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[STORY] PANDORA’S BOX (Episode 05)




Episode 05.

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“Why would Mr Thomas want to transfer his soul hasn’t he lived a good life , Does he knows I’m a seer, Was he among those who took uncle drew ” still buried deep in my thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder bringing me back to reality.

“You are one of my favorite student, why would you get into a fight” Mr Thomas questioned while trying to get a seat.
I was in the middle of the red sea and a pack of wolves, the urge to ask him what the crest mean and the urge to defend myself about what happened at the cafeteria.

I have never felt that strong before, the thought of them hurting Calista made me go into a rage. Was that what the man meant when he said “Your witch friend will help you discover your gift ”

“I’m sorry sir, I wouldn’t happen again ” I murmured.
” it’s okay, let’s act like this never happened okay ”

My eyes still staring at the crest that Mr Thomas must have noticed.

” Why are you staring at that, means something? ” he gave me a questionable look
” No, I have to go, thank you ” I stormed out of the office

I had to find Calista, she’s the only one I can trust right now. Just about the corner I bumped into her
” Mr Thomas is part of them ”
” part of who ” she looked confused
” The brotherhood ” I whispered

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Over at Mr Thomas’ office

” I’m telling you he recognized it ” Mr Thomas was panicking over the phone
“Keep calm ,we will track him ” a voice at the other end said
After school Calista and I decided to take a walk to see Mr Adams, but I could feel it
the scent was so strong .we were being followed
I grabbed onto Calista and we started running as fast as we could but we were quickly cornered

A man dressed in all black with a devilish look came out of the van holding a small knife .

” A death seer with a witch, how romantic ” he said sarcastically and let out a laugh
“Don’t come near us ” I spoke out holding my fist up
” We not here for you boy, We only need the girl ” He spoke with authority
I charged towards him and he caught me by the neck with so much easy ,I could feel my body turning dead and the cry of Calista.

I woke up in the middle of nowhere with Calista no where near me.

To Be Continued…

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