can arrange home special effects — fountains, sparklers, small poppers, which do not make much noise not to scare the guests.

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