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[STORY] PANDORA’S BOX (Episode 06)




Episode 06.

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I called out, to no one in particular but the empty, dark room which just echoed back to me. I tried moving to find an exit or something, just to realize I was tied to a chair.
I maneuvered my hand into my pocket where I had always had a small pocket knife for emergencies like this.

I moved towards the door, after pulling out the last of the ropes remains off my legs. Turned the door knob but I was pushed back by a strange invisible force. I tried again and got same effect. I was trapped.
Clearly confused on what to do, I let my mind wonder and Mr Adams came to mind.
Closed my eyes for a split second, once I opened I was back at Mr Adam’s.

“Took you long enough.” Mr Adams said clearly unamused.
“ did I..”
“We don’t have time now son, I will explain while we pack.” Mr Adams interrupted, while he was busy about the room putting stuffs into a bag.
“We need to go now, the ritual will proceed anytime from now.” He said as he was done packing and slung the bag over his shoulder.

“What ritual?” I asked, clearly confused.
“We don’t have time, so I’m going to run through this as quick as I can. A pure witch’s heart is needed to complete the sacrificial rites of the brotherhood and Calista seems like the right option for them.” At the sound of Calista’s name I was on all alert as I listened to him continue, “We need to stop them, cause if the rite is completed we all will be doom. So you need to teleport us to where they are, you will get Calista,
destroy the alter and pierce the demon king in his heart with this knife.” He handed a weird looking ancient knife.


“Why do I need to do all the tough stuff?! While you do what? Watch a fucken show?!” I screamed as I pushed the knife to the floor. Unbothered on my outburst, Mr Adams continued calmly. “Son, you are the most powerful and gifted seer left on earth. Like calista, you also are a pure breed and its only you who has the power to destroy the alter and pierce the demon king in it’s heart, while I stop the brotherhood from getting to you, so save your energy for the main show and take us to Calista.”
“Wait, how do I take us there, I mean, I don’t even know how I got here.” I asked, confused.
“Think about her.” He replied as he handed me the knife again. I closed my eyes as his hand and the knife came in contact with mine.
Thoughts and memories of Calista flooded into my head.

“A ti te ofrecemos este sacrificio oh gran rey”

“Recibe nuestro sacrificio”

They chanted.
The brotherhood, all dressed in black flowing hooded gown and weird inscriptions on their foreheads and their eyes closed.

Then my eyes landed on her.
Calista in their middle, placed on the alter, fully stripped naked, legs and hands held astride by ropes, blood dripping from the light cuts on her. She looked lifeless.

To Be Continued……. . . .

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