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[STORY] PANDORA’S BOX (Episode 03)




Episode 03.

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In the early 2000, a scientist by the name Dr Phillips Kay encountered a patient who has lived a double life ,out of curiosity he took it upon himself to search for the secret of a double life .His obsession with it made him create the brotherhood .
A group of filthy rich people who don’t want to die but live on forever ,transferring their souls to another body whenever they about to die .

Over time, they did discover the secret on how to transfer soul but most of their experiment lost their memories during the ritual . They were so desperate on finding the last ritual rite to be able to complete the transformation.

The was silent as the cold gave my body goosebumps,

“But how did you know all this uncle drew ” I inquired.

” Because I was the patient who Dr Phillips encountered ”

“This doesn’t make sense, how is that possible ”

” Well I lived a life,just like you are now, partying and drinking and wasting away. I didn’t know how my death seer gift neither would I have believed it, but every death seer can transfer his soul to another body and continue living. In my last day on earth ,I was at Dr Phillips hospital and he took particular interest in me. I felt cause I was rich that’s why but I was wrong ”

Uncle Drew paused staring at our faces for something ,anything but we were emotionless .
” He tried to force me to get the information but I didn’t even know what he was talking about ,Then I died and woke up in this body ”

“But how did you transfer your soul without a ritual ” Calista questioned

” We death seers don’t need a ritual, Our heart is our source of power ”
” With a heart of a seer, you can complete the transformation ”

A loud bang was heard at door, we stared at each other .

“Are you expecting someone ?” I asked

Uncle Drew just shook his head ,grab his Journal and a black box and handed it to us
“Go through the secret tunnel and look for Mr Adams, he will know what to do ”

” Go now ” uncle drew barked

We gathered our things and made an escaped through the back door.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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