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[STORY] PANDORA’S BOX (Episode 04)




Episode 04.

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We carefully made our way through the back door but we could still hear the sound of people struggling and falling things but suddenly a gunshot was heard and everywhere went silent .
I could hear sound of their engine as the zoomed off . I couldn’t leave Uncle Drew behind despite his instructions ,So I ran back inside the house to check if he was okay .

But he wasn’t there….. ” We have to leave the scene before the police comes” Calista screamed dragging me before my eyes caught something.
The letter from the brotherhood, it had a crest I had seen before. An eagle on a cross. I know I have seen this somewhere .

Next step was to find Mr Adams.
I took out the journal and looked for the address of Mr Adams.

knock! knock!! knock!!!

” Who are you? ” a male voice questioned from behind the door

” Uncle Drew asked I come meet you ” I replied hoping that would mean something .
The door knot turned and a middle age man looking unkempt and scared opened the door
” Did anyone follow you ”
“No ”
” Get in” he ordered

inside his apartment looked almost similar to Uncle Drew’s library but it was so disorganized.
” They took him right? ” Mr Adams gave us a questionable look
“yes, you have to help us find him ” Calista pleaded.
Mr Adams just nodded his head and went into his room, bringing a box and a sword while coming out

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” Your uncle would have wanted you to have this, the box is to collect souls while the sword is to put down any soul that has been turned evil ” Mr Adams said while handing it over to me.

I must have looked so confused till he smiled and said ” Your witch friend will help you discover your gift when the time is right.

what did he mean by that ?
The next day in school, I could not concentrate in school, my mind kept going over what Mr Adams said

“Your witch friend will help you discover your gift ”

I did not hear the bell ring but the moment I saw people walking out of the class I knew I had to find Calista .

I made my way to the cafeteria were I was sure to find her reading and I was right
she was at the corner, she looked more beautiful than ever, knowing that she’s a witch and a beautiful one at that.

But then two boys walked to her table and spilled her drink.
The school bullies Tommy and Zack

I don’t know what happened but in a flash I grabbed both Tommy and Zack by the neck. I felt so strong I could snap their neck.

“Apologize ” I barked

” Fuck you ” Tommy replied spitting like he was never gonna apologize

My rage must have reached red cause I punched Tommy so hard I busted his nose into two

I turned my head to Zack
” your turn ,Apologize ”

frightened by what I just did to Tommy, Zack quickly apologize and just then I was dragged to the principal office.

Mr Thomas was a mean man ,being dragged to his office meant I was gonna face suspension but that wasn’t it .

I saw it!
The Same crest from the letter of the brotherhood was Mr Thomas part of the brotherhood?.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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